C & C

A Constant Reminder

Another month has come and gone. Summer is coming to an end. I’m down to my last couple days of work, as is my boyfriend. We’re only a few days away from moving back onto campus. I’m probably way too excited to go back to school. With that being said, today’s blog is going to be about a mishmash of things going on in our mishmash of a life.

To start, happy seven month-iversary to C and I!

I can’t believe it’s already been seven months. It feels like so much longer because of how well we know each other, despite only meeting about nine months ago. I feel like I’ve known him forever. At the same time, the past seven months have passed by so quickly. It doesn’t feel like it’s been even months already. I swear the months just keep slipping away. Before we know it, it will be our one year!

As I’ve said before, I knew from that start that there was something different (in a good way) about our relationship compared to my past relationships. I’ve come to realize this “something different” is simply the connection that we have with each other. He knows everything about me, I know everything about him. We can talk to each other about anything and everything. I’ve never been able to open up to someone and trust them as quickly as I did when I met him.

As I mentioned, in just a day, I will be moving back in on campus. A couple of days later, C will be moving back on campus as well. At the end of last semester, I couldn’t help but shed a little bit of a tear saying goodbye to C. I couldn’t handle the thought of not being able to see him every day. Miraculously, we survived the summer not being able to see each other every day with minimal breakdowns. I’m kidding of course, C lives and works close enough to where I live that we were able to see each other pretty much regularly. As per usual, I worried for nothing.

Since I met him, I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty spoiled. I don’t have my license, so he’s been the one driving to see me and driving us to anywhere we go on a date. So a shoutout to him for being my personal chauffeur and a huge thank you to him for putting in the effort, time and gas money to spend time with me.

Pretty much the point of this blog post is a boyfriend appreciation day. I can’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world because he’s mine. He’s such a wonderful and loving man and I can definitely see myself having a future with him. I can’t thank him enough for loving me and showing me what I deserve as a girlfriend. Thank you to him for spoiling me with love instead of money or fancy dates. I am constantly reminded that I am beautiful. Literally, he has reminder set to go off daily in my phone. Thank you to him for dealing with me. It’s probably not that easy. Thank you to him for listening to me, knowing when something is wrong and giving me advice or being there when other people aren’t. A thank you to him for making this summer, and the past seven months, the best months of my life.

I love him more than he will probably ever know. And I am so so so grateful to have him.


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