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Anti-Bucket list

I’m sure most of you have bucket lists. Skydive, hike the Grand Canyon, kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower…but I’m going to try something a little different. An anti-bucket list! Things I never want to do. I’m sure there are a million things you can think of that you’d never want to do. I’m sure most of you have bucket lists. But do you have an anti-bucket list? I do! Here’s mine πŸ™‚

  1. Hold a tarantula (or any spider for that matter)
  2. Get a divorce
  3. Swim with sharks
  4. Lose your best friend
  5. Trip/fall on stage in front of people
  6. Get stuck on a roller coaster
  7. Skydive
  8. Bungee jump
  9. Get lost in a big city
  10. Get fired
  11. Run over an animal
  12. Have low self esteem  
  13. Not believe in myself
  14. Forget my Netflix password
  15. Live really far from my family
  16. Never meet my online best friend
  17. Shave off my eyebrows
  18. Get a really bad hair cut
  19. Get arrested
  20. Set house on fire while cooking
  21. Give my family food poisoning from lack of cooking skills
  22. Stop doing what I love
  23. Do drugs
  24. Be the cause of a car accident
  25. Wear socks with sandals
  26. Be president
  27. Stay in a bad relationship
  28. Put a leash on my child
  29. Be a parent my kids can’t talk to about anything
  30. Be uncomfortable with my body
  31. Pee/poop in the woods
  32. Eat bugs
  33. Have a one night stand
  34. Not be in an LDR again
  35. Have a child before financially stable
  36. Never go bankrupt
  37. Not be able to retire
  38. Die alone
  39. Give too many second chances
  40. Be dependent on my parents forever
  41. Never move out
  42. Forget my child at a store
  43. Pee/poop my pants before I’m old and senile 
  44. Forget to put on deodorant on a hot day
  45. Disappoint my parents
  46. Lose my sense of style
  47. Lose my phone
  48. Be unfaithful
  49. Get cheated on
  50. Take what I have for granted 

Maybe make one for yourself so you can look at it every so often and remind yourself of what not to do!


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