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Anti-Bucket list

I’m sure most of you have bucket lists. Skydive, hike the Grand Canyon, kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower…but I’m going to try something a little different. An anti-bucket list! Things I never want to do. I’m sure there are a million things you can think of that you’d never want to do. I’m sure most of you have bucket lists. But do you have an anti-bucket list? I do! Here’s mine 🙂

  1. Hold a tarantula (or any spider for that matter)
  2. Get a divorce
  3. Swim with sharks
  4. Lose your best friend
  5. Trip/fall on stage in front of people
  6. Get stuck on a roller coaster
  7. Skydive
  8. Bungee jump
  9. Get lost in a big city
  10. Get fired
  11. Run over an animal
  12. Have low self esteem  
  13. Not believe in myself
  14. Forget my Netflix password
  15. Live really far from my family
  16. Never meet my online best friend
  17. Shave off my eyebrows
  18. Get a really bad hair cut
  19. Get arrested
  20. Set house on fire while cooking
  21. Give my family food poisoning from lack of cooking skills
  22. Stop doing what I love
  23. Do drugs
  24. Be the cause of a car accident
  25. Wear socks with sandals
  26. Be president
  27. Stay in a bad relationship
  28. Put a leash on my child
  29. Be a parent my kids can’t talk to about anything
  30. Be uncomfortable with my body
  31. Pee/poop in the woods
  32. Eat bugs
  33. Have a one night stand
  34. Not be in an LDR again
  35. Have a child before financially stable
  36. Never go bankrupt
  37. Not be able to retire
  38. Die alone
  39. Give too many second chances
  40. Be dependent on my parents forever
  41. Never move out
  42. Forget my child at a store
  43. Pee/poop my pants before I’m old and senile 
  44. Forget to put on deodorant on a hot day
  45. Disappoint my parents
  46. Lose my sense of style
  47. Lose my phone
  48. Be unfaithful
  49. Get cheated on
  50. Take what I have for granted 

Maybe make one for yourself so you can look at it every so often and remind yourself of what not to do!

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Where love is heading in the next five years

Falling in love has been a goal of people from all generations. My grandmother wanted to fall in love someday. My mother wanted to fall in love someday. My sister wanted to fall in love someday. I myself want to fall in love someday. And this isn’t just a trait passed down in women. The men of my family all wanted to fall in love someday too.

Love for my grandparents was simple. They met in high school. They got married at a young age. And here they are fifty years later, still together and as happy as they ever were. High school sweethearts as the saying goes.

Even for my parents, finding love was different, as they are both currently single. As a child who has parents who are not together, growing up with two different homes was difficult for me. Eventually I had gotten used to it, but even today it’s hard moving back and forth.

For my sister, she fell in love more than once. She dated a man for four years. She moved to a different state for him. She changed her job. Only to find out that he was unfaithful to her. Of course, this poor excuse of a man led my sister to find the love of her life, who she married and started a family with.

My question is, what is love going to be like for my generation?

High school relationships barely ever lead to being high school sweethearts after years of college. College relationships are a one night stand. Instead of going on dates and enjoying being with each other, people in my generation are being raped at college parties. There are relationships out there that both people have fallen in love with each other. But why are they so difficult to find? Will my generation even be able to find love? Will they be happily with the same person in fifty years? Will the relationship even last twenty? Will they get divorced? Will they cheat on each other? Will they lie to each other? What will happen to the relationships?

Why do all these negative questions come to mind when talking about love?

Love in our generation has changed. And it has not been for the better. A relationship in which both people fall in love with each other in is remarkably special. I hope that my generation is able to someday figure out how love works, but with the way it’s going right now, it’s a coin toss. There are wonderful, successful and happy relationships. There are relationships that are unhealthy, emotional and stressful. As a generation, we are going to have to recognize the relationships that are something real and the ones that are just talk.

How can we change love today?

That’s a good question, that I don’t have exact answers for. With my experience, I’ve seen very strong, long-term relationships crumble in minutes. I’ve seen relationships that seem to never end, even though they broke up last week. With our generation, I think that the issue lies in how we are defining love. Love is not a one night stand. Love is not someone who breaks your heart over and over. Love is not cheating. Love is not lying. Love is not just physical.

From the dictionary,


noun \ˈlÉ™v\

Simple Definition of love

  • : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

  • : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship

  • : a person you love in a romantic way

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
Personally, I believe that even the dictionary definition of love is incorrect. Love is so much more than a “strong or constant affection” or “attraction” and “sexual desire”. You don’t love someone in a “romantic way”. You love someone in your own way and the love that you find is going to be different than the love that anyone else finds. Love varies from couple to couple.
Here is a definition I found more accurate,

This is a post that I saw on twitter recently, which somewhat inspired this blog topic (along with a topic generator that gave me the title). Originally I thought, well isn’t a feeling?  Isn’t it a feeling between two people? A feeling that you want to spend a lifetime together? Then I thought, but it’s also a choice, isn’t it? A choice to be with that person instead of choosing to be with somebody different? I couldn’t make up my mind of which I thought it was until I read the rest. The more I thought about it, the more I understood. Love is a choice.

Love is not just going to walk into you on the sidewalk someday on your way to work. Love is something that you and your partner are going to mutually choose. You’ll make the choice to be with that person for a lifetime. You’ll make the choice to work out arguments and overcome the bumps in the road. That is what love is, choosing to be together even through the worst times, as they say “In good times and bad”.

I just hope that my generation has the same kind of response I have had after reading this.

Make the choice to fall in love someday.

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Pennies From Heaven

It’s one o’clock in the morning on a random Wednesday night. I recently got out of work and wanted to blog about something I experienced today before I forgot. I truly believe that this is something that every can relate to.

I work at an event arena where I work at the concession stand serving customers their food. In recent concerts, I’ve served around seven hundred customers, which is insane. We can’t solicit by having a jar for tips. I get paid below minimum wage. I deal with a lot of people with a high pace speed. Not everyone is cut out to work the register at this type of job. The hours are a bit strange since we work events that get out late at night and start early in the afternoon. This job may be hectic ninety-nine percent of the time but it never ceases to be boring. Needless to say, there’s some background knowledge about my workplace.

Not everyone leaves tips since we can’t have jars out. They think that we can’t accept them or whatever other reason. There are however some very generous people who tip, of course depending on the crowd the tips you receive range all the time.

Tonight, in the beginning of my shift I found a penny on my counter, heads up. I thought at first that it was strange. What would I want with a penny? Not to mention, in our registers we only have quarters. No one had ever left me a penny before. Regardless, I carried the penny around all night in my little apron. I kept wondering why someone would have a single penny just hanging around in their pocket at this type of event. For some reason, I just couldn’t get over the penny and why it was given to me.

Just before our concession stand closed for the night, my last customer walked over to me. She ordered her food as usual. Her friends came over and asked her if she was okay getting back to the seat on her own. They left. My customer started talking to me. She said “They keep asking me if I’m okay… I lost my son just last week. We just buried him on Sunday.” 

Caught off guard, I didn’t really know what to respond with. I knew that this lady was feeling a great amount of grief and wasn’t exactly sure how to handle it. We talked about how her friends were just being supportive, how hard it was for her to stay strong in a time like this and she even told me about the tattoo she got in her sons honor after his death. After talking to the customer for about ten to fifteen minutes, it hit me. The penny. 

My mother lost her sister about six years ago. Ever since, she has been finding and picking up heads up pennies everywhere. She calls them pennies from heaven. Many people actually use this expression thinking that this penny was placed in this spot to bring up the memory of someone you have lost. For my mom, it was her sister. But tonight, the penny placed on my counter earlier that day was from my customers son. 

I told her about how my mother has this tradition of finding pennies she claims are from heaven. I told her how there was a penny that was randomly placed on my counter today. I pulled it from my apron and handed it to her. I told her that I believed that today, that penny was meant for her to have. She needed it more than I did.

This just goes to show that everything happens for a reason. The little things you do for others could mean the world to someone else. 

Everyone deals with loss differently. For some people, they may need to get out and take their minds off everything. For others, they may not want to talk about it. Some people just want to be alone. Sometimes asking if they are okay is the worst thing to say. Of course they aren’t okay right now. But they know they need to be strong for everyone else.

Treat your customers, and for that matter, everyone, with respect. It may be the end of a long shift. You might be extremely tired. No matter how much you don’t really want to be there anymore. You truly never know what a person is going through or dealing with in their lives. They may seem happy or may be out having a fun time for the night at some type of event but you don’t know what is going on inside their lives.

I guess my point is just that every little thing matters. Little kind gestures can sometimes create the biggest smiles in a person. Who would have ever guessed that a penny would make a customer smile or have such a big meaning to someone else. It may be worth a small money value, but the gesture was one of a big heart.


***Photos used in this post belong to respected owners, they are not our own images***

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10 Perks Of Owning A Cat

The other day, we posted this blog post 8 Signs You Own A Cat. It kinda shows some of the struggles you go through while owning a cat. So, I thought I would write about the perks about owning a cat!

1. Sadness/depression/stress reliever

Petting, holding, cuddling a cat always helps me when I’m feeling down. They’re all warm and fuzzy and cute…until they get tired of the cuddles. But that’s besides the point. They can still be there for you when you’re upset. How can you be sad when you look at their cute face and cute little paws?

2. Bed warmer

I can always tell when one of my cats habe been laying on my bed when I climb on in and there’s a warm spot where their little body was laying. I truly appreciate it though. Thanks, kitties!

3. Massage therapist

Sometimes I’ll be laying on my stomach and my cat jumps up on my booty and starts kneading. It low key feels great. A little to the left, kitty…

4. Ghost spotter

Okay, this ones a little creepy. Do you ever see your cat just randomly staring at the wall? My cats do this all the time. There’s literally nothing but they just keep staring. Brb while I do a house blessing.

5. Bug killer

One of my cats is currently trying to catch a fly. It’s great because if there’s a bug in a room, I’ll bring a cat into the room, leave, and then come back later to see that they have killed it. Your own little exterminator.

6. Mice catcher

This ones really gross. But I would rather my cat catch a mouse in the house than have the mouse living in my house. If you have an outdoor cat, sometimes they bring you “gifts” on your porch to show you that they have done. How thoughtful.

7. Homework helper

Okay, okay…this one might be a little annoying. But whenever I’m trying to write something, my cat likes to walk on my book or paper and lay down. They’re just trying to help! Or, they’re just trying to help you procrastinate 😉

8. Personal heater

Cold? Grab a cat and have them lay on your lap. Problem solved. You might have to hold them hostage.

9. Personal therapist

Cats are good listeners. Cats never judge. If you need to get something out but have nobody to tell it to, tell a cat! (Or maybe this is just something I do. I’m a crazy cat lady)

10. Door greeter

I come home and at least one of my cats at the door and rubbing up against my legs. I like to think that they’re excited to see me. But, I’m pretty sure they just want food. Either way, it makes you feel loved and welcomed.

Here is one of my kitties, Pudder. I chose him to show off in this post because he’s my favorite out of my 4 cats…shhh, don’t tell the others!

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Finding Dory- Does it Live up to its Expectations?

If you were born in the late 90’s, Finding Nemo was one of the first movies you became obsessed with. When Finding Nemo came out I was about five years old. Now I am nineteen. Over the course of the past fourteen years, this is probably the most excited I have been for a movie to be released. To this day, I quote the Finding Nemo movie.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve said “He touched the butt” or “P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney!” and “You guys made me ink”. Literally our blog email is named after Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo was all around just a quotable, fabulous movie from my childhood. With that being said, of course the Finding Dory release date has been on my calendar for months. This past Friday (actually some theaters were showing it on Thursday) was the official premiere date and I could not have been more excited. Honestly, the preview for this movie practically had me in tears. In case you haven’t seen it, or somehow survived without even hearing about this miracle movie, here is the link for the preview! ( )


I don’t want to give away too much of the movie in detail so first I’m going to give you a character breakdown for some of my favorites from the new movie!hank.jpg

First off, there’s Hank. Hank is an octopus who only has seven arms, referred to as a septopus. Hank is probably one of Dory’s biggest supporters throughout the movie. He definitely became one of my favorite new characters. He comes off a bit rude at first but Dory helps him to find more happiness in life. He is a major role in the movie.

rudder and flukeThese guys are named Rudder and Fluke. These sea lions may seem like a threat at first, but they are a huge help to Marlin and Nemo when they need help. They are also very knowledgable about the Aquarium.

FINDING DORYMeet Becky. Becky is a bird who seems pretty silly and well, dumb. She doesn’t make many appearances, but she leaves a mark on the movie for sure! She is called upon by the sea lions to help Marlin and Nemo when they are in a bind. Marlin may doubt her abilities, but she ends up being a trustworthy bird they can call for when they need help.

jenny and charlieOf course, we can’t forget Charlie and Jenny. I bet you won’t be able to guess who these two are. These two lovebirds- love fish?- are better known as Dory’s parents. They never gave up on Dory and show just how supportive parents are of their children.

bailey and destiny

Lastly, there’s Bailey the Beluga whale and Destiny the Whale shark. Destiny was one of  Dory’s childhood friends before she got lost. Bailey lives in the tank next to Destiny and becomes one of Dory’s assistants when finding her parents and one of her new friends.

With the introduction of a few new characters, I’d also like to add a list of some of the old characters they brought back from Finding Nemo!

These characters include…


Dory  (obviously) along with a new and improved, younger baby Dory.

marlin and nemo.jpg

Marlin and Nemo


Mr. Ray and the School Fish


Crush and Squirt

4And even a short appearance of the Fish Tank Friends at the end.

Here are my thoughts on Finding Dory vs Finding Nemo.

What is it about?

Finding Dory is (obviously) about Dory’s journey across the big ocean blue (0r the big ocean life rescue) to find the family she had lost, just as Marlin did when Nemo was taken from the drop off in Finding Nemo. I felt like the beginning of the movie was a bit rushed while traveling across the ocean but I understood why after it went on further to explore the rescue center. Plus, that would just be Finding Nemo all over again.

This movie overall made me laugh multiple times. I thought that Baby Dory was the most adorable little fish ever. Finding Dory definitely brought a good message to its viewers about the importance of family, and also friends who are considered family. It also brought up how friends can encourage you to do things you never thought you could do and how supportive they are. I find myself now asking, “What would Dory do?”. For example, how Dory was there for Marlin the entire trip across the ocean to find Nemo. And then in turn, Marlin and Nemo were there for Dory when she traveled across the ocean to California for her parents.

One factor that I really loved that this movie brought in were fish who have some from of disability. I feel like more and more children, aare born or suffer with a disability today. Although Nemo and Dory brought some sense of this in the first movie, Finding Dory takes it to a whole new level. Every fish in the marine life rescue center have some from of disability. However, these fish were still able to overcome difficult challenges and obstacles they never believed they could achieve. For example, Dory suffering from Short term memory loss. Nemo who has a smaller fin. Hank who lost a tentacle previously. Bailey who suffered a head injury. Destiny, who has a hard time seeing objects in front of her. And so on. The overall message of being able to accomplish their goals is a great one for children, and even adults, who suffer with disabilities like the fish!

I also loved their emphasis on Rescue, Rehabilitation, and finally Release. It is important with our climate change and water pollution that we take care of not only our planet, but the animals and creatures living on it. Even Dory got tangled up in some plastic during her journey across the ocean. It is important to nurse these injured animals back to health, but it is also important to release them back to where they belong, in the ocean- not aquariums or fish tanks!

Finding Dory had a bunch of references to Finding Nemo, which I loved (Just Keep Swimming, You made me ink, etc). Without giving anything important away for those who have yet to see this movie, I loved it. It lived up to all the expectations expected after fifteen years (although the movie says it has only been one) of waiting. There are a bunch of new quotable things to reference to for the next fifteen years!

Let me know what your favorite part from Finding Dory was in the comments!

Remember, Just Keep Swimming…

just keep swimming.jpg


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Everything Will Change

At the young age of ten, I became an Auntie for the very first time. Obviously because of my young age, I was the only person in my friend group who was going to be an aunt in the near future and I was beyond excited. I have always loved babies and young kids and couldn’t wait to have another baby in the family. Since I am the youngest child, having a new baby around was going to give me the opportunity to have the (close enough) little brother or sister I never had. Little did I know was that this little baby was going to make one of the biggest impact on my life. Not everyone gets to become an aunt and definitely a smaller part of those become an aunt at such a young age.

I always tended to be a bit of a brat when it came to getting what I wanted and I wanted to have a niece. Now imagine my reaction when my brother informed me that I was going to have a nephew. Exactly, not entirely thrilled, in fact, I almost kicked my mother in the face because I was so upset. This was probably one of my first lessons in becoming an aunt, you get what you get (and you don’t get upset).

My second lesson in Auntie-ing, as I call it, was sharing. Being the youngest child, I never really had to deal with sharing my possessions and my toys. I never actually noticed how bad at sharing I was until my nephew hit the age when he knew how to share with me. It was embarrassing at the least when my four year old nephew told everyone that his auntie didn’t share with him, ever. Of course, he asked for it when he dropped my Ipod Touch and shattered the screen.

Back to today, over the course of the past nine years, a lot has changed. First off, not only do I have one nephew, but I have fiveI tend to joke around that it’s all because I kicked my mother in the face and Karma is out to get me. Nonetheless, despite not having a niece, I have learned the most valuable lesson from having nephews. You’ll love them just the same. It never really mattered what the gender was. No matter what, you’ll hold that baby for the first time and instantly fall in love. How could you not? Seeing them there completely dependent and trusting on you to hold them and keep them safe? There is no better feeling than knowing that this baby is going to grow up someday and hopefully look up to everything that you do.

In that moment, you realize just how important it is for you to be a great role model for this little baby. It took me a little while before realizing that my nephew was watching everything I did and learning from it. But when I did finally come to this realization, everything changed. It was then, as a freshman in high school, I started to strive to leave a path for my nephews to follow in my footsteps. I tried my absolute hardest to get good grades. I realized that my hardest wasn’t always going to be enough. I came to learn how to face really difficult situations and overcome some honestly terrible high school drama.

The first three years of high school were by far the worst years of my life. But they made me stronger as a person. In my last year of high school, I decided to make a huge change by facing the obstacles I had pushed to the side. I got more involved. I joined a new group after school. I made new friends, who didn’t start drama. I put forth every ounce I had to end my high school career on a positive note and learn from the negatives.

And my nephews were by my side through everything.

They were there to make me smile, even if they didn’t know it at the time.

They were there to push me to be a better person.

They were there to motivate me to do my best.

They were there to make me do silly things just to see their cute smiles.

They were there to give me comforting hugs.

They were there to be my prom dates when I didn’t have one.

They were there to see my walk across the stage and receive my diploma.

And yes, I was looking for them first in the audience.

When you first think of becoming an Auntie, you think about how you are going to have to be there for your niece or nephew throughout everything. How you are going to be their biggest supporter. How you are going to encourage them to always do their best and be the best person they can be. How you are going to teach them new things.

But me?

When I think of becoming an Auntie, I think about just how much my nephews have actually given me. They were my biggest motivation through everything I attempted. They were some of my biggest supporters. They taught me so much more than I could ever teach them. And not to mention, they have never stopped loving me.

Today, nine years later, I have to come realize just how much of a blessing becoming an auntie at a young age was for me. My nephews changed everything about me and made me into the wonderful person I am today. In fact, they are the reason I want to become a teacher. I could not thank them enough for all the motivation they have given me. From that moment on, I have tried my best, no matter how far away I may be, to be there to support my nephews in anything they do.

Their first steps.

First words.

First hair cuts.

Their first baseball games.

Basketball games.

Pre-school graduations.

First day of school.

Every birthday.

Every holiday.

Every second, every minute, every hour,

every day, every month, every year.

For the rest of my life.

Because they aren’t going to stay little forever and they surely do grow up way too fast.

And I wouldn’t want to miss a single thing.


Once you realize how much you take away from receiving the name “Auntie”, everything will change. It truly is the biggest blessing.

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8 Signs You Own A Cat

1. Cat fur. Everywhere.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try not to sit down on any furniture before leaving the house, you still manage to have cat fur all over your freshly washed black work pants.

2. You can’t pee alone.

Every time I use the restroom, one of my four cats follow me in there. They either rub against my legs, sit and stare at me, or jump up on my lap.

3. You can’t eat in peace. 

I’m constantly having to shoo my cats away when I’m eating. I don’t even get annoyed by them doing it anymore. Shooing them just comes naturally now.

4. You randomly wake up in the middle of the night because of meowing. 

My one cat meows constantly at ungodly hours of the night. Like why. What do you want from me? Let me sleep.

5. Always tripping over them.

This one is annoying. They walk under your feet at all times and then yell at you for stepping on their paw or tail. Like it’s your own fault, cat!

6. Always vacuuming kitty litter off the floor.

My cats make a mess. Changing or cleaning up the litter is my least favorite thing about having cats.

7. You always have random scratches.

There hasn’t been a moment in my life since owning cats that I haven’t had at least one little scratch on my body. Cats are strange creatures. They love you one second and then the next second they want you dead.

8. Always cleaning up hair balls/throw up.

I don’t know why cats do this. They eat and then immediately throw up and then want more food and do it again. It’s a viscous cycle.


The Pro’s and Con’s of Having Larger Boobs

Everyone who doesn’t have larger boobs always wants them. But the girls who have them have a love-hate relationship with their bigger boobs. It’s the same situation as long and short hair, thin and thick hair, and being taller or shorter. But today, we are going to discuss the pro’s and con’s of having larger boobs. 

Pro’s of Big Boobs:

  1. They fit perfectly in the palm of someone’s hands.
  2. They look good in literally any shirt.
  3. You can wear a sports bra and still look like you have boobs.
  4. Taking your bra off at the end of the day is the best feeling.
  5. I’ve been told they make really great pillows.
  6. They also catch all the food you drop.
  7. They make a great table for holding things.
  8. They are fun to play with.
  9. You can also hide money in them.
  10. They do actually help you stay warmer.
  11. And they help you to float better in water.
  12. Larger boobs are created by the hormones needed to have a healthy fertility.
  13. I’ve heard before that women with larger boobs tend to live longer than those with smaller boobs.
  14. Face it, they give really great hugs.
  15. Obviously men love them.
  16. They make a statement of their own, no need for fancy necklaces!
  17. Women with larger boobs receive more raises and promotions in a work place.

Con’s of Big Boobs:

  1. They are big. Simple.
  2. Bras, sister sizes, even finding a bra that works properly is a struggle. I spent three hours try to find a bra at Victoria’s Secret one day, only for them to change the perfect one a couple years later.
  3. Boob sweat, a typical thing, but more applicable with bigger boobs. Especially in the summer or at the gym.
  4. Sports bras and the zero support they give you, or wearing more than one of them.
  5. Rapid movement= bouncing, that is all.
  6. Very dangerous weapon when bra is not on, be warned.
  7. Bouncing leads to the struggle of breathing, which is necessary for life.
  8. Attention grabbers, whether you want it or not.
  9. V-neck shirts, or finding cute shirts in general that aren’t too exposing.
  10. Bikini’s, triangle bikinis and most of the other styles never work. Boob overflow.
  11. Finding any type of bra or sports bra that is comfortable and supportive takes a lifetime.
  12. Never ending boob jokes or comments.
  13. Constantly holding your boobs going up stairs, running, or any activity really.
  14. There’s always crumbs in between them.
  15. Bras leave lines and imprints on your skin from the wire.
  16. Boobs are constantly falling out of your bra.
  17. Readjusting them is a common issue since they fall out all the time.


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Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

((Yes the title is from Rihanna’s song))

Yesterday was my first day at my first real job. The first day on a new job is pretty nerve wracking to be completely honest. You feel pretty lost and confused since you’re in a place where you don’t know what to do yet. Anyways, in honor of my first real job beginning I wanted to write a blog with my thoughts at work throughout the day. Disclaimer: this could take some funny turns.

The day before:

  • I work tomorrow…
  • Yay! Money!
  • I’m so excited!

Two hours before the shift starts:

  • LOL I have a job.
  • I don’t want to go to work.
  • But my bed? And Netflix?
  • Why do I have to wear this uniform?
  • Why do I need to have a job again?
  • Oh right, college loans.

Getting ready:

  • I’m so excited!
  • I love people!
  • Yay! Money! (again)
  • This uniform isn’t that bad, I guess.
  • Do I have everything?
  • Don’t be late!
  • Am I forgetting anything?
  • Can’t be late!
  • Where is my badge?
  • Of course, traffic.
  • These people do not know how to drive.
  • I hate people.

Arriving at work:

  • Must sign in on time.
  • Where do I go?
  • Oh, hi coworkers.
  • Definitely forgot something.
  • But what?
  • Oh well. I’m sure it’s not important.

Beginning of the shift:

  • I can’t wait to have customers.
  • WORK
  • Wait, how does the machine work again?
  • Oh gosh, I forget where everything is.
  • WORK
  • I forget my pin code, again.
  • I should really memorize that.
  • WORK
  • Must clean everything.
  • Spotless. Customers are coming soon.

Middle of the shift:

  • The busy time is over, I hope.
  • WORK
  • I hate people so much.
  • WORK
  • I’m glad I remember where everything is now.
  • WORK
  • Be efficient.
  • WORK

Almost the end of the shift:

  • I really hate people.
  • Wow, I’m tired.
  • Tip me. Please.
  • And hungry.
  • THAT’S WHAT I FORGOT. I guess it was important.
  • Yay, more customers.
  • Tips much appreciated.
  • Legs. Jello. Can’t move.
  • Jello? OMG FOOD.
  • When is this day over?
  • I’m going to quit.

End of the shift:

  • Last customer of the day, whoop whoop!
  • Quick, lock the doors before they see us.
  • Can I leave now?
  • I don’t want to clean up.
  • I declare death by work.
  • I really really hate people.

Driving home:

  • At least I don’t have to work tomorrow.
  • Sleeping in is going to be wonderful.
  • Oh how I miss my bed.
  • Can this person in front of me go any slower.
  • Of course, traffic.

At home:

  • I’m so tired.
  • I’m so hungry.
  • Bed.
  • Sleep.
  • Netflix.
  • Food.
  • Heaven.
  • Happiness.
  • I’m never going back to that place.

A couple hours later: (& a good rest)

  • This job really isn’t that bad.
  • I actually enjoyed working today.
  • Maybe I won’t quit.
  • Well, I couldn’t afford to anyways…
  • I don’t have to work tomorrow.
  • I feel like I’m forgetting something?
  • Wait, what day is it today?
  • Oh, I guess I am working tomorrow.
  • Yay! Money!

It really is just an endless cycle isn’t it……

100 Things

100 Things… to do when you’re bored

Here’s a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored.

  1. Start a blog and write blog posts
  2. Binge watch a show on netflix
  3. Take a walk
  4. Put make up on and a pretty dress and have a mini photo shoot with yourself
  5. Turn up your music loud and have a dance party
  6. Draw something
  7. Color in an adult coloring book
  8. Read a good book
  9. Clean the whole house (ew)
  10. Look up DIY projects on Pinterest and do them
  11. Gather your friends and go hiking
  12. FaceTime your long distance best friend
  13. Go shopping
  14. Look up recipes on Pinterest and try them
  15. Be on Pinterest for hours
  16. Grab your camera (or phone) and take pictures of nature
  17. Go on a long drive on back roads
  18. Go bowling with friends
  19. Have a picnic
  20. Make a to-do list
  21. Go to your favorite bloggers page and read their blogs
  22. Do a puzzle
  23. Paint your nails
  24. Go get your nails professionally done
  25. Take a nap (my favorite)
  26. Take buzzfeed quizzes
  27. Go on a rant on Twitter and see how many people get offended
  28. Work out
  29. Sun bathe
  30. Take a bath
  31. Bake
  32. Online shop
  33. Cry while looking at your bank account after online shopping
  34. Rearrange furniture
  35. Make a scrapbook
  36. Put together a calendar of events
  37. Go to a public place and people watch
  38. Make a bucket list
  39. Make a list of books to read
  40. Go through your clothes and throw some out
  41. Window shop
  42. Find a new channel on YouTube
  43. Give your pet(s) a bath
  44. Organize
  45. Go through your camera roll and delete useless pictures
  46. Be spontaneous and get a new haircut
  47. Write someone a letter
  48. Look through old pictures
  49. Go through your friends list on fb and de-friend people you don’t know
  50. Explore with make up
  51. Start a journal
  52. Plan your dream vacation for kicks and giggles (and tears)
  53. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  54. Wash car
  55. Play with your dog outside
  56. Teach yourself sign language
  57. Plant flowers
  58. Go on a bike ride
  59. Read old diaries
  60. Listen to old CDs you used to listen to when you were younger
  61. Have a Disney movie marathon
  62. Invite your girl friends over and watch chick-flicks
  63. Write a short story
  64. Think of some funny pranks to pull on your friends/family
  65. Then pull those pranks on friends/family
  66. Have an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt with friends
  67. Invite friends over for a game night
  68. Get supplies to make your own jewelry
  69. Have a water balloon fight
  70. List 20 things you like about someone and give it to that person
  71. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  72. Get all dolled up and have a girls night out
  73. Go to the pool with friends
  74. Finger paint
  75. Go yard sale hunting
  76. Go outside and blow some bubbles
  77. Go to build-a-bear and build a bear
  78. Text each of your friends and tell them how much they mean to you
  79. Build a blanket and pillow fort
  80. Play with play dough
  81. Create a time capsule
  82. Rate passers by
  83. Pick out and learn five new words from the dictionary
  84. Learn a new hobby or skill
  85. Follow the neighborhood cat all day
  86. Create a budget for next month
  87. Watch reruns of your favorite childhood cartoon
  88. Try different and fun styles with your hair
  89. Invite friends to play some sports with you
  90. Make a playlist with happy songs
  91. Document your day with pictures
  92. Go on club penguin and troll a bunch of children
  93. Look at pictures of your favorite animal on the Internet
  94. Go to the zoo
  95. Write a goofy song
  96. Tell your crush you like them
  97. Write down everything that comes to your mind
  98. Google old friends
  99. Visit all the websites you went on as a kid
  100. Read this blog