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Recruitment Weekend

This past weekend I experienced Sorority recruitment weekend. I had been waiting for this weekend for months, literally since September. I had done my research on each sorority my campus had to offer. I went to every “Pancake Breakfast” or “Meet the Greeks” possible. I had thought that I found the perfect sorority for me. Plot Twist: it wasn’t. So here are some tips when it comes to Recruitment Weekend. 

  1. They will say it a million times but, keep an open mind.  Scratch that, go into it with an open mind. Don’t go in set and sold on just one sorority. Give each group of girls equal opportunities to talk and get to know you. Controversially, when you meet the girls of each sorority you’ll know which ones you like and which one is your least favorite. Definitely go with your gut feeling when it comes to narrowing down your options. Unfortunately, as many times as I was told this, I still was so sold on one sorority that I had been interested and fallen in love with over the course of first semester, so don’t be me and keep an entirely open mind. Anything can happen and whatever does is meant to be anyways.
  2. You don’t have any reason to be nervous. When you walk into each room, the girls will take you by the arm and immediately you’ll feel included and welcomed. Each sorority girl that I talked to during my campus recruitment weekend was the sweetest person ever. I’m happy to inform you that nobody was rude or unwelcoming. With each person you’ll find out what your similar interests are and get to talking about your favorite TV show or your major. Side note: you’ll be asked “what’s your major?”  and “why do you want to join a sorority?”and “do you have any questions?” a billion times. (So have some questions preplanned a head of time).
  3. Continuing from that, have preplanned questions. I went in and the business and craziness of everything kept me from coming up with questions for the girls. One thing that I wish I had done was to have a list of important questions I wanted to ask each sorority. These questions could be something like:
    1. What made you chose this sorority?
    2. What’s your favorite thing about this sorority?
    3. Was this your top choice when you went through recruitment?
  4. Cliche, yet true, be yourself. These girls are looking to add you to their chapter and legacy. They probably haven’t met you before and don’t know anything about you other than you want to get involved with Greek Life. With that being said, there’s nothing to hide from them! They want to hear all the great and wonderful things you’ve done and what you’re involved with or into at the moment no matter how strange it may be. They want to get to know you for you. Showing them your true self will help them in seeing the qualities you have that stand out among the other girls going out for recruitment.
  5. Don’t forget to have fun!  Recruitment gets overwhelming. This one weekend will probably set a record for the most amount of people you’ve met in 72 hours. You’ll lose your voice and get tired of climbing all the stairs and walking or standing for hours or end but it’s worth it. Joining Greek Life has already had a huge impact on my life and it has only been a couple of weeks. So embrace this weekend as it will be the first step into the rest of your life. 

As they say, Greek Life isn’t over after you graduate. It’s a lifetime commitment that forms lifetime bonds.

Here’s a sneak peak at all the recruited girls from this semester on my campus 🙂 ( And of course the Panhellenic board in the back secretly showing their letters after Bid day!)


P.S. Leave the name of your sorority in the comments!