5 Romance movies you’ll love on Neflix

Everyone loves a happy ending romance movie right? If you answered no, you’re a liar. As a team, O and I have watched multiple Netflix romance movies together discussing which we loved the most. We don’t usually like romance movies without some type of happy ending, so if you’re looking for a movie that will make you sob this list isn’t for you.

Let’s quit the chitter chatter and get to the list, we all know that you’re only reading this for the movies… and let’s face the fact that you’re going to want to binge watch them the first second you have.

Our first thought on the movie we loved the most was agreeably the movie Beyond the lights. A couple of months back we watched this movie together and absolutely loved it. Since then, I’ve watched it at least three times, of course all with different people after telling them what a great movie it was. Obviously, it’s about a girl and a guy who meet kind of unexpectedly and end up completely falling for each other. It’s the process of the two falling in love that is wonderful to watch in this movie.

The next movie that came to mind was called After the Ball. In the description, this movie doesn’t appear to have much romance in it. But we promise, its perfect. A recent college graduate is trying to make her way into the fashion industry, without the help of her fashion designer icon father’s help. Of course, it doesn’t all happen the way she hopes but in the end she falls in love with both the fashion industry and someone else.

Leap Year is one of S’s favorite movies that we’ve watched on Netflix. A woman is out traveling across the country searching for the man she loves. She takes the journey to Ireland to propose to him on Leap Year, hence the title. On her way to her destination, she meets many people who help her to get there. One of which just may surprise her.

The movie In Your Eyes brings a twist to romance movies. I’ve never seen any movie that is at all similar to this one, which is probably why I liked it so much. Some romance movies are just too predictable and cheesy. But this one? The two fall in love as a result of some strange circumstance that never really made sense their entire lives, until now.

Serendipity is another one of O’s favorites. It’s a story about fate. Two people meet one night and felt like they had a spark. They decided to try something different…they let fate decide whether or not they were to meet again. It’s interesting to see how it all plays out. Whether you believe in fate or not, it’s a great movie!

Ready to spend the night (0r day) wrapped up in a blanket watching romance movies now? Yeah, we thought that would happen. Make sure to come back and let us know which romance movie on our list is your favorite! Feel free to comment any others we missed!


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