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DIY Dorm Project (Part 2)

Now that graduation for most seniors is coming up fast, the available dates for graduation parties are quickly being filled up. This month’s DIY Project is for your party guests to sign at your graduation celebration.

Today’s DIY Project is: a canvas for friends and family to sign at your graduation party!


  • An 18 by 24 inch canvas
    • I got mine from Michaels, but you can find them at any craft store. You can vary your canvas size, I just had a lot of people and family attending my graduation party.
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Pencil (for sketching out before hand)
  • Paint Knife
    • For this project, I bought a set of six similar to this. I ended up using the second to last one at the bottom. It is bent at an angle and was easier to use for this project. I used this to created the flowers made on mine, so if you don’t plan on making those this is not needed. plastic_pallet_knives.gif
  • Paint Brushes
    • Preferably a larger one since you are using a larger canvas.

Step 1:

Paint the base color of the canvas with a large paint brush. I just left mine with the teal colored base but you could do multiple colors if you wanted. I also tried to make my colors match the colors of my dorm room supplies.

Step 2:

Stencil out with the pencil “2016” where you want it. Make sure you write lightly on the canvas after it dries incase you end up changing your mind as the pencil can be difficult to erase. You can use a piece of paper for a template to make sure you write in a straight line. Hint: I did mine diagonally, but you can also make the canvas horizontally, vertically, etc. Be creative!

Step 3:

Trace over where you stenciled out your design in paint! I used a larger brush about an inch wide to do this part so I wouldn’t have to keep making it thicker and so that all the numbers were the same thickness. It just made it easier to do for me.

Step 4: (optional)

For this step you’ll use the plastic paint knife to create a flower design. Place paint on the bottom of the paint knife and create 5 petals of the flower in a circle. You may have to dip the paint knife in paint a couple of times. Using the knife gives a three-dimensional affect on the final product. I painted a bunch of these on mine but, it’s ultimately up to you how many you add if you end up adding them! You could also create flowers with simply using a smaller brush or add something else other than flowers. Again, be creative!


Be creative, but also make sure you leave enough space for friends and family to write on. I didn’t really want a lot of writing on my numbers or flowers.

Step 5:

Set out on a table at your party with sharpies for family and friends to sign and write little messages on!

Good luck! Comment a picture of your final product!



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