A Letter to my Ex

Dear Ex,

I never thought you and I would break-up. We were always the couple other couples looked up to because of how we handled the distance and how we loved each other. I always thought we were so happy. I thought I was so happy. You were the man of my dreams, or so I thought. I put so much into the relationship. I sacrificed a lot. I gave you my all. I loved you with every fiber of my being, unconditionally. But apparently that wasn’t enough for you. You threw that all away. You let go of probably the best girl you could ever have. All for a career that you aren’t even guaranteed you’ll have. You needed to “focus more” on that career. You hurt me so bad. But you know what? THANK YOU! Thank you for being the self-centered jerk that you are and not allowing me to marry you. Thank you for sparing me a lonely marriage. I realize now that if we got married, your job would have been your #1 priority. I would just be an afterthought. I also realize now how much of a liar you were throughout the relationship and I wish I broke things off a long time ago. Thank you for ending things because I found an amazing guy who is everything that I want and deserve. He’s everything you aren’t. I hope you grow up and realize how childish you’ve been. You don’t deserve to be in a relationship until you do grow up (if you ever do). If you find someone else, please treat her right. Please learn from your mistakes. I know I did.

– your perfectly happy ex

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