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6 Reasons Why You Actually Miss Being on Campus

Despite the excitement of returning home from campus for the summer months, you quickly come to realize all the things you actually miss because you aren’t on campus anymore. It’s been about three weeks since finals ending and I’m already having the Campus Blues. 

Here are some of the reasons why you’ll actually miss being on campus this summer.

You’ll miss seeing your friends everyday. Or at least being able to see them as much as you wish. It’s definitely true that you make some of your best friends in college. However, the downside is that they most likely won’t be from your home town. So in the summer months, you simply just end up missing them.

You’ll miss having your own little space. I honestly miss my little dorm room, even though I have my own room at home. I miss the privacy that came with having my dorm room instead of having to let my parents know everything I do.

You’ll miss going on “dates” with your friends (or boyfriend). Trips to the dining halls are a daily occurrence on campus, but now that you’re home? Most of the time you end up eating your meals alone and can’t help but miss the crazy conversations and fun times you had at the dining halls.

You’ll miss making new friends on campus. If you are anything like me, then you are constantly meeting new people and making new friends. Whether it be in a class, in a group or just walking around on campus. You see people you know everywhere.

You’ll miss the groups you joined. Since being on campus, I’ve already started to become involved with other groups and organizations. I’m definitely starting to miss the people and meetings that I got to see and be involved with.

You’ll miss campus events. Whether it be Greek life, a campus club, program council, the resident halls, there was always something going on every day on campus. At home things are a little bit different, meaning there isn’t as much to do. Not being busy is, well, boring.

But have no fear! September is coming around faster than we realize. Move-in day is practically right around the corner. And I can’t wait to be back on campus complaining about the dining hall food or all the assignments I have.

With that said, ENJOY THE REST OF THE SUMMER, it’s not going to last forever. 


4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Actually Miss Being on Campus

  1. I start my sophomore year in 5 days! Super pumped and this post just got me more excited to go back to campus. Thanks ❤️❤️


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