100 Things

100 Things… to do when you’re bored

Here’s a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored.

  1. Start a blog and write blog posts
  2. Binge watch a show on netflix
  3. Take a walk
  4. Put make up on and a pretty dress and have a mini photo shoot with yourself
  5. Turn up your music loud and have a dance party
  6. Draw something
  7. Color in an adult coloring book
  8. Read a good book
  9. Clean the whole house (ew)
  10. Look up DIY projects on Pinterest and do them
  11. Gather your friends and go hiking
  12. FaceTime your long distance best friend
  13. Go shopping
  14. Look up recipes on Pinterest and try them
  15. Be on Pinterest for hours
  16. Grab your camera (or phone) and take pictures of nature
  17. Go on a long drive on back roads
  18. Go bowling with friends
  19. Have a picnic
  20. Make a to-do list
  21. Go to your favorite bloggers page and read their blogs
  22. Do a puzzle
  23. Paint your nails
  24. Go get your nails professionally done
  25. Take a nap (my favorite)
  26. Take buzzfeed quizzes
  27. Go on a rant on Twitter and see how many people get offended
  28. Work out
  29. Sun bathe
  30. Take a bath
  31. Bake
  32. Online shop
  33. Cry while looking at your bank account after online shopping
  34. Rearrange furniture
  35. Make a scrapbook
  36. Put together a calendar of events
  37. Go to a public place and people watch
  38. Make a bucket list
  39. Make a list of books to read
  40. Go through your clothes and throw some out
  41. Window shop
  42. Find a new channel on YouTube
  43. Give your pet(s) a bath
  44. Organize
  45. Go through your camera roll and delete useless pictures
  46. Be spontaneous and get a new haircut
  47. Write someone a letter
  48. Look through old pictures
  49. Go through your friends list on fb and de-friend people you don’t know
  50. Explore with make up
  51. Start a journal
  52. Plan your dream vacation for kicks and giggles (and tears)
  53. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  54. Wash car
  55. Play with your dog outside
  56. Teach yourself sign language
  57. Plant flowers
  58. Go on a bike ride
  59. Read old diaries
  60. Listen to old CDs you used to listen to when you were younger
  61. Have a Disney movie marathon
  62. Invite your girl friends over and watch chick-flicks
  63. Write a short story
  64. Think of some funny pranks to pull on your friends/family
  65. Then pull those pranks on friends/family
  66. Have an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt with friends
  67. Invite friends over for a game night
  68. Get supplies to make your own jewelry
  69. Have a water balloon fight
  70. List 20 things you like about someone and give it to that person
  71. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
  72. Get all dolled up and have a girls night out
  73. Go to the pool with friends
  74. Finger paint
  75. Go yard sale hunting
  76. Go outside and blow some bubbles
  77. Go to build-a-bear and build a bear
  78. Text each of your friends and tell them how much they mean to you
  79. Build a blanket and pillow fort
  80. Play with play dough
  81. Create a time capsule
  82. Rate passers by
  83. Pick out and learn five new words from the dictionary
  84. Learn a new hobby or skill
  85. Follow the neighborhood cat all day
  86. Create a budget for next month
  87. Watch reruns of your favorite childhood cartoon
  88. Try different and fun styles with your hair
  89. Invite friends to play some sports with you
  90. Make a playlist with happy songs
  91. Document your day with pictures
  92. Go on club penguin and troll a bunch of children
  93. Look at pictures of your favorite animal on the Internet
  94. Go to the zoo
  95. Write a goofy song
  96. Tell your crush you like them
  97. Write down everything that comes to your mind
  98. Google old friends
  99. Visit all the websites you went on as a kid
  100. Read this blog

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