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Summer isn’t as good as it used to be

When you were growing up how did you spend your summers?

In the pool. At the beach. With family. Summer camps. Going on vacations. With friends. Disney World. And so on. Now that I am legally an adult, summers seem to have gotten less wonderful. I spend most of the days home alone. I have a job. I have college planning and essays or scholarships to apply for. I have to find a job on campus. I have to apply for loans. Save my money.

Why does being an adult have to suck?

Literally it sucks the fun out of summer.

I tried multiple times to get together with my friends over the course of the summer. In younger years, my parents would have scheduled sleepovers or playdates with my friends with ease. But now that we are all adults, we all have these things called “responsibilities”.

I know right? Gross.

The days I’m free my friends are busy, the days my friends are free I’m busy. It’s a difficult task for sure to figure out a day to see other with two people, never mind four or more friends.

Being an adult is great and all, I just despise it.

All those “responsibilities” like working, schooling, scheduling… it just adds up to being busy busy busy all summer long. Which gets to my main point, summer isn’t as good as it used to be.

Now that I’m older, it’s hard to get excited about doing something when you’ve already spent the past eighteen years doing that. You want to go other places, try new things and find new places to explore. Not return back to the same beach or campground you’ve been to a dozen times growing up.

I’ve come to find that summer, as awesome as I always think it will be, is somewhat a let down. You always except it to be filled with spending time with friends at the beach or finding someplace new to explore or going out in the big city for a night. For whatever reason, as much as you try to do these things, they don’t end up happening (for the most part).

Again with those things called “responsibilities” getting in the way of things.

Even for children growing up today, summer isn’t spent the same way as my generation had it. My generation had it good. We’d go outside and play with side walk chalk or bicycles or on a swing set. Our parents would plan trips out to the zoo or aquariums or some type of kids museum. They’d let us invite friends over for a campfire or sleepover. We were always doing something outside.

But children now? They sit in front of their tablets, inside, on the couch, all day. I have four nephews so last time I was babysitting I thought, wow, it’s a beautiful day. We should go outside on a walk. I finally get the boys off their iPads (mind you they are five and two years old), we literally step outside before they are screaming and crying over bugs and run back inside to play their computer games again.

It just made me sad that they can’t even go outside and enjoy the nice, warm weather and play. Yes it may have been because of the “bugs” (a single dragonfly). But simply the fear of bugs that are completely harmless (dragonflies) means that they haven’t been outside enough to get used to them. He’s five years old and still scared of bugs? When I was five I was catching caterpillars and lady bugs and letting them crawl all over my hands.

I understand that the times are different. But that is exactly my point, people aren’t enjoying the summer months like they used to, especially the young children. People should be enjoying life, outside, going on adventures, experiencing new things. For whatever reason, most people that I know come home from a long day of work and don’t have the energy to go out and see the world. And while I understand that (as well as do it myself), I just feel like I, as well as the majority of other young people are wasting away the best years of their lives tucked up inside a house or working all summer long.


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