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Bachelor Gifs that Perfectly Explain How it Feels when your Crush isn’t Single

We’ve all been there. The dreaded “In a Relationship” Facebook post. Oh wait, who’s in a relationship? Figures, it’s my crush moment.

Here are some gifs from the bachelor that perfectly capture this moment.

bachelor 6

Phase 1: Cry in disbelief.

bachelor 1

Phase 2: Violence.

bachelor 3

Phase 3: More denial. More crying.

bachelor 12

Phase 4: It hits you. He’s off the market.

bachelor 9

Phase 5: The “I still love him” phase.


Phase 6: He may not be single, but he’s still mine.

bachelor 13.gif

Phase 7: More violence.

bachelor 4

Phase 8: You can’t stop thinking about him.

bachelor 2

Phase 9: Wishing he’d ask you to accept this rose.

bachelor 11.gif

Phase 10: The rose isn’t for you… whoops.



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