Welcome to the World



My brother and his wife have been expecting a baby and today might be the day that he enters this wonderful world! Will he be born on Halloween? We will see!

So in the spirit of welcoming my fifth nephew into the world within the next probably 24 hours…

5 things that I love about being an aunt.

  1. There’s always someone to make you smile.
    • My nephews are so silly and never fail to make me laugh and smile. They shake their booty or make funny faces that you can’t help but love. A baby smiling and laughing at you will never fail to make you smile. You can never go wrong with some cuddles.
  2. They make you feel like a kid again. 
    • I use them as an excuse to go trick or treating, since it isn’t acceptable for nineteen year olds to do so. They make me pretend to be ninja turtles or dinosaurs that run around the house roaring. Because you can’t get away with doing these things alone.
  3. You have a buddy for life. 
    • Well at least until they start believing that you have cooties anyways. I’m a young aunt and being so young I feel brings me closer to my nephews. I get to be the fun aunt that plays and runs around with them. My nephews always ask me to have sleepovers with them at their house.
  4. You can spoil them.
    • Lets be real, every auntie has purchased a onesie that says “Cool like my Auntie” or “I love my Aunt”. Why? Just because you can. It probably literally in the job description of being an aunt to be honest.
  5. You get the best hugs. 
    • Again, assuming that they don’t think you have cooties. In any other case, all you have to do is hold out your arms and little hands will soon be wrapped around you. Little kids are the definition of endless love.

Welcome to the world Baby J, I can’t wait to meet you.

I love you already.

Love, Auntie



Baby J was born November 1st, 2016 at 9:59 am weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces at 20 inches long. He has already wrapped me around his little fingers. 

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8 things high school taught me

High school is said to be the “best years of your life” but mine for sure was not anywhere close to this. High school is said to be where you form your best friendships,  but barely any of the people I talked to in high school talk to me today. Life goes on and honestly, high school ends up being a time of your life that just was there. Even though my high school years were torture, I learned so much and took away a lot of positives from my negative experiences.

Here are 8 things that high school taught me…

  1. To focus on the important things, which were my grades. Needless to say, I underwent a ton of high school drama. I didn’t want to waste time dealing with drama when the only thing that was going to affect me in the long run were my grades. Your friends and social class in high school don’t at all play a factor when you are applying to colleges. No type of drama or bullying is worth risking your future education for.
  2. To get involved. In my case, I didn’t really realize how important being involved in other groups were until my senior year. All my friends were talking about the clubs they were involved in and because of their involvement, they had more to write on college applications, experiences to write about for college essays and so on. Getting involved in other groups or organizations can only benefit you in the future.
  3. Not to let anyone hold you back from what you want to do. After some high school drama, I was told to not be involved in the groups I was in because my “friends” were in them and it could cause more drama again. I listened, again, being involved I later realized was so so so important for my future. I decided after this that I would never agin let someone dictate to me what I can and cannot do in my life, after all, it is exactly that, mine.
  4. The importance of meeting new people. By new people, I mean not just being friends with your four best friends like I did for my entire (middle and) high school careers. You should go out and make other friends who aren’t exactly friends with your other friends. Having a diverse group of friends is great because every has different hobbies or opinions. While your close friends may not have all the same interests as you, people you meet in other groups might.
  5. How to plan ahead of time and be prepared. In high school, I was a part of a couple of different clubs in and out of school. With this I also managed working after school babysitting everyday and finding time somewhere in the middle to complete all my homework. Now being a college student, learning how to manage my time effectively in high school has helped me so much to manage my involvement, work, homework and not to mention, laundry, eating schedule and sleeping patterns in college.
  6. Rumors and drama are unavoidable and happen at any age throughout life. For whatever reason, people LOVE drama. They all say it ends after high school, and while these are probably the worst years for drama, it is really never ending. With that being said, it’s pretty important that you come to the realization that drama is literally unavoidable. You can not make everyone happy. And yes, it’ll be unavoidable  for the rest of our lives.
  7. Procrastination is dangerous. I like to say that procrastination is my talent. Everyone procrastinates the things that they have to do. But eventually, you will have to learn that putting everything off until the last minute is dangerous. And by dangerous I mean stressful.
  8. How to be myself and how to be happy with who I am. The biggest thing that I took away from my high school years was that not everyone is going to want to be your friend. Not everyone is going to treat you nicely or get along with you. You have to kind of take this with a grain of salt. As long as YOU love yourself and who you are, then you should be happy with who you are. Don’t depend on other people’s opinions of you to be happy with the person that you are.

In the beginning of this blog I mentioned that my high school years weren’t particularly great. I hope that for the rest of you, you didn’t have any similar situations and experiences to the ones that I had. With that being said, despite having difficult high school years, I wasn’t at all stopped from learning some very valuable lessons and finding out who the person I wanted to be was probably one of the most important.

Also don’t forget to check out last week’s blog 15 things they should teach in high school (but don’t)

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My passion

Hello, it’s Squishy. I’m going to share a little bit about my dream and passion. Some of you may know, I’m wanting to become an EMT. I may seem like I hate everyone, but I love helping people. I like the thought of saving lives and just doing something for my community.

My junior and senior years in high school, I was really struggling on what I wanted to do with my life. At the time, I was dating someone in the military who I thought I was going to marry someday. So, I had to think of a job that would be easy to have while moving around a lot. I looked into it and thought nursing might be a good fit. I always found medical things to be interesting. I took a tour at a college I was interested in and really liked it. But, I knew that since I was homeschooled and really couldn’t afford college, it probably would be really difficult to get into a good college. So, I kept looking. Eventually, my mom suggested looking into becoming an EMT. I did my research and asked a guy I knew, who was a paramedic, if it was possible to move around and be an EMT at the same time and he said it was. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of becoming one. I get really passionate about things really fast. When I want something, I don’t stop until I get it. Eventually, I signed up for the EMT course at the same college where I toured at. I loved the class. It was so interesting and such a great experience. I knew I had made the right decision. At the end of the 4 month course, I passed. I was so proud of myself. But, I wasn’t quite an EMT yet. I still had to take the National Registry Exam. I forget how many months I waited after the course to take it but, it was probably too long. When I did take it, I didn’t pass. I was so disappointed. It was so much harder than I expected. Which, is probably good. Because they want the best. It’s literally between life and death. I struggled with where to go from there. I kept going from “I’m done. I quit. I don’t want to do it anymore.” to “no, I need to still pursue it.” I went back and forth so many times. Finally, I decided to start studying again and schedule to take the National Registey Exam. I felt like I studied pretty hard. I felt really confident going into the exam. I failed. Again. I wasn’t able to take the exam again because my time limit expired shortly after that try.

That leads me to where I’m at now. A year after I graduated EMT School. I recently found out about an EMT class that’s in the next town over and I looked into it and signed up. I start in January. I am so excited! Still, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I may not pass again. But, I have a really good feeling about it. I’m sharing all this to tell you to just never give up on your dream. That sounds cliché, I know. If you fail, please don’t stop trying. Everyone deserves to have their dream. I believe everything happens for a reason. That God has a plan for everything. If it doesn’t happen when you want it to, there’s a reason. A reason you may not understand at the moment. But, I promise you, you will understand eventually. Heck, a better opportunity might come along and you’ll be thankful what you had planned didn’t happen. I would like to add that I did choose this career path because of a boy and even though it’s now my passion, don’t decide what you want to do with your life based around your significant other. You need to follow your dreams and do what’s best for you. I’ll end my cliché post here.

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7 Things That get you Through the Semester

With the first month or so of being back to your college coming to an end soon, you may be starting to wonder when will it be over? Well, here’s a news flash, college is a lengthy process. If you want a degree, you’re looking at around four years at this place.

But have no fear!

Here’s a list of 7 things that can help you survive the rest of the semester.

  1. Your close friends. Over the course of my last semester, my friends were unbelievably supportive. They understood when I needed to stay in my dorm and work on a paper and when I was too stressed out to focus on doing any work. You definitely meet some of your best friends in college.
  2. Your man. Not everyone has a boyfriend, I know. But since I started dating my boyfriend in my second semester, he has been there for me at one in the morning when I needed help writing my final paper or had some sort of mental break down and just needed to talk. Boyfriends are great when you need to talk about things you don’t want to discuss with your girls.
  3. NETFLIX. Oh my gosh is this one of the biggest waste of time while simultaneously being the best thing invented yet. You can literally binge watch every season of all your favorite TV shows. Or have a movie marathon. Just make sure that you complete your assignments at some point, preferably before they are due.
  4. Your girls or guys. Here’s a group of people that know how to cheer you up and get your mind off of things when you need it. They’ll be there at ten in the morning to make cookies with you and eat chocolate.
  5. Your roomie. I get that not everyone is super close with their roommate. For me, I dormed with my best friend. We had rituals to wobble every Wednesday, have pasta dinners on Wednesday’s, taco Tuesday’s and trekked through a winter storms to stock up on food instead of going to the dining halls.
  6. Late night snacks and delivery. Nothing is better than ordering Chinese food or pizza at midnight. Or making a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Really just any type of midnight snack is a savior so stock up!
  7. Your family. Obviously your family had been one of your biggest fan clubs for years, literally since birth. No one can replace the friends that have no choice but to be there for you. Family by chance. Friends by choice.

There are plenty of other things that will help you to survive the semester. Dining halls that stay open late. Extended library hours during finals weeks. Study lounges. Club involvement. This list was just a few of the (mainly) people that will be there when you need it the most.


The Walking Dead deaths I won’t ever get over



Now that we gave a fair warning of the spoilers you’re about to read, let’s talk about The Walking Dead. This series is by far my favorite series to watch. I make sure that I never miss an episode, no matter how busy I may be or how late Sunday Night Football may run, but usually it doesn’t interfere much, thank goodness. I have definitely grown to love the characters in the show as if I know them personally. Also I understand why some characters have to be killed off, but I still can’t get over their deaths. With that being said, let’s discuss some of the deaths that I cannot handle, yes I cried.

P.s. I’m going to go in the order of the seasons. This may turn out to simply be a list of people who died, whoops.

***One last chance to leave if you haven’t seen the latest season***

 Season One:

Amy. Amy is really one of the first close deaths we see happen. She gets bitten by a walker and then Andrea steps in to prevent her from turning. It’s a pretty emotional moment despite not knowing the group for very long.


Season Two:

Dale. Dale was truly one of my favorite characters in the first season. He had a lot of knowledge and protected the group at all times from the top of his RV. Dale’s death is definitely harder for viewers to handle since he and Glenn become so close with each other.


Shane. Okay, this is a death I can get over, but sometimes I wonder where the group would be with Shane today. Other times, I totally forget about his existence. This is one of the few deaths viewers celebrated when it happened.


Sophia. Sophia’s death was the first young and innocent child’s life that was taken in the apocalypse. Although as a viewer, you don’t get to see how it happens, you hope that somehow somewhere she will turn up alive. When she steps out of the barn as a walker and you see how distraught Carol is, you realize how much of an emotional death this was for everyone.


Season Three:

T-Dog. I just loved T-Dog , his character brought some light into the show and he was genuinely a wonderful person in the group. Just for that reason alone, I miss T-Dog’s character in the show and wonder what difference he would have made to the group in the seasons now.


Lori. Lori herself from the start was a despised character after cheating on her husband, whether he was dead or alive. This death only hits me in the feels because her one son had to kill her. Seeing Rick and Carl so upset over this death is hard to watch for anyone.


Merle. Another hard death for people to watch. Not per say because of Merle’s death, but seeing Daryl, a strong, tough character so distraught over the death of his brother. Let’s face it, Merle wasn’t always a great character, but he did prove himself to the group.


Milton. Yes, I know, he was part of an opposing force (being The Governor). But, Milton never really did anything wrong. He definitely faced a long, painful death. It dragged on for what seemed like forever.


Andrea. Again, Andrea somewhat disowned the group for The Governor’s town. But afterwards, all she was trying to do was help to make the situation better for both groups, without having to risk anyone’s life.


Season Four:

Hershel. THIS. I still cry over this. I can’t even talk about this moment because we all know that this is for sure one of the deaths we will never get over in this show. Herself survived a bit, an amputation, and even the flu. He played such a major role in the show and taught the group, especially Rick, so many valuable lessons.


The Governor. YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES. FINALLY. That was my reaction while watching this scene. He pretty much died three times, but who was counting. Justice served with this one. This I can get over.


Mika. OKAY this was just AWFUL. Her own sister killed her, what even in the heck is wrong with this. Mika was so sweet and starting to realize how to deal with the new world finally. It also kills me how close she was to killing baby Judith too.


Lizzie. She deserved it. Well okay, maybe not because she’s only a child. But what kind of child kills their own sister? Can we all just admit that Lizzie was actually crazy and insane and it’s better off that she’s no longer alive? Thank you Carol!


Season Five:

Beth. MY GOD. I CAN’T. End of conversation. Literally Beth was the sweetest person on the entire show and they killed her off. I’m still bitter. Do you even understand how close she was to being back with the group. I hate this so much still.


Tyreese. First Beth, and now Tyresse too! I truly hate how the whole process of Tyreese dying gave the viewers a false hope that he would live. They drag on his death for so long and as a viewer I hate to see him suffering as he was one of the really sweet characters.


Noah. Literally loathe the guy that escaped the rotating door and sacrificed Noah so that he could get away and live. This scene was actually pretty difficult to watch after the past two other deaths. As a viewer, I was worried for the group since they were losing so many influential and important members.


Season Six:

Deanna. To be completely honest, I was pretty fine with Deanna’s death. I didn’t necessarily love her. Although she did step up at the end of her time on the show by sacrificing herself in a way for the group. I guess she wasn’t that bad of a leader anyways.


Sam. As much as it kills me to see an innocent child die on this show, Sam literally asked for it. He couldn’t deal with the outside world and ultimately his fear lead to his death, and the death of the rest of his family unfortunately.


Jessie. I was a little more upset about Jessie’s death just because of the relationship she had began to form with Rick. I was hopeful that Carl would finally have some sort of mother like figure, but now that I’ve seen the most recent season, I am perfectly okay with this relationship with Rick ending.


Ron. Again, it’s hard to say that a child deserved to die in this show, however, if anyone deserved it, it would be Ron. I mean, he tried to kill Carl people. Do you really think you are going to get away with trying to kill the son of Rick Grimes? I didn’t think so.


Nicholas. THANK GOODNESS IT WASN’T GLENN. That is all.


Denise. Denise’s death is pretty important in many ways. First it was the last (known or identified) death of the season. Second, Denise was the one person left who knew medical information and how to care for injured people, which as we know, who have come in handy when it came to Maggie’s predicament in the finale. twd22.jpg

 And there we have it. All the deaths since episode one, season one of The Walking Dead. If you saw the finale, you know that the viewers are left with a major cliff hanger. Who does Negan kill? Who dies at the end of the episode?

The wait for this answer is finally going to be over in just a couple of days!

Who do you think it is?

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Campus Involvement

Okay, so as I talked about in the quick blog we posted yesterday, I have been super busy lately. I was having a bit of a hard time coming up with a good blog topic and then it hit me, the one thing that I have been doing like crazy since coming back to campus, being involved. 

Now I’m not going to say what to get involved in or try to convince you to do all of the things that I do on my campus, however I am going to encourage you to be as involved as you can be. This doesn’t just go for college students but also high school students, and even graduates or work force employees. In general, I just want you to be involved whether it be with an organization, club, Greek life, the community, your workplace, ANYTHING!

Being involved on my campus as definitely changed my life and my outlook on life. I have found many organizations that I am very passionate about and loving being a part of. To give you a sense of how much time a day I spend being involved (especially the past few weeks) here are some of the things that have been keeping me on my toes lately.

On my campus, I am involved with..

Program Council- this is an organization that plans all of the events for everyone on campus. They host Bingo nights, homecoming week, springfest week, poetry nights, open mic nights, craft nights, and everything in between. All the events that they host on campus are usually 100% free. Other than that, they also plan some Off Campus Adventures that cost money, but aren’t above $10, which appeals to the college student wallet.

Greek Life- I am in a sorority on my campus. Every week we hold a Chapter meeting that is mandatory to attend. Along with that we attend philanthropy events to support the community and our organizations. Since I am in Greek Life, I also support Panhellenic Association. This is the governing board for all the sororities on campus. It also has a Circle of Sisterhood philanthropy that we support and raise money for. We do tons of volunteering in the community, off and on campus.

Residence Hall Association- This is the governing body that allocates money to the Residential buildings, programs, and any other event that you may need money for. This group basically votes to approve your request or not. It also holds some fun events like making cards for people with cancer or playing games against other residential halls.

Lastly, I signed up for a six week course about Greek Leadership and Development (or GLAD). In this we have a small group of campus leaders who get together to have discussions with other adminstrators on how we can become a better campus leader and how we can make a better image for ourselves on campus.

These four organizations are just the major ones that I participate in and attend meetings for every week. As you can probably tell, my schedule is pretty packed. Between these organizations, working, homework and other campus events, you’re probably wondering why I make myself so busy.

The answer is simple. Being involved on campus brings you so many opportunities that if you aren’t involved, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. For example, if I weren’t in Program Council, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to attend the Leadership Summit I went to a couple weeks ago. If I weren’t in Greek Life, I wouldn’t have been able to sign up for GLAD. Of course, there have been other opportunities that are available to me that I have had to say no to, as much as I didn’t want to.

And that’s just the case, being involved comes with responsibility and most important time management. First you are a college student. Then you are a campus leader. What I mean by this is that sometimes you can’t do everything. You must prioritize your school work before your involvement. If you know that you have a busy day on Tuesdays, you have to plan ahead and do everything before Tuesday. If you signed up for some leadership course that overlaps with your work schedule, you have to try to find a way to schedule your work week in a way that isn’t intrusive. If you have a huge exam coming up, you have to make the executive decision not to attend the weekly meeting.

I think that the reason why I am so passionate about being involved is all the opportunities that I have found since joining the organizations. But aside from that, it is the people and friends that I have made through them. I would have never met my roommates had I not been involved with Program Council or Greek Life. I couldn’t imagine a life without them as they have become a huge part of who I have grown to be as a campus leader. These organizations give you so much more than you could ever give them. They give you a lifetime of memories in exchange for an hour of your time each week. They give you the strongest friendships in exchange for signing up to volunteer for an event. They give you experience for any career you may go into in exchange for a weekend traveling to a National Conference.

With that being said, I encourage every single high school student, college student, college graduate, parent, employee to get involved with something that is meaningful to you. Get involved with some organization that you are passionate about. What you take away from being involved is so much greater than anything you could imagine.

Blog Milestones


I got the notification that we received our fiftieth follower a week or so ago and wanted to make a quick post about it then, however, life has been crazy busy lately, so we never got the chance. You guys have probably noticed that our blogs have ben slacking when it comes to tweeting regularly. Bubbles returned back to her college campus and has been involved with a lot of clubs and organizations as well as work, class, and other homework. Squishy has been pretty busy as well with work and just a lot going on in her life. But luckily, we are starting to get our game back together here. No worries! There’s a quick little update on us and life.


We just wanted to say thank you to our fabulous FIFTY followers! We’ve had this blog for less than a year and to say the least it’s been crazy to see how successful it could be one day (as long as we keep posting regularly).

So thank you all for the endless support, follows, likes and comments on our blogs!!

Keep interacting with us! We love hearing from you in the comments section!

Much love,

Squishy & Bubbles

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My Top 8 Favorite Disney Rides

This September, I got the pleasure of going to Disney World! The happiest place on earth. I’ve gone quite a few times as a child but, it has been way too long since I’ve been there. I was so excited when I got the opportunity to go!

There are maaaaany amazing rides and it’s hard to just pick a few. But, I will try anyway!

1. Mount Everest

This last time I went to Disney, I rode this for the first time and absolutely loved it. We rode it twice in a row! It’s thrilling, creepy, and fun! It makes it look like the track is broken because of the Yeti. Then, you go backwards. It’s just a lot of fun.

2. The Haunted Mansion

This ones a classic and a must ride for me. The atmosphere as you’re waiting in line is amazingly spooky. It may raise your hair on the back of your neck!

3. The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

I’m not exactly sure if that’s what it’s really called. That’s just what I’ve always called it. This one is another classic and must ride. You’ll take a ride through the story of Captain Jack Sparrow and become apart of it. Be careful not to get killed by a pirate while riding it!

4. Tower of Terror

This is another ride that I rode for the first time this last trip. I’ve always been too scared to go on it. But, it turned out to be really fun! The atmosphere on it is also really cool and spooky. You’ll go on this “elevator” and once you get to the top, you’ll suddenly drop. You go up and down a few times. It’s name is very accurate.

5. It’s a Small World

I have to put this one in my top 8. It has a special place in my heart. I loved it as a kid and I would always sing it on the bus ride back to our resort at the end of the night. The song does get stuck in your head for all eternity. But, it’s a cute little ride.

6. Toy story ride

This one is somewhat new. While you’re waiting in line, it’s like you shrunk to the size of a toy. So everything is giant. Once you’re on the ride, you have to shoot targets and it’s a lot of fun.

7. Space Mountain

It’s an indoor roller coaster and it’s dark so you really don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Sounds kinda scary but it’s a lot of fun.

8. The Frozen Ride

I love the movie Frozen and was so excited when I heard they were making a ride. It’s such a cute ride with a little twist and turns. Ride this if you get a chance! The line is usually pretty long.

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15 things they should teach in high school (but don’t)

High school years are some of the most important years of your life. What you do in high school determines what your future will be like. If you intend on attending a prestigious college, you’re going to have to work hard and receive grades that stand out. Becoming involved in high school is important to colleges because they want a group of students who is diverse in what they do.

However, high school doesn’t just prepare you for college. It should be preparing you for becoming an adult. Once you graduate high school, you are seen as an adult in the eyes of society. Sure high school gives you the knowledge for college courses and prepares you for the work load of homework. But there are many things that high school doesn’t prepare you for before you graduate that you should really know how to do.

Here is a list of things that they should teach you in high school, but they don’t.

  1. How to cook-
    • Going into college I had the thought that I would try to make my own meals as much as I could. But I quickly realized that the only foods on the menu were ramen noodles, pasta and sauce, toast, cookies and microwave meals. My middle and high school offered cooking classes that were mandatory for each grade level, however they stopped offering these courses after my first year in middle school. I always thought those classes would be fun but I never realized how important they could be and are when you are on your own.
  2. How to balance a check book
    • Now this is something that for sure should be taught in high school. Instead of learning this in a class, my mother had to teach me how to balance a check book. Sure it’s only an hour or so lesson but a class should be offered to high schoolers that teaches them responsibility when it comes to managing money.
  3. How to apply for loans
    • After you graduate high school, applying for loans for college is one of he first thing you’ll be doing. It will probably be the first adult like thing you’ve ever done in your life. Of course, our generation is also one that is filled with first generation college students which isn’t helpful because no one knows exactly how to apply for loans, what the differences are, or which loans are the best.
  4. How and when to start a retirement fund
    • Not that this is super important at a younger age, but as you get older you are going to want to start planning a retirement fund. My mom told me that at the age of 21 you should start putting away $100 a month towards retirement and by the time you are there you’ll have a million dollars saved.
  5. How and when to pay off college loans
    • Loans have interest. Interest is a killer when you are trying to pay off your loans. I wish that not only did high school teach me about applying for loans, but also how to pay them off in a shorter amount of time. Or at least some tricks or tips on not gaining so much interest over the years.
  6. How to handle money and taxes
    • This kind of goes with everything I’ve been saying with loans and retirement funds but, high school should teach you how to budget your money. How much you should spend and how much you should save. Also, they should teach you about taxes and what exactly you get back in them at the end of the year. I just started working my first real job and have no clue what the taxes being taken out of my pay check are for.
  7. Politics
    • In high school, I took a variety of history classes. But now that I am in college, I am required to take a politic class. This class was completely overwhelming for me. The professor would use examples that I have no clue the meaning of. We never really spent too much time on politics which really stressed me out when taking this class, so much so that I withdrew from it.
  8. How to change a tire
    • Sure it comes with some type of instruction in the car manual, however, changing a tire is just one of those things that you should know hoe to do before it happens. Learning how to change a tire on the side of the highway isn’t the best time to figure it out for yourself.
  9. Simple home repairs
    • How to unclog a toilet, how to fix a leaky faucet, something simple like this could be really useful when you own your first home. Homes come with some issues no matter what, painting, sanding, installing a shelf, and so on. And sure these are simple instructions for the most part, but it surely isn’t always common sense.
  10. How to establish good credit
    • Honestly, I still don’t understand what credit is. I don’t know how to establish credit. I don’t, I just don’t know a single thing about credit.
  11. Finding a job
    • I recently got my first real job, after taking on about ten interviews and finally getting hired, finding a job was more difficult than I had thought it would be. I always felt good after the interview, only to hear I didn’t get the job.
  12. How to be interviewed for a job
    • Interviews always made me really nervous. You aren’t sure what questions they are going to ask you. You can’t prepare your answers in advanced. Interviewing isn’t for everyone that’s for sure. Learning how to handle an interview in high school would have helped me so much with my interviews instead of learning after a series of failures.
  13. Self defense
    • Here is something that my high school actually offered me. Before graduation, we took a class for self defense, it was just the ladies who were offered this course since ladies are more likely to run into a situation where they have to defend themselves. However, it was just a two hour quick lesson that I think would have helped so much more had they done the class over a period of time to learn more defense mechanisms.
  14. CPR certification or basic first aid
    • Many jobs look for people who are CPR certified and know some type of first aid. Usually a job will train you in this, but not all jobs require it. It gives you something to put on your resume that employers are looking for. I am not CPR certified or know any type of basic first aid for my job. I recently had someone pass out unconscious and had absolutely no clue what to do other than inform my supervisor to get help. It was terrifying not knowing how to help.
  15. Time management
    • For the most part, this is something I probably learned the most of on this list in high school. You do have to manage your time well and get assignments in on time as they are due. However, its different when you are on your own in college and you have to manage work, school, campus involvement, class, eating, laundry, etc etc all by yourself.
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Simple happinesses

Today’s blog though isn’t exactly specifically my relationship, but something that I have come to learn about happiness as a result of it.

I wanted to start this blog off with a little quote,

“I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you’re set”. -Unknown

The reason I picked this quote in particular is because today I wanted to talk about happiness. Not really just happiness as a whole, but simple happiness. 

Not really sure what that means? No worries, if you don’t quite understand now I’m sure you will by the end. It’s really a “simple” concept. See what I did there?

Happy is really a pretty simple definition actually. From the dictionary,

hap·py   ˈhapē/


 1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Happiness however? It’s kind of more complex, although the definition doesn’t really show its complexity.

hap·pi·ness   ˈhapēnəs/


noun: happiness; plural noun: happinesses

1. the state of being happy.

The reason I say it is more complex is because there are countless things that can make you happy. It could be your family, friends, pets, significant other and so on. The list is endless. The problem is that we don’t realize all of the things that make us happy because most of them are so simple. These simple happinesses get lost in a sea of reasons that you are unhappy. This is because people tend to focus more on the negatives in life instead of the positives. So today, I want to talk about the positive, simple happinesses you can find in your life.

What are some of these simple happinesses that I am talking about? To list some of the many my relationship has come to show me,

I have found happiness in his touch, his voice, his smile. The way he takes my hand and kisses it. How he makes the perfect cuddling partner.

I have found happiness in spending time together, no matter how short it may be. The way he comes to see me after a long day of work. How he acts when he’s super duper tired.

I have found happiness in the way I look at him and the way he looks back at me. How he squeezes me, just because he can. The way that he comes up behind me and hugs or kisses me.

I have found happiness in doing new things and exploring new places together. The way he thinks he knows where we are, when actually we are pretty lost in the woods. And how he won’t admit we’re lost.

I have found happiness in the way he holds me. The cute little things he does for me, like carry me over puddles so my shoes don’t get wet. 

I have found happiness driving around in his car singing as loud as we can. How he reminds me to take cheesy pictures, but still makes fun of how cheesy they may be.

I have found happiness in simple trips to the grocery stores, or going to a shopping mall just to look around. The way that he carefully picks out everything he buys.

I have found happiness in practically everything since I have started dating him. The way that we can enjoy anything we do simply because we love being together. 

I have found happiness in him. 

This is where the quote I started off with comes into play. Find what it is that makes you happy. For me, this would have to be all of these simple happinesses in little things that I’ve found in my relationship with him. Find who it is that makes you happy. Although obvious, for me, the one who makes me happy would be my wonderful boyfriend. When I am with him, nothing else in the world exists.

My point with this blog is not to get caught up in all the bad things happening all the time. Instead, go out and do something that makes you realize how beautiful life is. Enjoy every second that you possibly can because you surely don’t get to go back in time to do it over. Never take someone, or something, that makes you happy for granted because it could be gone in an instant.

Mostly, the things I found that made me happy were ones that you just don’t look at in the big septum of life, but you should. Every little, simple thing adds up on the list to make you realize what an amazing day you had looking back. Focus on the things that make you happy and you’ll be set.

Happy eight months to my incredible boyfriend❤️ I can’t imagine where I’d be if I never met you. Thank you for being your wonderful self and never ceasing to make me smile and laugh.