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A thank you note to coffee

Dear coffee,

Thank you for helping me get motivated to get out of bed every morning. You’re literally the only reason I get up if I don’t have work. Sometimes, you’re the only thing getting me through the work day. Thank you for helping me go to the bathroom. Gross, but come on on. We all know it’s true. Don’t deny it.

Thank you for warming me up. I like drinking you hot the best. There’s nothing like waking up cold in the morning and pouring fresh and hot coffee in your favorite mug and getting all cozy. Let’s talk about how delicious coffee smells.  I stop whatever I’m doing whenever I smell the warm and toasty smell of coffee. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like coffee, how can you not like the smell? It’s Gods gift to our olfactory senses.

Thank you for helping me tolerate people. Some days, I can’t handle people talking to me before I have my coffee. No talkee before coffee. It’s for people’s own good. I can always tell when I haven’t had coffee. Something just always feels off and I’m not in the mood for anyone (more than usual).

Thank you for coming in many different forms. Hot coffee, iced coffee, frappé, etc. Some people only drink a certain kind depending on the season. But me? Nah fam. I’m drinking hot coffee in the middle of the summer. I’m drinking ice coffee in a snow storm. I’ll accept you always no matter what form you’re in.

Thank you for being you, never change.

Love, coffee addict

For those of you who aren’t coffee people, what is your “coffee”? Comment below!


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