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Info and tips about diamonds and more

This post is to help guys know how to pick the perfect ring and to help ladies know the right hints to give their men😉 Let’s start by talking about the 4 C’s. Cut, carat, color, and clarity!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with all of these cuts. These aren’t even all of them. There’s baguette, radiant, cushion, asscher, and trillion. But we will just focus on the ones in the picture. You are more than welcomed to look up the other ones😊 Some I have more knowledge about than others. So I will focus more on the ones that I know the most about.

Let’s start with the emerald. This is one of my favorites. It’s one of the more clean cut diamonds. But these are a little tricky. They almost have to be the perfect diamond. No flaws (or what we like to call “birthmarks) or anything. Because they’re so cleanly cut, you can easily see the birth marks, making these diamond cuts more expensive. Also, you have to keep them clean. Once they get dirty, you can really tell. So if you choose to have this diamond cut in a ring, be prepared to visit your jewelry store often for a cleaning!
Onto the round cut! This one is probably the most popular. This cut has the most sparkle out of all the cuts, which is the main reason why I want my future engagement ring to have a round cut diamond. I mean…who doesn’t want a lot of sparkle on their ring finger? I personally think round diamonds look good on anybody’s hand. So men, if your woman doesn’t give you any hints, (which is very unlikely. Amiright, ladies?) I suggest you get a ring with a round cut diamond. You can’t go wrong!
Princess cut! Or “square cut”. This one is also very popular. But unlike the round cut, it doesn’t look the best on everybody’s finger. Like with me, I’m not a fan of it on mine. Sometimes, princess cut diamonds aren’t perfectly square. Some are more rectangular. But only slightly! Make sure you ask the jeweler the diameter of the diamond if you are wanting a nicely squared diamond. Usually you aren’t able to tell, but some people are picky about it. The diamond facets, which are the smooth surface areas of the diamond which have been cut, polished, and positioned at different angles to allow light to enter and reflect back from the stone, have to be a certain way in order for this diamond to get the most sparkle. So that’s something else you should ask the jeweler about!
Now finally, I’ll quickly go over the other cuts. The marquise isn’t as popular nowadays. But if you are wanting something vintage and different, this diamond cut is for you! The pear cut is also not very popular. I haven’t seen very many people having rings with a pear cut diamond. So it is very unique! From what I know, the pear cut is a hit or miss. You either really love it or hate it. Just depends on the person! So men, if you don’t know what she want, I don’t suggest going with the pear shape. The oval cut is becoming more popular! You won’t find it in a lot of jewelry stores but more ladies are wanting them. So ask the jeweler if they have any and if they don’t, they can always order it in! The heart cut… Personally, I only see this cut more for a promise ring. It’s not too popular for engagement rings so you usually won’t find them in stores in the bridal section. But it’s just depends on what the girl wants!
This kind of speaks for itself. But I have some tips! If the shank (the band of the ring) is thick and/or has a lot of bling, the bigger the diamond, the better. If you get a smaller diamond, the band kinda just swallows the center diamond. That goes for the wedding band as well. If you have a small diamond, try to stay away from really flashy bands. The center stone needs to be the center of attention (just like me😊)
As you can see, the color chart goes from D-Z. Obviously you will want diamonds that are in the D-I range. Stores mainly have diamonds that are in the G-I category. Which are near colorless. You really won’t be able to tell that they aren’t colorless. They will still be beautiful! Diamonds that are in the D-F category will obviously be the most expensive. But if you have the money and that’s what your lady wants, then why not? Just ignore anything in the J-Z category. I like to call those the “yellow teeth diamonds”. Gross. Just gross.
Finally, clarity 
Here is what I mean when I said “birthmarks” earlier. The birthmarks are called “inclusions”. Stores will mostly carry diamonds that are SI1 and SI2. This means that they will have some inclusions but you won’t see them with the naked eye. Only under a microscope! FL and IF diamonds are the “perfect” diamond. But honestly, if you can’t see the inclusions with the naked eye, why does it matter?
Well that’s that on the 4 C’s. Now, let’s talk about some Do’s and Don’t’s and also other tips!

If your jewelry store is offering a lifetime warranty, BUY IT! I can’t stress this enough. Yes, it will be more money to spend but it is SO worth it. If diamonds fall out, if it needs resized, if it needs re-rhodium plated…anything! It will cover it. It’s cheaper than not getting it and something happening to the ring and you have to pay for the repairs.

Alright ladies…the size of the ring (as in size of the diamond, width of the shank, and the amount of bling on it) is important when it comes to the size of your finger/hand. If you have bigger hands, the bigger the ring, the better. If you have dainty fingers, you don’t want something really big cause it will just swallow your finger.

DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR RING ON! It wears out the prongs and you could lose your diamond!

Eternity bands (bands with diamonds all around) are really pretty. You see them on Pinterest all the time. All the girls want one. BUT! They are prone to lose diamonds and they can’t be resized. So let’s say you lose/gain weight and your ring doesn’t fit…that’s a problem. But it’s all up to you!

If you aren’t sure what your girl wants, I suggest a simple solitaire ring! They’re so classy and timeless. What I like about them is that you can spoof them up a bit by adding a blingy wedding band or wrap! Also, if you give it to her and she wants something with more bling, the diamond can easily be removed and set into a new mounting!

If you are looking for a mans wedding band, I highly suggest getting a tungsten band! This is one of the most durable metals. So make sure when you are picking one out, that they have the correct size since it cannot be resized. If they don’t have it, they can easily order it in or exchange sizes! What’s cool about these bands is that there are little pressure points in them just in case something happens to your finger and you have to get the ring off. You put your fingers on the pressure points and it just breaks off! The black tungsten bands are popular today. But I must warn you, over time the black tarnish will wear off and it ends up looking like washed out black jeans.
Alright, that’s all I have for you all! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it helped!