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6 series on Netflix you NEED to watch

Netflix has become the biggest trend over the past few years. If you somehow have managed to avoid Netflix, well, you must be living under a rock. Out of the multiple, multiple, multiple television series available on Netflix there are five that you absolutely need to watch for yourself.

I’m going to start off with our personal favorite TV series of all time…

The Walking Dead:

Many people believe that this series is more based off the apocalypse. Although it takes place during one, the show focuses more on the characters and their survival. It isn’t very scary, but there are some dramatic scenes that definitely make you question who is going to come out alive (and who isn’t). There are currently five out of the six seasons of The Walking Dead available on Netflix. Have no fear, by the time you watch the entire series AMC will be playing a marathon right before the release of the new season on October 11th, 2016. They usually play the entire season in the week or so before the new premier. Which I’m sure will be insane and amazing considering how season six left off!

the walking dead.jpg

Grey’s Anatomy:

This show has been popular for a while, probably since it hit TV and then became more popular when it hit Netflix. Netflix makes it easy to watch all twelve, yes that’s right, seasons in one place. This is one of there series I myself haven’t been able to start yet. But I know tons of people that love love love this series. If twelve seasons isn’t proof that it has good ratings then I don’t know what is!


Orange is the New Black:

Users of Netflix have been talking about this one a lot recently because new episodes were released. Orange is the New Black has four seasons out on right now (including the new releases!) I recently just started this series over the course of this summer. So far, I’ve binged watched an entire season in just a couple of days. There are four seasons of this popular series to watch over and over again on Netflix. Not to mention, the episodes are filled with tons of drama that definitely make you laugh from time to time!


Fuller House:

This series is rather new to Netflix. It’s actually an original series Netflix produced to recreate the timeless TV series Full House that we all grew up watching. With it being a new series, there is only one season to binge watch, which is totally doable in a single night or two if you’re dedicated enough. It definitely brings back a lot of the old memories of watching the show and puts a smile on your face.

fuller house.jpg

How I Met Your Mother:

This series is for sure a classic when it comes to TV shows.  It’s also on television so if you just want to watch a couple episodes here and there instead of binge watching it this series is perfect for you! It will have you laughing constantly. Sometimes, it will make you mad. But what tv show doesn’t? It is can also get a little inappropriate so it’s definitely for a mature audience.  I often find myself comparing the 5 main characters to my group of friends so it can be relatable. I highly recommend it!



This show is perfect for people who love horror and comedy…..and hot guys. It’s about two brothers who are “hunters”. Meaning they go out and hunt supernatural creatures.  Hence why it’s called “Supernatural”. One minute, it will have you hiding under the blankets and the next minute, it will have you laughing. I love this series because it has many seasons so you can binge watch for days. I would totally recommend it for the more mature audience!




6 thoughts on “6 series on Netflix you NEED to watch

  1. Thank you for posting this! 4/6 of these, Ive already watched and I understand why you featured them! Ive been in a hunt for great series thatll keep me preoccupied and this post was just perfect!😄

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