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Maybe He Could Be The One

I have been dating my boyfriend, we will call him C, for five months (today). The past five months have no doubt been filled with many adventures, cuddle sessions, cheesy (but adorable) pictures and of course, plenty of smiles and laughs. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called 15 Traits I Wanted in a Boyfriend after I came to the realization that my boyfriend had been everything I was waiting and looking for.

About a week ago I was talking to my brother about C when he asked me “So, is he The One? My response being “Maybe” (hence the title of this blog today). Since my brother said this I’ve found myself wondering could he actually be The One? Since we have only been together for five months, I really hadn’t thought too far into the future until now and didn’t want to rush our relationship, and I still don’t. I always had a gut feeling that this relationship was something different, in a good way of course.

Talking to my best friend, O, who writes on this blog with me, this past week I have come to realize that it is absolutely possible that C could be The One, not to scare him. I know that we’ve only been together for a short time but there are just some things that honestly make me think we could end up being together for a lot longer. Not to jinx our relationship, I just want to express how I’m feeling about him and just all around our relationship that makes me think that maybe, he could be The One. 

To start off, C and I have pretty similar life styles. Growing up we both went camping with our families and still do today. I’m not exactly as adventurous and daring as he is, however, that’s precisely what I need in a significant other. Someone who encourages me to try new things, face my fears and tackle my bucket list with. I find it pretty funny that despite living about thirty five minutes away from each other our entire lives, he and his sister have been driving past my house for years heading to his sister’s cheerleading practice. It’s such a small world. Of course, I never would have met him had we not attended the same college and lived in the same building our freshman year.

Another similarity is simply put, he doesn’t have everything. His parents don’t pay for everything and anything and he’s definitely not spoiled. He didn’t grow up in a perfectly decorated cookie cutter home, neither did I. He shares a room with his younger brother, I once shared a room with my mom and sister. He has to sort of manage his own money and save it as I do. We both have our priorities set when it comes to spending money. I love that we don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy date to enjoy being with each other. Everyone has heard of the classic expression that “Actions speak louder than words” and our relationship is proof of this. We don’t need to be constantly texting or talking all day every day. We both have jobs and know that some days we aren’t able to talk much. But don’t worry because his actions when we are together mean more to me than any combination of words he could text me. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Material objects don’t make you fall in love with someone.

To go along with his home life, family is important to him. I have a very, very, very large, overbearing, loud family but my crazy family is everything to me. I just believe that it is one of the most important factors in a relationship and you and your partner have the same values. We both value having a family that we are close with and spend time with. C has three younger siblings and if I were them I would look up to him as one of my role models for sure as I do my older siblings. He helps out one of his sisters by volunteering to help her raise money for cheerleading. He helps clean his brothers gymnastic gym so they can afford to pay for his lessons. And not to mention, the way he treats his little sister is just the cutest to watch. Everyone knows that a guy who is good with kids melts a girls heart. If he does so much for his siblings now you can’t help but picture how someday he would treat his own little family.

All around C is such a compassionate person. From the very beginning of our relationship he already knew how to tell when something was bothering me. He is supportive and genuinely cares about how I feel. He never lets me get away with just saying nothing when something is wrong. He’s intelligent, ambitious, dedicated. He has goals in life. He’s funny. He makes me smile and laugh everyday. There isn’t a single boring moment with him from singing and dancing in the car to exploring some new place we haven’t been. There hasn’t been a single day where he hasn’t made my day since we started dating. We go on really simple dates and we still manage to have fun together. I can never get enough time with him and dread the moment he has to go back home. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is both as a person, big brother, friend and a boyfriend. I wouldn’t mind one bit spending more than a few years or possibly a lifetime with him.

How could I not see myself with him or wonder if  maybe he could be the one when I start to think about everything I’ve come to love about him over the past five months. I don’t think that there’s anyone else who knows more about me than him. He knows about my past, present, and what I want in the future. I’ve never been so comfortable and open with a person in such a short span of time as I am with him. He has come to learn about all the little quirks about me. He knows all of my secrets and embarrassing stories. Some how he manages to put up with my crazy antics and still like, even love, me. People say to marry your best friend and as cheesy as it is, he is my best friend.


Maybe He Could Be The One…



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