How to get over a break up

If you’re going through a break up, I understand completely. For I just went through one. It sucks! But it has been a month and I’m doing SO much better. So I’m going to tell you how I did it

1. Cry, wallow, SCREAM!

Dont try to hold in your feelings! Throw on some PJ’s, wrap yourself up in a blanket, lay in your bed, and just cry your little heart out! Don’t hold back. That scumbag broke your heart! Get angry, yell. and maybe punch a pillow and imagine that it’s his face! It’s healthy to just let it all out. Trust me, it helps.

2. Think of all of his flaws

Once you get done letting your emotions out, think of everything he did wrong in the relationship and/or things that annoyed you. Whether it’s from something little like the way he eats to something bigger like him lying to you about who is on his snapchat (personal experience, oops). It helps you realize that you deserve so much better. You don’t deserve to be treated like garbage. You are worth so much more than that.

3. Get revenge.

After you realize how much of a douche monkey he is, here comes the fun part. Now, you can use your imagination on this one. But I’m going to tell you what I did! I took pictures of us and I burned them. This method doesn’t directly affect him, but it sure does feel good! If he texts you and asks for his stuff back (or anything like that) don’t be afraid to give him sass! Be like “you’ll get it when you get it”. He broke your heart and deserves a kick in the butt. Don’t show him how hurt (if you’re still hurting) you are! My ex is allergic to cats so I’m thinking of rubbing his clothes in cat fur and then sending them to him 😉 Have fun with it. But don’t get be too harmful!

4. Go out and meet boys.

You don’t necessarily have to go right into another relationship. But going out and flirting is fun too! And it’s OKAY to flirt! You’re a free woman now, there’s nothing holding you back! There’s a sea of men just waiting to get the attention of a hot woman just like you. Put on a hot dress and get all dolled up and go out with your girl friends! Just have fun being single.

5. Move on with your life.

I know for me, it’s been hard to not keep bringing him up in conversations. I’m always making jokes about him in some way just because I’ve realized how much of an idiot he is. But I’m trying to move on and leave him in the past. So should you! Our new life has no room for dumb exes! We are strong, beautiful women!

I hope that helped!

I know every girl moves at her own pace after a break up. For me, it only took me a week or two to get back up on my feet. With these steps, you can too! Just remember, you deserve BETTER!

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