About Us


Hey readers!

From what I can probably assume, our blog can be a little confusing at times. Here’s the scoop! Basically, two girls are running this blog together. We switch off who is writing the blogs every other day or so. Our real life first names begin with C and O, hence the “COBloggering” name! However, we never ever ever refer to ourselves as our real names because since we met on twitter three years ago we’ve always had fun nicknames. We came up with the nicknames Squishy and Bubbles inspired by the movie “Finding Nemo”. We also give important people in our lives nicknames from the movie. Our boyfriends are called Fluke and Hank (inspired by “Finding Nemo”).

Anyways, here’s a little bit about each of us now that the whole name situation is clear.

Hi I’m Bubbles!

I am currently a sophomore in college. I am double majoring in Elementary Education and Psychology with a minor in Special Education and Communication Disorders (I know, it’s a mouthful). My goals for the future are pretty simple, I want to become a second grade teacher. But for right now, I’m working as a full time college student balancing my nap schedule with my class schedule, babysitting and trying to fit in as much as I can into my college experience. As well as falling head over heels for my boyfriend, Hank. I enjoy going on adventures, crafting and making very long, usually color coded lists.

Hi I’m Squishy!

My goal for the future is to become an EMT. Currently, I am studying for the exam but life is pretty busy and hectic right now. I have a passion for this career and helping people in need that nothing will stop me from someday reaching this goal. Until then, I work full time at a jewelry store. I enjoy sleeping in and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend Fluke. I have a very close relationship with my family and they are very important to me. I enjoy drinking coffee, cuddling with my cats and people watching at work.

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