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DIY Smashbook Journal

Realistically, this DIY can be used for practically anything which is what I love about it. As a younger girl, I used to be very interested in creating scrapbooks. However, they tend to get pretty expense and take a lot of time to reach a finished product. I also feel like scrapbooks miss a lot since they are mainly just pictures. For this DIY, I was inspired by the “new” style of scrapbooking, “Smashbooks”. I actually bought a Smashbook from Michael’s (0n clearance) for this but ended up liking the simplicity of using just a plain journal instead(I got mine from Walmart for about six dollars!).

Materials you’ll need:

  • A journal (or a Smashbook)
  • Markers, or colorful pens
    • I found that using pens were the better option as markers tend to bleed through the page.
  • Washi tape (all different colors obviously!)
    • I used this to tape pictures onto the pages (it also doesn’t rip the paper or picture if you want to take the pictures out at another time!)
  • Pictures
  • Stickers (optional)
    • The only stickers that I really used were little ones to spell out my year and the big “C” on the front of it.

Helpful tip: I downloaded the app “free prints” which gives you 85 pictures a month, for free! You just pay for shipping (the most expensive being $9.99) and your pictures will be printed right from your phone and arrive at your door in about a week!

So basically, this DIY project is really simple, even for those of you who aren’t crafty will be able to handle this! The only thing that’s different with this compared to making a scarpbook is the fact that it really can’t be done in one day once you have all the materials.The point of the project is to actually record thoughts and events over the course of multiple months. In turn, this journal will let you look back and see how you spent your freshman year of college.

Some other ideas you could use this journal for…

  • High school (each year)
  • College (each year)
  • Wedding planning
  • Pregnancies
  • Relationships (over the course of a long term relationship)
  • Each year just because!

And so on! This was the first real journal that I tried to keep on top of because I wanted to be able to look back and know what I did in college. I just started making one for my relationship with my boyfriend as well! And I plan to continue making a journal for each of my years in college.

Here are some pictures of the final product of my first journal.

This is the front cover of my journal
I bought the stickers from Michaels
Post-it’s are optional, as well as anything else you may want to add! I kept mine pretty simple but next time I’m definitely going to make it look nicer than I did this past year.
I wanted to keep track of everything I was doing and feeling over the course of the year so I made sure to write down my calendar events and tried to give updates each time I wrote in my journal.
I also tried to put pictures of family events at home, or even on campus like Homecoming weekend.
I left off each semester with a “last day” page about how the semester went!
Obviously, the point of this journal is to remember all the major things that happened this year, including the death of my family’s dog so I had a page just for him.
I even kept track of what did over winter break and saved any type of ticket stub or event pamphlet to put in my journal.
And of course, my report card as well as the beginning of a new semester.
I joined Greek life second semester so I put my envelope and big from bid day in my journal.
I also had a bunch of pages with just pictures and little captions with what they were from.
Another example of a picture page.
I tried to write each different event in different colored pens to make my pages more fun!
This was the last entry that I did for the year. As you can see I kept my pages pretty simple.
At the end of my journal i had a lot of pages left so I taped in the cards from my parents and siblings so I can always have them.
More card from my family (left) and I also put the pieces of my graduation cards (right) (see our other blog) in my journal to always have them as well.

Here’s the link to our other DIY project with the graduation cards.

Another helpful tip that I found out after doing this, the journal I had bought had tons of pages, which I thought I would use. However, I ended up having so many extra pages. So if I were to do it over, I would have just written on one side of each page. Also, the pages tend to get thicker the more you put on them so if you use stickers be careful of thickness and be careful with how many pictures you use in it! I hope that you have found some motivation and inspiration to create your own journal to remember everything that you do in life! Overall, I really loved making this journal and love looking back on it. I just wish I had written in it more often but sometimes life just got too busy.

Good luck creating your own journal!


5 thoughts on “DIY Smashbook Journal

  1. Oh! This is so cool!

    I know I’m a guy and all, and this might be seen as a “girly thing to do” (bah!), But I’m going to do this anyways. Looks amazing!


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