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10 Perks Of Owning A Cat

The other day, we posted this blog post 8 Signs You Own A Cat. It kinda shows some of the struggles you go through while owning a cat. So, I thought I would write about the perks about owning a cat!

1. Sadness/depression/stress reliever

Petting, holding, cuddling a cat always helps me when I’m feeling down. They’re all warm and fuzzy and cute…until they get tired of the cuddles. But that’s besides the point. They can still be there for you when you’re upset. How can you be sad when you look at their cute face and cute little paws?

2. Bed warmer

I can always tell when one of my cats habe been laying on my bed when I climb on in and there’s a warm spot where their little body was laying. I truly appreciate it though. Thanks, kitties!

3. Massage therapist

Sometimes I’ll be laying on my stomach and my cat jumps up on my booty and starts kneading. It low key feels great. A little to the left, kitty…

4. Ghost spotter

Okay, this ones a little creepy. Do you ever see your cat just randomly staring at the wall? My cats do this all the time. There’s literally nothing but they just keep staring. Brb while I do a house blessing.

5. Bug killer

One of my cats is currently trying to catch a fly. It’s great because if there’s a bug in a room, I’ll bring a cat into the room, leave, and then come back later to see that they have killed it. Your own little exterminator.

6. Mice catcher

This ones really gross. But I would rather my cat catch a mouse in the house than have the mouse living in my house. If you have an outdoor cat, sometimes they bring you “gifts” on your porch to show you that they have done. How thoughtful.

7. Homework helper

Okay, okay…this one might be a little annoying. But whenever I’m trying to write something, my cat likes to walk on my book or paper and lay down. They’re just trying to help! Or, they’re just trying to help you procrastinate đŸ˜‰

8. Personal heater

Cold? Grab a cat and have them lay on your lap. Problem solved. You might have to hold them hostage.

9. Personal therapist

Cats are good listeners. Cats never judge. If you need to get something out but have nobody to tell it to, tell a cat! (Or maybe this is just something I do. I’m a crazy cat lady)

10. Door greeter

I come home and at least one of my cats at the door and rubbing up against my legs. I like to think that they’re excited to see me. But, I’m pretty sure they just want food. Either way, it makes you feel loved and welcomed.

Here is one of my kitties, Pudder. I chose him to show off in this post because he’s my favorite out of my 4 cats…shhh, don’t tell the others!


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