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12 Things you say Over and Over Working in Fast Food

1. Hi, what can I get for you?

This is a really simply way of greeting people, of course always spoken with a smile on your face.

2. What size drink? What kind of drink do you want?

This actually drives me insane. At my work we have two sizes, small and large. How many people do you think ask for the medium?

3. We have Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist… Etc etc.

Then it leads to this, they don’t inform you what kind of drink they want so you have to list every single kind you have. Remembering all 8 of them is honestly a struggle. I personally love when a customer asks for Coke when clearly there’s Pepsi. There’s seriously Pepsi signs right in front of them.

4. Is that all?

I use this all the time when customers don’t really seem like they know if that’s all they want or not.

5. So that’ll be a *repeat order*

Once I get the go ahead that they are finished ordering, I’ll repeat the entire order just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything or they didn’t change their minds. It’s just easier than getting my manager to refund something later.

6. And you’re total is… $$$$$

For some reason this line is the one my customers never listen to. I tell them how much their order is and they’ll hand me the wrong amount. It’s quite awkward when you have to ask for more money than what they gave you.

7. You just need to complete the card transaction.

At my work, we have iPads as our register system so we just flip over the screen to the customer to complete the transaction. For whatever reason half of them don’t understand what just happened. This is also the only way I can “solicit” asking for a tip as the screen pops up with an option for it.

8. Would you like a reciept?

Not many people want receipts at a concert arena so my register doesn’t print every single persons order. I have to make sure that if the customer wants one I hand print it for them.

9. The condiments/napkins/straws are behind you on the table.

This is one of the most common questions I get asked. I don’t really understand why so many people can’t find the condiment station.

10. Here’s your change.

Just a really simple thing that’s slightly a necessary line in a fast food place. Duh everyone wants their change.

11. Have a nice day/night!

A friendly greeting goodbye to your customers is the last part of the order. Sometimes I even throw in enjoy the concert!

12. I can take the next person over here!

If you don’t say this after an order is done the people next in line just stand there watching you. You’d think it’d be common sense but I guess not!

And just like that you’re back to “hello, what can I get for you?”. It’s really just an endless cycle.


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