The Pro’s and Con’s of Having Larger Boobs

Everyone who doesn’t have larger boobs always wants them. But the girls who have them have a love-hate relationship with their bigger boobs. It’s the same situation as long and short hair, thin and thick hair, and being taller or shorter. But today, we are going to discuss the pro’s and con’s of having larger boobs. 

Pro’s of Big Boobs:

  1. They fit perfectly in the palm of someone’s hands.
  2. They look good in literally any shirt.
  3. You can wear a sports bra and still look like you have boobs.
  4. Taking your bra off at the end of the day is the best feeling.
  5. I’ve been told they make really great pillows.
  6. They also catch all the food you drop.
  7. They make a great table for holding things.
  8. They are fun to play with.
  9. You can also hide money in them.
  10. They do actually help you stay warmer.
  11. And they help you to float better in water.
  12. Larger boobs are created by the hormones needed to have a healthy fertility.
  13. I’ve heard before that women with larger boobs tend to live longer than those with smaller boobs.
  14. Face it, they give really great hugs.
  15. Obviously men love them.
  16. They make a statement of their own, no need for fancy necklaces!
  17. Women with larger boobs receive more raises and promotions in a work place.

Con’s of Big Boobs:

  1. They are big. Simple.
  2. Bras, sister sizes, even finding a bra that works properly is a struggle. I spent three hours try to find a bra at Victoria’s Secret one day, only for them to change the perfect one a couple years later.
  3. Boob sweat, a typical thing, but more applicable with bigger boobs. Especially in the summer or at the gym.
  4. Sports bras and the zero support they give you, or wearing more than one of them.
  5. Rapid movement= bouncing, that is all.
  6. Very dangerous weapon when bra is not on, be warned.
  7. Bouncing leads to the struggle of breathing, which is necessary for life.
  8. Attention grabbers, whether you want it or not.
  9. V-neck shirts, or finding cute shirts in general that aren’t too exposing.
  10. Bikini’s, triangle bikinis and most of the other styles never work. Boob overflow.
  11. Finding any type of bra or sports bra that is comfortable and supportive takes a lifetime.
  12. Never ending boob jokes or comments.
  13. Constantly holding your boobs going up stairs, running, or any activity really.
  14. There’s always crumbs in between them.
  15. Bras leave lines and imprints on your skin from the wire.
  16. Boobs are constantly falling out of your bra.
  17. Readjusting them is a common issue since they fall out all the time.



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