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An Open Letter of Thanks on Memorial Day

Let’s start off with the basic history lesson for those who are not aware, Memorial Day is a holiday observed in the United States each year during the last week of May. American’s and families in all the states remember the lives of their loved ones lost while serving in the Armed Forces. This tradition was originally named Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868.  It got its name after a group of Union veterans who established it as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of lost veterans. In the 20th century, the Union and Confederate holidays merged to create the holiday we know today, Memorial Day.

Today, many people spend the day visiting memorials and cemeteries to honor those who have been lost in their service to our nation.

Now that we are all caught up with a quick history lesson, our blog to day is…

An Open Letter of Thanks to Our Veterans for their Service on Memorial Day

To those who made the “ultimate sacrifice” for our nation,

Thank you for not only devoting yourself to fighting for our nation, our rights and our freedom but also for devoting yourself to the fullest of your abilities. You cared so greatly and believed so much that it was your duty to protect us. Thank you for taking the greatest risk and fighting for us.

Again, thank you for being some of the most selfless people and fighting to protect us. Thank you is such a minimal word compared to how grateful we are for your service. Words often fall short in many situations and today is an example.

We often take for granted the freedom and safety that we have in today‘s society. But you? You fought for our nation, risking every ounce of your freedom and safety to protect us. Today is your day, the day dedicated to honoring the service you put forth for the people of the nation.


Today, a flag will be placed on your grave


Today, thousands of people will travel just to walk the cemeteries remembering all you have sacrificed in order for us to still be here.


Today, your family, friends and your battle buddies will honor your fight and your dedication. They will talk about the memories they had, the good, happy ones.


But today, you will not be forgotten.


Today, is not the only day you are thought of. Your commitment to the nation is not often enough remembered by the entirety of the nation. However, there are always people in this world who miss you, love you and honor you everyday of their lives.


Today is Memorial Day. We should as a nation take more time to honor those who we have lost during their service to our safety, after all, we would not be here today without the brave fighters of our Armed Forces.


Always remember, we never know when today will be our last tomorrow.


Today let us, as Americans, honor the American fighting man. For it is he — the soldier, the sailor, the Airman, the Marine — who has fought to preserve freedom. It is his valor that has given renewed hope to the free world that by working together in discipline and faith our ideals of freedom will always prevail.”

— Admiral Forrest P. Sherman

*Please note that these are not our photos, and that all the photos belong to the owners*

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100 Things… you should love about yourself

Each of the “100 things” blog posts to come in the future, this being the first of hopefully many, will contain a different list of 100 things. For example, 100 things to do before you die, 100 things to do when you’re bored and so on. Today’s blog is going to be 100 things you should love about yourself, because I feel as though people don’t love themselves as much as they should. In today’s generation, everyone is so obsessed with being perfect and having perfect hair or makeup that they don’t notice the naturally beautiful things about them.

An Open Letter to Myself…

100 Things you Should Love About Yourself  (that aren’t physical features)

  1. Your personality
  2. Your determination
  3. Your dedication
  4. Your sense of humor
  5. Your laugh
  6. Your willingness to help others
  7. Your sense of style
  8. Your relationships with other people
  9. Your compassion
  10. Your bravery
  11. Your generosity
  12. Your honesty
  13. Your sense of time
  14. Your curiosity
  15. Your hospitality towards others
  16. Your dependability
  17. Your creativeness
  18. Your open mind
  19. Your flexibility
  20. Your stubbornness
  21. Your memory
  22. Your self-confidence
  23. Your competitiveness
  24. Your manners
  25. Your attitude
  26. Your commitment to your responsibilities
  27. Your intelligence
  28. Your commitment to education
  29. Your commitment to a job
  30. Your ability to endure difficult obstacles
  31. The way you follow your dreams
  32. The way you achieve your goals
  33. The way you trust others
  34. The way you handle a tough situation
  35. The way you love others
  36. The way you appreciate the little things in life
  37. The way you know when something isn’t right
  38. The way you give people second chances
  39. The way you defend your friends
  40. The ways you are involved
  41. The way you smile, even when things get hard
  42. The way you organize
  43. The way you hug people
  44. The way you make other people feel special
  45. The way you talk to yourself
  46. The way you are genuine
  47. The way you read other people
  48. The way you make friends
  49. The way you care for yourself
  50. The way you challenge yourself
  51. The way you lead other people
  52. The way you value trust
  53. The way you make yourself stronger
  54. The way you better yourself
  55. The way you speak from your heart
  56. The way you make others look up to you
  57. The way you want to experience things
  58. The way you forgive others
  59. The way you apologize when you did something wrong
  60. The way discuss difficult subjects
  61. The way you give advice
  62. The way you are true to yourself
  63. The way you face your fears
  64. The way you are accountable for your actions
  65. The way you are appreciative of things
  66. Your boldness
  67. Your funny expressions
  68. Your voice
  69. Your opinions
  70. Your thoughts
  71. Your views (political, culture, etc)
  72. Your desire to learn to things
  73. Your passion for your hobbies
  74. Your sense of adventure
  75. Your ability to listen to others
  76. Your health
  77. Your ability to get things done
  78. Your ability to ask good questions
  79. Your lifestyle
  80. Your love for people and animals
  81. Your energy
  82. Your motivation
  83. Your skills
  84. Your knowledge
  85. Your loyalty
  86. Your ability to never give up
  87. Your kind heart
  88. Your good intentions
  89. Your intuition
  90. Your ability to ask for help
  91. Your hopefulness
  92. Your independence
  93. Your gratefulness
  94. Your thankfulness
  95. Your ability to avoid the negatives
  96. Your respect
  97. Your ability to teach others
  98. Your ability to become a better version of you
  99. Your belief in love
  100. You are 100% you

If you struggle with seeing any of these things about yourself, or just struggle with your self-confidence in general, I strongly recommend you create your own list of 100 things you love about yourself. It truly does make you think and realize the this you typically don’t.

Make sure you comment some of the things on your list!

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Being an Aunt to a Niece

One of my greatest pleasures is being an aunt to a niece. It’s so much fun! Here are some examples of what it’s like being an aunt to a niece!

Being an aunt to a niece means dancing around and singing together. My niece is only 1 year and 7 months, so her singing is just gibberish. But I’m looking forward to the day when she knows more words and we can sing along together.

Being an aunt to a niece means you get to help pick out her outfits with her. My niece loves picking out her own outfits and sometimes, they’re a little crazy. But she tries! One of my favorite things is buying her new clothes. I’m a girly girl so I love buying her pink frilly dresses and such. Oh, and of course shirts that say “my aunt is my best friend” ;).

Being an aunt to a niece means playing dolls with her. My niece plays with my old Littlest Pet Shops. We don’t really have any story lines. It’s basically just her moving them around in the little house type thing we have. I usually talk with the animals in a weird voice and she loves it. Don’t be afraid to be silly with them!

Being an aunt to a niece means dealing with their tantrums because mom needs a break. Lets face it. That’s the real job of being an aunt. With my niece, I can’t help but laugh at how cute her tantrums are. But I’m sure once she gets a little older, her tantrums won’t be so cute.

Being an aunt to a niece means being a good example to her. It’s important to be a good role model, especially in this day and age. I want my niece to look up to me. I want to be the woman she deserves as an aunt. So always be careful how you act or say in front of her!

Being an aunt to a niece means being her best friend. My goal is to have her think I’m the fun aunt. As an aunt, you should be sort of a parent figure. Parents should also be fun. I just feel like an aunts definition of fun is different. I want to be someone she can count on and someone who she can talk to about whatever.

Being an aunt to a niece brings me so much joy. I’m looking forward to watching her grow up and I’m also looking forward for other nieces I will have and maybe even some nephews!

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10 High School Musical Gifs That Explain How Graduating Feels

As the last final exams are being placed into the computer systems and being graded, there is just one thing left for the seniors of 2016, graduation. If you’re in high school it’s been a long four years waiting for this day. If you’re in college, well, it could be anywhere from four years to five years to six years… you get the point, it’s been a long road for you to get here and your handwork is finally paying off.

Here are 10 gifs from High School Musical to perfectly explain how graduation feels.


Getting ready for the big day like…


How you feel on stage…


When family asks you how it feels to be a graduate…


But then you remember, graduation means no class, which means it’s summer!


This is how you want to walk across the stage to accept your diploma or degree.


And then you remember, graduating means moving on and leaving friends.


When family asks what you’re career plans are


For a minute? More like the past four years…


Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you can’t come back to visit!


Just remember… we’re all in this together!

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Crazy Customers: Jewelry Store Edition

I work at a jewelry store and the things customers say to me or do are just as annoying or ridiculous as normal retail jobs. Here are a few!

1. “Looks like someone dropped all the diamonds! Ha ha”

At the store I work at, we have glitter on the floor. If I had a dollar for every time someone said this to me, I wouldn’t have to work anymore.

2. “So and So’s prices are cheaper”

Then why are you in our store? We’re not going to give away jewelry just so we beat the competitors. We have to get paid somehow!

3. “This price is too much”

They usually say this to us sales associates and get mad at us as if we were the one who priced the item.

4. “I want to spend $50-$100”

I get this a lot. Like if you want to spend that much, go to Claire’s. 

5. “I’m just looking”

I hear this 5 thousand times a day. It’s fine if they say this. But what really gets me is when you greet them and say “hi how are you today?” And they immediately say “I’m just looking” and don’t answer your question. Or they rudely interrupt you while greeting.

6. “Do you guys sell body piercings?”

Do we look like a piercing and tattoo shop to you?

7. *Comes in while talking on the phone*

I don’t know about you, but I find this very rude. How do you expect us to help you when you’re on the phone? If you don’t get off shortly after entering the store, I’ll throw your phone.

8. *gets mad at US because something’s wrong with the piece of jewelry*

As if we personally made them. It’s not our fault you wear it to bed, bang it around, wash something with chemicals… Don’t be rude.

9. *stands right beside me while I clean their ring*

Nobody likes it when someone is breathing down their neck. I get customers all the time coming in and want their rings cleaned. Like okay, no problem. Then they stand right beside me, watching my every move to make sure I’m not hurting it. Like please. I’ll do a better job if you stand far away from me.

10. *drags you all over the store and has you show them 1,000 different pieces because they can’t make a decision*

This makes me so frustrated. You walk all around the store. Show them whatever they want to see. And then end up not buying anything. We sometimes have people do this for over an hours.

Despite the ridiculous, working in a jewelry store has been great. The crazy customers make for funny stories to tell later!


15 Traits I Wanted in a Boyfriend


One night recently, I was having a conversation with my boyfriend and suddenly had the urge to tell him that he was everything I had wanted in a boyfriend. I had an idea of what was on the list of traits that I had wanted in a boyfriend for a couple of years prior, but when I met him I didn’t quite realize he was everything on my list until this day. I decided to write out an official list of traits I wanted in a boyfriend. He just so happens to perfectly fit within my list, so I think I’m going to keep him for a while.

After having a rough last relationship, I realized all the traits that my ex didn’t have that I wanted in a boyfriend. I didn’t necessarily go around analyzing guys to find the perfect fit to my list however. It kinda just felt right in the moment when I met my boyfriend now. (P.s. he agrees).

Anyways, lists like this can get out of control pretty easily most of the time with traits that just tend to set the bars way too high for any potential boyfriend, which ends up with us women feeling as though we lowered our standards or compromised for a guy.

 However, here is a list of traits that I put together that I wanted in a boyfriend that I don’t think anyone should compromise for.

  1. Find someone who makes you laugh. A sense of humor is so important in a relationship especially when you need a pick me up after a bad day.
  2. Find someone who also laughs with you. Having this mutual sense of humor will definitely help to make both of you spend the entire day laughing with each other.
  3. Find someone who wants to be successful in life. Having the drive to achieve and be successful is such a sexy trait, never mind finding a man who has ambition to plan ahead of time.
  4. Find someone who is passionate. Everybody is passionate about something. For this, it’s just wonderful to find a man who is passionate about you and willing to put in the effort to be with you or plan a creative romantic date. (Maybe I should write a blog with date ideas for the men!)
  5. Find someone who you can talk to all day, everyday without losing interest in the conversation. Being able to hold down a conversation for hours is something that you should look for because it shows the connection between your partner and yourself.
  6. Find someone who shares similar interests, lifestyles and personalities. After all, it’s harder to get along with someone you share nothing in common with.
  7. Although this is somewhat a given in any relationship, find someone trustworthy, honest and committed for a long-term relationship. I made sure to stress the importance of these with my boyfriend because my previous relationship didn’t have this quality.
  8. Find someone who is intelligent. By this, I mean somebody that you can have a debate with or have an in-depth, serious conversation with at times when it’s needed.
  9. Find someone who is caring and respectful. Pretty simple, but you want to find someone who understand you and knows when something is wrong even after you say “it’s fine”. We all know it’s not fine. You also want somebody who is going to treat you right.
  10. Find someone that you can tell anything to. This somewhat goes with the trustworthy, however, it’s important that you are able to confide in him with anything that you may have a problem with or need advice on or simply just need to talk to about something.
  11. Find someone who enjoys spending time with you and is always ready for an adventure. I like to add even if it’s something simple such as cuddling or watching Netflix together. My boyfriend and I are great at being lazy together.
  12. Find someone who is more than a physical attraction. Looks may catch your eye, but personality definitely can make or break a person.
  13. Find someone who is family-orientated. I have a huge family that I am very close with and I would like my boyfriend to share in the same family values as me. Being good with kids is another quality that falls into this.
  14. Find someone who supports you and your decisions. Someone who listens to your problems and helps you solve them or someone who supports you on a decision when no one else does is hard to come by but you definitely want to find a guy who is there for you no matter what.
  15. Find someone who can deal with all your ridiculousness. I thank my boyfriend all the time for dealing with me. I’m needy, I force him to take cheesy pictures and I tickle him all the time.

Bottom line, find someone who still loves you even though you annoy him constantly. 

Leave any of your traits you want in a boyfriend in the comments!

Special shout out to my boyfriend for being everything I could ask for ❤️

*Inserts one of the cheesy pictures I forced him to take as the feature image*


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Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Hi. It’s your wife. I hope you’re doing well and not doing anything stupid to mess up our future. I think about you a lot. I wonder what you look like, what your voice is going to sound like, what your personality will be like… One thing I know for sure is that you’re going to be perfect for me. I bet you’re really funny and you’ll make me laugh all the time. I also bet that you’re really handsome. We will have beautiful children (that I’ve already named. Hope you don’t mind). I can’t wait to see you as a father. My family will love you. I’m sure you’ll fit right in with all the goofiness. I hope my best friends will love you. They probably will because I don’t want to be with anybody my friends hate. My best friends are very protective of me. They will like you but if you do anything to hurt me…just watch out. But you’ll be perfect so I wouldn’t worry about it. I can’t wait for movie nights together at home. Let me pick out the movie every once in a while, okay? It will probably be a Disney movie or a chick flick and I’m not at all sorry. But I do hope you love Disney as much as I do. That’s very important. We will probably go to Disney World for our honeymoon. Our wedding will be beautiful. Not only because of the decorations and me, it will be beautiful because of the love we share. I’m so excited for that day. You’ll quickly learn that I’m a little high maintenance. I like things a certain way. I have my little quirks just like everyone else. But I hope you learn to love them all just like I hope to love all of your little quirks. I’m sure we will annoy each other a lot. But that’s normal! I want to annoy you for the rest of my life. I can’t wait for all the little adventures we will go on together. All the vacations and even the disastrous vacations that we will look back and laugh at. I can’t wait for the mini adventures like going hiking at Old Man’s Cave or going to the Columbus Zoo or the Cincinnati Zoo that I will make you take me to because of the sloth they have there. I hope you accept my sloth obsession. It’s a little ridiculous but whatever. I can’t wait to go to sleep and wake up next to you every morning. I’ll try to make you breakfast most mornings. But I love sleeping in as long as possible and I also can’t cook. But I’ll learn to cook! We definitely have to cook dinner together sometimes. I’ve always thought that would be fun. I promise to try and clean up my messes. You might have to be the clean freak in the relationship because I tend to be a bit messy, sorry. I’m sorry this letter is all over the place. I’m really just writing down whatever comes to mind. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. Or maybe we do know each other and haven’t realized it yet. But I love you and I can’t wait to meet you. God has the perfect timing.
Love, Your Future Wife.

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Today is The Day

Well… Today is the day I would have woken up with butterflies in my stomach and a special glow on my face and say “I’m getting married today!”. Today is the day I would have been too nervous and excited to eat. Today is the day I would have gotten pampered and beautified. Today is the day I had waited for my whole life. Right now I probably would have been drinking Starbucks with my bridesmaids while getting our hair and make up done. All of us giddy with excitement. I’m sure I would have had so many thoughts going through my head. “Wow. I’m actually getting married.” “What is he going to think of me in my dress?” “I hope everything goes smoothly today” “what if the reception isn’t decorated how I imagined it would be?!” “I hope what’s-her-face doesn’t actually show up” “I wonder what he’s thinking..” “I’m going to be a WIFE!”. So many nerves. Next, I would be putting on my wedding dress. Beautiful ivory ball gown with a sweetheart neckline, some lace at the top that flows onto the skirt, beading in the back that starts at the top and goes all the way down the skirt, and to add some bling, a beautiful jeweled belt. My dream wedding dress would have been blush, but settling for this beautiful dress was okay, right? Probably not. At 2pm, we would have started to head to the ceremony spot and get in our spots. I can only imagine the thousands of butterflies in my stomach at this point. 2:30pm comes around and the music would start to play. One by one my bridesmaids would walk out. My daddy by my side probably telling me he loves me and is proud of me. Now is the moment…I would have stepped out in the open and immediately look at who I thought was the love of my life. Now I would walk down the isle, my dad would give me away, we say our vows, give each other the rings, and hear the preacher say “you may now kiss your bride”. That would have been the start of a very unhappily ever after. I’m thankful what I thought would be the happiest day of my life didn’t happen. I’m thankful I didn’t marry a man who was married to his career. I need to be second to God, not his career. I’m thankful I didn’t marry a man who always made me feel like I was in a competition with other girls. I don’t need to be told constantly about all the girls who “want” him or try to flirt with him. I’m thankful I didn’t marry a man who would always be on his phone when we were together because “there’s nothing else to do” because I “never talk”. Maybe if I actually felt like he cared or listened to all my random thoughts, I would have talked more. I thought my world was ending the night he told me he didn’t love me the way I should be loved anymore. But now I see that my world got brighter and happier. I’m able to find someone who I deserve and who deserves me. I’m thankful that I’m the one that got away. Today is the day I smile and say “I’m not getting married today”.

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DIY Dorm Room (Part 1)

It’s that time of the year… all of the high schools are preparing for graduation, the stores are filled with graduation cards and the senior students are wrapping up their final weeks of their high school educations. The next biggest thing on the senior’s minds (besides final exams, graduation and summer) is definitely attending college in the fall. While moving away for college can be pretty nerve-wrecking, it is as super exciting because you finally get to decorate your dorm room! For me, I know that this was one of the most exciting parts of becoming a college student.

In the next couple of months leading up to move in day in the fall, I am going to post some of the DIY arts and crafts projects I made for my dorm room!

Today’s DIY Project is: a motivational pin board made from the cards you received at graduation

What better way to reuse the cards given to you at graduation! Besides, cards are pretty expensive.


  • 1 Pin/ Tack Board (I got mine at Target)
  • Graduation Cards
  • Scissors
  • Tacks

Step 1:

Make sure you save all your cards for this project!

At my graduation party and on graduation day I received a whole bunch of cards. I saved all my cards over the summer and wondered what I could do with them other than simply toss them in the trash. That’s when I came up with this cute little idea to decorate my dorm room! Make sure you save all of your cards for this project!


Step 2:

Decide which cards you want to cut up and which cards you don’t want to cut up. For me, I wanted to keep the cards from my mom, dad and siblings in one piece and save because they had more sentimental value to me, even though I haven’t looked at them since! I also decided which parts of the cards I wanted to cut. I picked places that didn’t ruin the words written by my family members on the inside, but ultimately it’s up to you what you would like on your board!

Step 3:

Cut out the cards! If you have a lot of cards, like I did, make sure you cut out smaller sections cards to be able to fit them onto the board nicely. Also try to somewhat vary the colors of the cards, just to have more of a variety of colors for the collage.

Step 4:

Arrange the cut out cards onto the board in a way that fits and looks nice. You may have to rearrange it a couple of times to make it look how you want it. Be patient!

Step 5:

Simply push the tacks into the card pieces and onto the board!

And there you have it! A motivational pin board for you dorm in the fall made from all the cards you receive from graduation (or really any occasion you wish!)


Comment a picture of your finished product! Good luck!

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11 Gifs That Explain Your Room Cleaning Experience

If you’re like me, you dread cleaning your room. So here are some gifs that explain what happens when you clean you room


You tell yourself the day before “That’s it, I’m going to clean my room tomorrow!” And then it’s the next day and you have so many regrets.

dog gif.gif

Then you try to get the motivation to get out of bed and get started but you just can’t.

chipmunk gif.gif

So you get all comfortable in your bed again.

waking up gif.jpg

Next thing you know, it’s noon and you’ve wasted good cleaning time.

cleaning gif.gif

You finally start cleaning the disaster that is your room.

messy room gif.gif

An hour passes you pause to see how much progress you made and it’s like you didn’t do anything.

doggy gif.gif

So with all your frustration, you’re like “screw this, i’m going back to bed”


BUT you decide that you should get back to work and try to make it more fun by blasting your favorite music and dance along

distracted gif.gif

And, of course, you get distracted by finding items from your childhood and spend way too much time playing with them.

poppins gif.gif

Once you get done with that, you start thinking how you wish Mary Poppins was your nanny.

shirley gif.gif

Finally, you just lose all your energy and decide to quit and save the rest for another day.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this!

P.S. I should have been cleaning my room instead of writing this blog post.