15 Traits I Wanted in a Boyfriend


One night recently, I was having a conversation with my boyfriend and suddenly had the urge to tell him that he was everything I had wanted in a boyfriend. I had an idea of what was on the list of traits that I had wanted in a boyfriend for a couple of years prior, but when I met him I didn’t quite realize he was everything on my list until this day. I decided to write out an official list of traits I wanted in a boyfriend. He just so happens to perfectly fit within my list, so I think I’m going to keep him for a while.

After having a rough last relationship, I realized all the traits that my ex didn’t have that I wanted in a boyfriend. I didn’t necessarily go around analyzing guys to find the perfect fit to my list however. It kinda just felt right in the moment when I met my boyfriend now. (P.s. he agrees).

Anyways, lists like this can get out of control pretty easily most of the time with traits that just tend to set the bars way too high for any potential boyfriend, which ends up with us women feeling as though we lowered our standards or compromised for a guy.

 However, here is a list of traits that I put together that I wanted in a boyfriend that I don’t think anyone should compromise for.

  1. Find someone who makes you laugh. A sense of humor is so important in a relationship especially when you need a pick me up after a bad day.
  2. Find someone who also laughs with you. Having this mutual sense of humor will definitely help to make both of you spend the entire day laughing with each other.
  3. Find someone who wants to be successful in life. Having the drive to achieve and be successful is such a sexy trait, never mind finding a man who has ambition to plan ahead of time.
  4. Find someone who is passionate. Everybody is passionate about something. For this, it’s just wonderful to find a man who is passionate about you and willing to put in the effort to be with you or plan a creative romantic date. (Maybe I should write a blog with date ideas for the men!)
  5. Find someone who you can talk to all day, everyday without losing interest in the conversation. Being able to hold down a conversation for hours is something that you should look for because it shows the connection between your partner and yourself.
  6. Find someone who shares similar interests, lifestyles and personalities. After all, it’s harder to get along with someone you share nothing in common with.
  7. Although this is somewhat a given in any relationship, find someone trustworthy, honest and committed for a long-term relationship. I made sure to stress the importance of these with my boyfriend because my previous relationship didn’t have this quality.
  8. Find someone who is intelligent. By this, I mean somebody that you can have a debate with or have an in-depth, serious conversation with at times when it’s needed.
  9. Find someone who is caring and respectful. Pretty simple, but you want to find someone who understand you and knows when something is wrong even after you say “it’s fine”. We all know it’s not fine. You also want somebody who is going to treat you right.
  10. Find someone that you can tell anything to. This somewhat goes with the trustworthy, however, it’s important that you are able to confide in him with anything that you may have a problem with or need advice on or simply just need to talk to about something.
  11. Find someone who enjoys spending time with you and is always ready for an adventure. I like to add even if it’s something simple such as cuddling or watching Netflix together. My boyfriend and I are great at being lazy together.
  12. Find someone who is more than a physical attraction. Looks may catch your eye, but personality definitely can make or break a person.
  13. Find someone who is family-orientated. I have a huge family that I am very close with and I would like my boyfriend to share in the same family values as me. Being good with kids is another quality that falls into this.
  14. Find someone who supports you and your decisions. Someone who listens to your problems and helps you solve them or someone who supports you on a decision when no one else does is hard to come by but you definitely want to find a guy who is there for you no matter what.
  15. Find someone who can deal with all your ridiculousness. I thank my boyfriend all the time for dealing with me. I’m needy, I force him to take cheesy pictures and I tickle him all the time.

Bottom line, find someone who still loves you even though you annoy him constantly. 

Leave any of your traits you want in a boyfriend in the comments!

Special shout out to my boyfriend for being everything I could ask for ❤️

*Inserts one of the cheesy pictures I forced him to take as the feature image*



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