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Crazy Customers: Jewelry Store Edition

I work at a jewelry store and the things customers say to me or do are just as annoying or ridiculous as normal retail jobs. Here are a few!

1. “Looks like someone dropped all the diamonds! Ha ha”

At the store I work at, we have glitter on the floor. If I had a dollar for every time someone said this to me, I wouldn’t have to work anymore.

2. “So and So’s prices are cheaper”

Then why are you in our store? We’re not going to give away jewelry just so we beat the competitors. We have to get paid somehow!

3. “This price is too much”

They usually say this to us sales associates and get mad at us as if we were the one who priced the item.

4. “I want to spend $50-$100”

I get this a lot. Like if you want to spend that much, go to Claire’s. 

5. “I’m just looking”

I hear this 5 thousand times a day. It’s fine if they say this. But what really gets me is when you greet them and say “hi how are you today?” And they immediately say “I’m just looking” and don’t answer your question. Or they rudely interrupt you while greeting.

6. “Do you guys sell body piercings?”

Do we look like a piercing and tattoo shop to you?

7. *Comes in while talking on the phone*

I don’t know about you, but I find this very rude. How do you expect us to help you when you’re on the phone? If you don’t get off shortly after entering the store, I’ll throw your phone.

8. *gets mad at US because something’s wrong with the piece of jewelry*

As if we personally made them. It’s not our fault you wear it to bed, bang it around, wash something with chemicals… Don’t be rude.

9. *stands right beside me while I clean their ring*

Nobody likes it when someone is breathing down their neck. I get customers all the time coming in and want their rings cleaned. Like okay, no problem. Then they stand right beside me, watching my every move to make sure I’m not hurting it. Like please. I’ll do a better job if you stand far away from me.

10. *drags you all over the store and has you show them 1,000 different pieces because they can’t make a decision*

This makes me so frustrated. You walk all around the store. Show them whatever they want to see. And then end up not buying anything. We sometimes have people do this for over an hours.

Despite the ridiculous, working in a jewelry store has been great. The crazy customers make for funny stories to tell later!


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