Why is #RelationshipGoals a Thing?

According to Urban Dictionary, “Relationship Goals” is defined as follows…

  1. “When two people are in a relationship and girls envy them, usually a celebrity couple or popular couple in high school”
  2. “A couple who are the best couple out there. They are the power couple. Everyone wants to be like them”
  3. “The most F’ed up way of saying “I want a relationship like theirs.””

At first, using the hashtag was pretty cute and sweet. It showed an admiration for a couple. It was paired with realistic goals. The issue that I have with the hashtag now is that the images or expectations its used for. Expensive gifts like make up and designer outfits left out on a bed with a sign “Put this on, I’ll pick you up at 8”. Why are people, majority of them being females, so materialistic in relationships today? Today you are in for a treat as I rant about why #RelationshipGoals is probably the worst hashtag to hit twitter today.

To start this blog, I began by google image searching relationship goals. These are some of the images I found on the first page of my google search. Let’s start with these.


Okay, this #RelationshipGoal isn’t too terrible, I must say. This is one of the few I found in my search that was actually for the guy in the relationship. Most of the images you find online are from the guy in the relationship for the girl. This seems to be just a fun way to welcome your man home from work, not much money spent, not really materialistic, just having a Nerf gun war over who makes dinner.

This is #RelationshipGoal what I have an issue with. While it is sweet for your man to go out and pick you a nice outfit and take you out to dinner, the chances of it actually happening? Very little. It’s causing girls to want their man to do this, which sets the expectations really high just to be (most likely) let down.

images-2#RelationshipGoal right? Every girl wants their man to buy them something in that little blue box from Tiffany & Co. Here’s the problem, it’s crazy expensive! Especially in today’s economy there isn’t much extra money hanging around to surprise your girl with a $300 necklace, or ring, or brand new car (as shown in the next photo)


Sure being successful in life is something everyone wants. The thing that bothers me is just how materialistic people are. Money doesn’t buy happiness in a relationship. Material objects don’t make you fall in love, or stay in love. You don’t need to have fancy expensive cars to be a successful couple. To be a successful couple all you need to do is love and cherish each other.


I know that this #RelationshipGoal is usually more directed towards the ladies. However, LADIES. You don’t need long lovey text messages from your man that tell you how he feels about you. You should already know his feelings towards you just by the way he looks at you or talks to you in person. A text message is basically meaningless if he doesn’t say or do it in person to prove it to you, anyone can say something over a text, it takes more to say it in person face to face.

text 1Alright, now this one just seems ridiculous to me. The chances of this exact conversation happening is extremely slim. Not to mention, just plan scripted and awkward? Anyone else feel that way?

text 2

Here’s something that we definitely need to talk about. Calling your man “Daddy” has been a trend lately. A trend that I for one think is so disturbing and disgusting. And as the above picture shows, dangerous. There are a million other pet names to call your man, please find one that’s different than the person who helped create you.

The bottom line I’m trying to get across is that you shouldn’t expect these unrealistic situations to happen in your relationship. Guys can’t read your mind. The only #RelationshipGoals you should have are being in a relationship that makes you happy and being with someone who makes you into a better person. Sure you can be successful in life while being happy but that’s a life goal, not a #RelationshipGoal.



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