Life's Milestones

New Years Resolutions

Since 2015 has ended and 2016 is the beginning of a completely new year the obvious blog post screams: New Years Resolutions. Everybody talks about them. But are they really achievable? Don’t get me wrong setting goals for yourself is awesome but people rarely ever stick to their NY resolutions. With that being said, let’s simplify these resolutions into three major realistic categories.

  1. Don’t let anyone stop you from what you want to do in life.

Since when does happiness or success come from others expectations of you? Whose life is this again? It’s time to take control of what you want. How are you supposed to be happy if you aren’t doing everything and anything you dream of? Been there, done that. Being held back from your full potential and happiness is not fun or okay. I regret letting people take advantage and controlling my life. It’s YOURS. So go out and do whatever the heck you want with it.


2. Get rid of negative people.

These are the controlling people I’m talking about. If it’s a “friend” that you’ve never stood up to but always wanted to, do it. And I put “friend” in quotations because you know that their actions are not the actions of a true friend. Yes, you’ll be losing a “friend”, but how much of a friend are they anyways? Trying to hinder you, take advantage of you, and constantly talking about you behind your back? Does this scream “friendship” to you? I didn’t think so either, so I told her. Let me tell you… IT FELT GREAT. Within seconds I was relieved to finally say everything I had been holding back or pushing to the side, putting it over my shoulder. Getting rid of these people honestly gave me a whole new outlook on my life.

sigh of relief

3. Cherish every single second.

Everyone knows that time passes by way too fast. I mean look at 2015, where did that go? How is it 2016 already? You only have one 366 day long chance to make this year a fantastic one. Do things that make you happy, do things you’ve never done before or never even considered doing. Make impulsive *good* decisions. You’re going to want to have a story to tell when you look back in a few years. Do anything your little heart desires.

all the things

Bottom line…Be happy with who you are! 

There’s only ONE you, there’s only one 2016.

Make the best of it.

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