Blog Milestones


I got the notification that we received our fiftieth follower a week or so ago and wanted to make a quick post about it then, however, life has been crazy busy lately, so we never got the chance. You guys have probably noticed that our blogs have ben slacking when it comes to tweeting regularly. Bubbles returned back to her college campus and has been involved with a lot of clubs and organizations as well as work, class, and other homework. Squishy has been pretty busy as well with work and just a lot going on in her life. But luckily, we are starting to get our game back together here. No worries! There’s a quick little update on us and life.


We just wanted to say thank you to our fabulous FIFTY followers! We’ve had this blog for less than a year and to say the least it’s been crazy to see how successful it could be one day (as long as we keep posting regularly).

So thank you all for the endless support, follows, likes and comments on our blogs!!

Keep interacting with us! We love hearing from you in the comments section!

Much love,

Squishy & Bubbles


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