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Finding Dory- Does it Live up to its Expectations?

If you were born in the late 90’s, Finding Nemo was one of the first movies you became obsessed with. When Finding Nemo came out I was about five years old. Now I am nineteen. Over the course of the past fourteen years, this is probably the most excited I have been for a movie to be released. To this day, I quote the Finding Nemo movie.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve said “He touched the butt” or “P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney!” and “You guys made me ink”. Literally our blog email is named after Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo was all around just a quotable, fabulous movie from my childhood. With that being said, of course the Finding Dory release date has been on my calendar for months. This past Friday (actually some theaters were showing it on Thursday) was the official premiere date and I could not have been more excited. Honestly, the preview for this movie practically had me in tears. In case you haven’t seen it, or somehow survived without even hearing about this miracle movie, here is the link for the preview! ( )


I don’t want to give away too much of the movie in detail so first I’m going to give you a character breakdown for some of my favorites from the new movie!hank.jpg

First off, there’s Hank. Hank is an octopus who only has seven arms, referred to as a septopus. Hank is probably one of Dory’s biggest supporters throughout the movie. He definitely became one of my favorite new characters. He comes off a bit rude at first but Dory helps him to find more happiness in life. He is a major role in the movie.

rudder and flukeThese guys are named Rudder and Fluke. These sea lions may seem like a threat at first, but they are a huge help to Marlin and Nemo when they need help. They are also very knowledgable about the Aquarium.

FINDING DORYMeet Becky. Becky is a bird who seems pretty silly and well, dumb. She doesn’t make many appearances, but she leaves a mark on the movie for sure! She is called upon by the sea lions to help Marlin and Nemo when they are in a bind. Marlin may doubt her abilities, but she ends up being a trustworthy bird they can call for when they need help.

jenny and charlieOf course, we can’t forget Charlie and Jenny. I bet you won’t be able to guess who these two are. These two lovebirds- love fish?- are better known as Dory’s parents. They never gave up on Dory and show just how supportive parents are of their children.

bailey and destiny

Lastly, there’s Bailey the Beluga whale and Destiny the Whale shark. Destiny was one of  Dory’s childhood friends before she got lost. Bailey lives in the tank next to Destiny and becomes one of Dory’s assistants when finding her parents and one of her new friends.

With the introduction of a few new characters, I’d also like to add a list of some of the old characters they brought back from Finding Nemo!

These characters include…


Dory  (obviously) along with a new and improved, younger baby Dory.

marlin and nemo.jpg

Marlin and Nemo


Mr. Ray and the School Fish


Crush and Squirt

4And even a short appearance of the Fish Tank Friends at the end.

Here are my thoughts on Finding Dory vs Finding Nemo.

What is it about?

Finding Dory is (obviously) about Dory’s journey across the big ocean blue (0r the big ocean life rescue) to find the family she had lost, just as Marlin did when Nemo was taken from the drop off in Finding Nemo. I felt like the beginning of the movie was a bit rushed while traveling across the ocean but I understood why after it went on further to explore the rescue center. Plus, that would just be Finding Nemo all over again.

This movie overall made me laugh multiple times. I thought that Baby Dory was the most adorable little fish ever. Finding Dory definitely brought a good message to its viewers about the importance of family, and also friends who are considered family. It also brought up how friends can encourage you to do things you never thought you could do and how supportive they are. I find myself now asking, “What would Dory do?”. For example, how Dory was there for Marlin the entire trip across the ocean to find Nemo. And then in turn, Marlin and Nemo were there for Dory when she traveled across the ocean to California for her parents.

One factor that I really loved that this movie brought in were fish who have some from of disability. I feel like more and more children, aare born or suffer with a disability today. Although Nemo and Dory brought some sense of this in the first movie, Finding Dory takes it to a whole new level. Every fish in the marine life rescue center have some from of disability. However, these fish were still able to overcome difficult challenges and obstacles they never believed they could achieve. For example, Dory suffering from Short term memory loss. Nemo who has a smaller fin. Hank who lost a tentacle previously. Bailey who suffered a head injury. Destiny, who has a hard time seeing objects in front of her. And so on. The overall message of being able to accomplish their goals is a great one for children, and even adults, who suffer with disabilities like the fish!

I also loved their emphasis on Rescue, Rehabilitation, and finally Release. It is important with our climate change and water pollution that we take care of not only our planet, but the animals and creatures living on it. Even Dory got tangled up in some plastic during her journey across the ocean. It is important to nurse these injured animals back to health, but it is also important to release them back to where they belong, in the ocean- not aquariums or fish tanks!

Finding Dory had a bunch of references to Finding Nemo, which I loved (Just Keep Swimming, You made me ink, etc). Without giving anything important away for those who have yet to see this movie, I loved it. It lived up to all the expectations expected after fifteen years (although the movie says it has only been one) of waiting. There are a bunch of new quotable things to reference to for the next fifteen years!

Let me know what your favorite part from Finding Dory was in the comments!

Remember, Just Keep Swimming…

just keep swimming.jpg



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