Independence Day


Independence Day here in the United States is celebrated every year on July 4th. As the name implies, we celebrate our independence as a country. Independence Day is considered to be a federal holiday and most people tend to have the day off from work and enjoy a long weekend, or even week! Cookouts. Fireworks. Carnivals or festivals. Parades. Beach trips. Block parties. Drinking. And so on. This holiday weekend is packed with tons of fun of families and friends to enjoy!

Out of all things to do on this Federal holiday, we should take a few moments to reflect on some of the things we are thankful for each and every day living in our country.

We are thankful for… Our Rights. As people of this nation, we have established rights from The Declaration of Independence. We  take our rights for granted far more than we should, since they are the backbone of our independence. Freedom of speech. Freedom to vote. And so on…

We are thankful for…Our education systems. Education is something that varies with where you live. Here in the United States we have some of the most prestigious college universities and educational programs for us to take advantage of.

We are thankful for… Those who keep our country safe. Many people are out of the state, country, or even continent fighting for our safety and risking their lives for our nation. We are thankful for the men and women serving.

We are thankful for…Employment. Sure the employment rates were at a bad place in recent years, however, they are starting to improve with our economy. We are thankful for the jobs we have and the jobs that are available to us.

We are thankful for… Our police and safety systems. Police are ensuring that the road is safe with responsible drivers on this weekend full of drinking. If you are planning on drinking, please make sure you establish a designated driver for your safety as well as other people on the road. This also includes all of the firemen making sure that firework displays run smoothly and other first responders who ensure people’s safety.

We are thankful for… Our families (and friends!). This holiday weekend is often spent with family. For me, I know that this time with my family is something you can never have too much of. Family time is quality time!

We are thankful for…a house over our heads and food in our bellies. There are people in foreign countries who are starving. There are people who are living in cardboard boxes. Although there are some cases of homelessness here, we also have programs that are designed to help those in need.

We are thankful for…Health care. We have some of the best doctors and hospitals available to us. We have some of the best treatment centers. A good health care system isn’t available toe everyone in other countries.

We are thankful for… Our lives! Something we definitely take for granted at times.We can sometimes want too much or become overly greedy. We should take the time to appreciate everything that we have in life and enjoy it all.

Live free & Be safe this holiday!



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