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Couple Date Ideas: Summer Edition

With the weather heating up, you’re probably trying to come up with some great date ideas for the summer months. Well, here is a list of seventy ideas that will hopefully help you to figure out what you and your significant other should do today, tomorrow or anytime this summer!

  1. Go kayaking. Side note- if there is an L.L. Bean near you some locations do group trips to local lakes!
  2. Drive-in movie theater, yes they still exist!
  3. Explore the local city nearby you for a day. For example, a major city like Boston
  4. Go to the beach or multiple beaches to find your favorite!
  5. Travel to some historic museums in the area whether they be art museums, science museums, history museums or all of the above!
  6. Explore the local nature. I’ve been really into hiking trails recently.
  7. Find a Groupon deal. Groupon offers such great discounts. Even going to the website can give you ideas for a date!
  8. Attend a concert, ah, the common activity of the summer.
  9. If you are of age, wine tasting is a perfect for a summer day.
  10. Go to the aquarium, animals are always cute and never a bad idea to take cute pictures of.
  11. Build a fort out of chairs and blankets.
  12. Go to the zoo, again you can never go wrong with cute animals.
  13. If you are near any form of water, a local one night or sunset cruise.
  14. Have a picnic.
  15. Check out some yard sales in your area on the weekends.
  16. Go boating on a nice summer day!
  17. Berries are a summer fruit which means berry picking is another great idea.
  18. Summer is the season where the weekends are filled with state fairs, find one near you!
  19. Food festivals are also pretty common in the summer months.
  20. Go to a carnival, ferris wheel included.
  21. Have a campfire complete with s’mores.
  22. Watch the sunset.
  23. Maybe even stay up all night to watch the sun rise too.
  24. Take archery lessons.
  25. Go on a tour of your city.
  26. Have a water balloon fight.
  27. Mini Golf-there are so many mini golf places around, especially in the summer.
  28. Play paint twister.
  29. Have a paint war (wear white!)
  30. Check out a music festival (the free ones).
  31. Get ice cream on a warm day.
  32. Similar to the state fair, you could also go to a street fair.
  33. Go fishing at a local pond, lake or ocean.
  34. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  35. Go sailing or parasailing.
  36. Participate in running (or walking) a 5K together. If you have time you can even train together over the course of the time before the race takes place
  37. Find a roller skating rink near by!
  38. Fly a kite in the park or beach.
  39. Attend a sports game in most places this is either baseball or soccer at this time of the year.
  40. Go to a water park. 
  41. Get an adrenaline rush at an amusement park!
  42. Rock climbing, indoor or outdoor.
  43. Go camping, or simply pitch a tent in the backyard!
  44. Walk the pier of a beach.
  45. Go to the gym together.
  46. Attend an open mic night or karaoke bar.
  47. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or favorite nonprofit organization.
  48. Stargaze, make sure you find some of the constellations!
  49. Road trip into a different state.
  50. Go bowling.
  51. Explore the flea market.
  52. Go to a paint night together.
  53. Take your dog on a walk to the dog park
  54. Let out your inner child at a playground!
  55. Take a dance lesson class.
  56. Paint ceramics together.
  57. Take a ferry ride to an island.
  58. Binge watch a Netflix TV series on the rainy days or nights.
  59. Rooftop view of the city.
  60. Challenge each other to a Nerf gun war. 
  61. Make dinner together, pizza night? Don’t forget fun toppings!
  62. Go out to dinner at a nice restaurant.
  63. Watch fireworks at a carnival.
  64. Rent segways and explore.
  65. Catch fireflies in a jar.
  66. Run through a sprinkler like a kid together.
  67. Play games at the arcade.
  68. Take a train to a place just outside your city.
  69. Take artsy pictures throughout the day in different locations.
  70. Have a board game night.

Make sure you take plenty of pictures of everything you do this summer on your Date Bucket List! Remember, you only live today once and those photographs will hold all of your memories! I hope that this list helped you think of some ideas!

Comment some of the date ideas you have for this summer!

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