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How I deal with Stress

Lately, I’ve had to deal with more stress than I probably ever had to deal with all at once. Working twice as many hours than normal, friend drama, dog dying, mom in the hospital, 1 of 2 cars breaking down… It’s a lot for me, personally, to handle. Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress. Here are some of my ways!
1. Breathe.

Sometimes, you just get so caught up in the stress and are so overwhelmed that you just forget to breathe. It’s important to just sit down and take deep breaths. When I’m feeling really stressed, I start breathing inadequately and have to just calm myself and breathe.

2. Pray.

Personally, as a Christian, praying is a huge factor in keeping me sane. There’s always a feeling of peace when I pray. Reading the bible helps me as well!

3. Rant.

Getting is all out usually helps. At least for the time being. My poor boyfriend has to listen to me rant a lot because I’m always stressing about something. But, he’s always there to listen and tries to do the best he can to help the situation. Along with my two Twitter best friends. Thankful for all of them.

4. Watch Netflix.

I’ll use any excuse to binge watch Netflix. But, it does help keep my mind off of the things I’m stressing about! Or, depending on the show, makes me more stressed. I get so invested in shows!

5. Take a nap.

Sometimes all I need is some sleep. I get all mentally and physically exhausted and just need to turn off my mind for a little while.

6. Listen to Disney Music.

I’m a kid at heart! How can you be sad or stressed while listening to Disney songs? If you’re stressed, you just have to try and LET IT GO LET IT GOOOOOO! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

7. Think of all the good things in my life.

I especially try and think about how amazing the people in my life are. I have friends and family who support me and are always there for me. Words truly can’t describe how thankful I am for all of them. Thinking of the positive things really does help. It may not take away the problem, but it at least helps you not go completely mad.
I hope that whatever you are going through, you are able to find ways to help you cope with the stress!


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