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My Top 8 Favorite Disney Rides

This September, I got the pleasure of going to Disney World! The happiest place on earth. I’ve gone quite a few times as a child but, it has been way too long since I’ve been there. I was so excited when I got the opportunity to go!

There are maaaaany amazing rides and it’s hard to just pick a few. But, I will try anyway!

1. Mount Everest

This last time I went to Disney, I rode this for the first time and absolutely loved it. We rode it twice in a row! It’s thrilling, creepy, and fun! It makes it look like the track is broken because of the Yeti. Then, you go backwards. It’s just a lot of fun.

2. The Haunted Mansion

This ones a classic and a must ride for me. The atmosphere as you’re waiting in line is amazingly spooky. It may raise your hair on the back of your neck!

3. The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

I’m not exactly sure if that’s what it’s really called. That’s just what I’ve always called it. This one is another classic and must ride. You’ll take a ride through the story of Captain Jack Sparrow and become apart of it. Be careful not to get killed by a pirate while riding it!

4. Tower of Terror

This is another ride that I rode for the first time this last trip. I’ve always been too scared to go on it. But, it turned out to be really fun! The atmosphere on it is also really cool and spooky. You’ll go on this “elevator” and once you get to the top, you’ll suddenly drop. You go up and down a few times. It’s name is very accurate.

5. It’s a Small World

I have to put this one in my top 8. It has a special place in my heart. I loved it as a kid and I would always sing it on the bus ride back to our resort at the end of the night. The song does get stuck in your head for all eternity. But, it’s a cute little ride.

6. Toy story ride

This one is somewhat new. While you’re waiting in line, it’s like you shrunk to the size of a toy. So everything is giant. Once you’re on the ride, you have to shoot targets and it’s a lot of fun.

7. Space Mountain

It’s an indoor roller coaster and it’s dark so you really don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Sounds kinda scary but it’s a lot of fun.

8. The Frozen Ride

I love the movie Frozen and was so excited when I heard they were making a ride. It’s such a cute ride with a little twist and turns. Ride this if you get a chance! The line is usually pretty long.


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