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5 Senses Tag

Hello and happy Friday! The Living Me challenged us to do the 5 Senses Tag a week or so ago so I figured we would complete it today! A thank you to them for nominating us! If you aren”t following The Living Me already you definitely should, its a great blog with a lot of interesting posts!

Anyways, here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • For each of the 5 senses (or however many you do) describe five favorite things having to do with that sense. AKA your five favorite smells, sounds, etc…
  • Nominate five other people to do this tag


Our favorite things to see are…

  • B) Watching the sunset
  • B) Being at the beach, watching the waves and other scenery
  • B) The view from the top of a mountain
  • S) Food, seriously any type of food
  • S) My boyfriend (I AGREE -B)


Our favorite things to touch are…

  • S) Cats (I love cats)
  • S) Money
  • S) Soft, fuzzy blankets (same same -B)
  • B) Skin, like snuggling with someone skin to skin
    • That sounds weird and creepy but I promise it’s not.
  • B) Sand in between my toes *sand anywhere else is just annoying*


Our favorite things to smell are…

  • B) The smell of the cologne my boyfriend wears
  • B) The smell of a garage
  • B) Obviously the smell of the beach, I’m basic
  • S) Books, they smell good.


Our favorite things to taste are…

  • S) Coffee coffee coffee, Squishy runs on coffee
  • S) Mashed potatoes
  • S) Chocolate (RT -B)
  • B) My favorite home-made meal (Beef Stroganoff)
  • B) Literally any type of candy or ice cream or brownie or cookie.


Our favorite sounds to hear are…

  • B) A child’s laughter
  • B) Rain hitting pavement
  • B) Ocean waves crashing onto shore
  • S) Michael Buble’s voice *heart eyes emoji*
  • S) A fan running (at night) (Spongebob reference)
  • S) KITTEN MEOWS (I got caught up in the moment)


A girls voyage blog 

Leman shots 

Diversion 3000

The buttercup baby

Written by roxy

If you were confused, Squishy and I (Bubbles) run this blog together so we switch off doing posts every other day. We wanted to both do this blog so that is why there are B’s and S’s next to the bullets! The B obviously stands for Bubbles and the S stands for Squishy. The nicknames are a totally different subject. Basically we both love Finding Nemo. So one day we decided to give each other nicknames from it. Bubbles was the fish in the tank that went crazy whenever the bubble treasure chest opened. And Squishy is the little jellyfish that Dory finds!

Thank you again to The Living Me for nominating us to do this challenge! It actually helped us to learn more about each other, which is always great! That means our readers got to learn more about us as well!


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