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8 Signs You Own A Cat

1. Cat fur. Everywhere.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try not to sit down on any furniture before leaving the house, you still manage to have cat fur all over your freshly washed black work pants.

2. You can’t pee alone.

Every time I use the restroom, one of my four cats follow me in there. They either rub against my legs, sit and stare at me, or jump up on my lap.

3. You can’t eat in peace. 

I’m constantly having to shoo my cats away when I’m eating. I don’t even get annoyed by them doing it anymore. Shooing them just comes naturally now.

4. You randomly wake up in the middle of the night because of meowing. 

My one cat meows constantly at ungodly hours of the night. Like why. What do you want from me? Let me sleep.

5. Always tripping over them.

This one is annoying. They walk under your feet at all times and then yell at you for stepping on their paw or tail. Like it’s your own fault, cat!

6. Always vacuuming kitty litter off the floor.

My cats make a mess. Changing or cleaning up the litter is my least favorite thing about having cats.

7. You always have random scratches.

There hasn’t been a moment in my life since owning cats that I haven’t had at least one little scratch on my body. Cats are strange creatures. They love you one second and then the next second they want you dead.

8. Always cleaning up hair balls/throw up.

I don’t know why cats do this. They eat and then immediately throw up and then want more food and do it again. It’s a viscous cycle.


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