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11 Gifs That Explain Your Room Cleaning Experience

If you’re like me, you dread cleaning your room. So here are some gifs that explain what happens when you clean you room


You tell yourself the day before “That’s it, I’m going to clean my room tomorrow!” And then it’s the next day and you have so many regrets.

dog gif.gif

Then you try to get the motivation to get out of bed and get started but you just can’t.

chipmunk gif.gif

So you get all comfortable in your bed again.

waking up gif.jpg

Next thing you know, it’s noon and you’ve wasted good cleaning time.

cleaning gif.gif

You finally start cleaning the disaster that is your room.

messy room gif.gif

An hour passes you pause to see how much progress you made and it’s like you didn’t do anything.

doggy gif.gif

So with all your frustration, you’re like “screw this, i’m going back to bed”


BUT you decide that you should get back to work and try to make it more fun by blasting your favorite music and dance along

distracted gif.gif

And, of course, you get distracted by finding items from your childhood and spend way too much time playing with them.

poppins gif.gif

Once you get done with that, you start thinking how you wish Mary Poppins was your nanny.

shirley gif.gif

Finally, you just lose all your energy and decide to quit and save the rest for another day.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this!

P.S. I should have been cleaning my room instead of writing this blog post.


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