Secret Life of Pets movie review

I have done this once before with Finding Dory and everyone seemed to like it, as still do! Actually, most of the “searched terms” of our blog related back to that movie review! With that being said, this past weekend my boyfriend and I went to the movie theatre to see The Secret Life of Pets movie. As I did before, I’m going to list a few of my favorite characters with a nice little description of each and then talk about my thoughts on the movie overall.

Let’s get on with the show.

max-the-secret-life-of-pets-68.6_thumb.jpgI’ll start with the most major characters and then get into the less important, but still cute characters after.

First, meet Max. In the beginning of the movie, Max seems like any ordinary dog who adores his owner. But, Max ends up wandering away from his watch post. Over the course of the movie, you can definitely see the change of behavior in Max and the relationship he has with his new friend Duke.

duke-the-secret-life-of-pets-2.56_thumb.jpgThe next main character is Duke. At first, Duke seems kind of scary and threatening to Max. Max does not like the idea of having a “brother”. He and Duke fight over their owner and who is going to be the Alpha dog of the house. Eventually, the two sort out their differences and become best friends.



This is Katie. Katie is the owner of Max and the adopter of Duke. Every day, Katie leaves to go to work while her two dogs stay at home, so she thinks. But don’t worry, the two dogs always make it home in time to greet their owner at the door.


gidget-the-secret-life-of-pets-41_thumb.jpgGidget is probably one of my favorite characters. She is utterly in love with Max. She watches him from afar in her home across the way from Max. When Max goes missing, she is the first to notice (obviously! she’s in love with him!)sweet-pea-the-secret-life-of-pets-97.9_thumb.jpg

Sweet Pea is part of the crew Gidget puts together to go on the mission to find and rescue Max and Doug. Sweet Pea doesn’t really say much, but she’s there for moral support throughout the trip.

chloe-the-secret-life-of-pets-32_thumb.jpgChloe is another of my favorite characters in this movie. She definitely is the dictionary definition of a “cat”. Lazy, doesn’t really care, gets distracted by shiny things. Her personality, although slightly rude, is perfect. She is the purrrrfect mixture of sassy and I don’t care.


Buddy is another character that doesn’t really say or do much in the movie. But he does play an important role in helping the team find Max and Doug. The best scene is when he scales the side of the building to get to Pops’s apartment.


Norman is a funny character for sure. He spends the majority of the time in the movie searching for his apartment. He got lost in the ventilation pipes for a long time before finding his home. But before he returns home, he adventures out with the team to find Max and Doug.

Mel mel-the-secret-life-of-pets-81.1_thumb.jpgis a pretty cute character. He’s pretty much just “part of the team” when it comes to the rescue. There isn’t much to say when it comes to Mel. He’s just there for the adventure.


Pops is actually one of the main heroes when it comes to finding out where Max was. He’s an old, retired, paralyzed pup who throws crazy parties when his owner isn’t home. He knows everyone in town and for sure comes in use when knowing someone in the sewer.


Tiberius is the last character in the gang to save Max and Doug. He seems like a vicious animal at first, however, Gidget befriends him. He comes to realize all he really wanted was a friend.

UnknownThis gang consists of Tattoo (the pig), Ripper (the bulldog), Snowball (the bunny), the Bearded Dragon and a bunch of others such as Viper and Ricky. They have named themselves the “Flushed Pets” after their owners abandoned them. Their mission is to avenge pet owners.

Now that everyone is counted for, I really loved this movie. I caught myself laughing at it multiple times. After seeing the movie, I looked up some other blog reviews. I found that other people find this movie very similar to the plot of Toy Story.While I agree that the plots are similar, I didn’t find myself thinking it during the movie. Had it not have been for reading the other blogs I wouldn’t have even put two and two together.

I found the question of “what do your pets do when you’re not home” to be hilarious. I loved how the producers and writers approached it with all different types of characters. Some partied, some watched the door, some trashed the apartments. The variety of pet personalities always kept you laughing.

The other part of this movie that I loved was the reaction of Max when Doug arrived. Max had it out for Doug, he did not think another pet was a good idea. He tried multiple things to get rid of Doug, with no success. The battery between the two was just perfect and funny. Of course, throughout their trip to the sewers and trying to find their way back home, you see the two come together. Max even cares enough about Doug to try to find his old owner. As well as save his life.

Overall, I found the movie to be very entertaining and easy to laugh at. I don’t think that it is a remake of Toy Story. However, other blogs also said that this movie kind of skips over some things that should be elaborated more on. In the moment of watching the movie, I personally didn’t see this void in the story. But looking back, there are some moments that could have been touched upon a bit better. Such as the trip to find Doug’s old owner and his response to it.


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