Blog Milestones

Our Blog Bucket List

Everybody has a bucket list, right? Well, for us, we have a blog bucket list! Now that we have started a better foundation for our blog, we have also started to come up with some goals and bucket list items for our blog in the future.

Here it is…

  1. Posts blogs regularly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and occasionally on weekends)
  2. Have regular readers
  3. Receive “likes” on every blog we post
  4. Receive  “comments” on every blog we post
  5. Have interactive readers
  6. Have readers from every country in the world (Places In The World)
  7. Make our readers smile.
  8. Write about interesting topics.
  9. Be original.
  10. Become more involved with the news.
  11. Confront some controversial issues.
  12. Have many bloggers who follow our blog.
  13. Make the WordPress popular page.
  14. Keep this blog throughout the course of multiple years.
  15. Inspire our followers in some way

To be continued…


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