The Walking Dead deaths I won’t ever get over



Now that we gave a fair warning of the spoilers you’re about to read, let’s talk about The Walking Dead. This series is by far my favorite series to watch. I make sure that I never miss an episode, no matter how busy I may be or how late Sunday Night Football may run, but usually it doesn’t interfere much, thank goodness. I have definitely grown to love the characters in the show as if I know them personally. Also I understand why some characters have to be killed off, but I still can’t get over their deaths. With that being said, let’s discuss some of the deaths that I cannot handle, yes I cried.

P.s. I’m going to go in the order of the seasons. This may turn out to simply be a list of people who died, whoops.

***One last chance to leave if you haven’t seen the latest season***

 Season One:

Amy. Amy is really one of the first close deaths we see happen. She gets bitten by a walker and then Andrea steps in to prevent her from turning. It’s a pretty emotional moment despite not knowing the group for very long.


Season Two:

Dale. Dale was truly one of my favorite characters in the first season. He had a lot of knowledge and protected the group at all times from the top of his RV. Dale’s death is definitely harder for viewers to handle since he and Glenn become so close with each other.


Shane. Okay, this is a death I can get over, but sometimes I wonder where the group would be with Shane today. Other times, I totally forget about his existence. This is one of the few deaths viewers celebrated when it happened.


Sophia. Sophia’s death was the first young and innocent child’s life that was taken in the apocalypse. Although as a viewer, you don’t get to see how it happens, you hope that somehow somewhere she will turn up alive. When she steps out of the barn as a walker and you see how distraught Carol is, you realize how much of an emotional death this was for everyone.


Season Three:

T-Dog. I just loved T-Dog , his character brought some light into the show and he was genuinely a wonderful person in the group. Just for that reason alone, I miss T-Dog’s character in the show and wonder what difference he would have made to the group in the seasons now.


Lori. Lori herself from the start was a despised character after cheating on her husband, whether he was dead or alive. This death only hits me in the feels because her one son had to kill her. Seeing Rick and Carl so upset over this death is hard to watch for anyone.


Merle. Another hard death for people to watch. Not per say because of Merle’s death, but seeing Daryl, a strong, tough character so distraught over the death of his brother. Let’s face it, Merle wasn’t always a great character, but he did prove himself to the group.


Milton. Yes, I know, he was part of an opposing force (being The Governor). But, Milton never really did anything wrong. He definitely faced a long, painful death. It dragged on for what seemed like forever.


Andrea. Again, Andrea somewhat disowned the group for The Governor’s town. But afterwards, all she was trying to do was help to make the situation better for both groups, without having to risk anyone’s life.


Season Four:

Hershel. THIS. I still cry over this. I can’t even talk about this moment because we all know that this is for sure one of the deaths we will never get over in this show. Herself survived a bit, an amputation, and even the flu. He played such a major role in the show and taught the group, especially Rick, so many valuable lessons.


The Governor. YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES. FINALLY. That was my reaction while watching this scene. He pretty much died three times, but who was counting. Justice served with this one. This I can get over.


Mika. OKAY this was just AWFUL. Her own sister killed her, what even in the heck is wrong with this. Mika was so sweet and starting to realize how to deal with the new world finally. It also kills me how close she was to killing baby Judith too.


Lizzie. She deserved it. Well okay, maybe not because she’s only a child. But what kind of child kills their own sister? Can we all just admit that Lizzie was actually crazy and insane and it’s better off that she’s no longer alive? Thank you Carol!


Season Five:

Beth. MY GOD. I CAN’T. End of conversation. Literally Beth was the sweetest person on the entire show and they killed her off. I’m still bitter. Do you even understand how close she was to being back with the group. I hate this so much still.


Tyreese. First Beth, and now Tyresse too! I truly hate how the whole process of Tyreese dying gave the viewers a false hope that he would live. They drag on his death for so long and as a viewer I hate to see him suffering as he was one of the really sweet characters.


Noah. Literally loathe the guy that escaped the rotating door and sacrificed Noah so that he could get away and live. This scene was actually pretty difficult to watch after the past two other deaths. As a viewer, I was worried for the group since they were losing so many influential and important members.


Season Six:

Deanna. To be completely honest, I was pretty fine with Deanna’s death. I didn’t necessarily love her. Although she did step up at the end of her time on the show by sacrificing herself in a way for the group. I guess she wasn’t that bad of a leader anyways.


Sam. As much as it kills me to see an innocent child die on this show, Sam literally asked for it. He couldn’t deal with the outside world and ultimately his fear lead to his death, and the death of the rest of his family unfortunately.


Jessie. I was a little more upset about Jessie’s death just because of the relationship she had began to form with Rick. I was hopeful that Carl would finally have some sort of mother like figure, but now that I’ve seen the most recent season, I am perfectly okay with this relationship with Rick ending.


Ron. Again, it’s hard to say that a child deserved to die in this show, however, if anyone deserved it, it would be Ron. I mean, he tried to kill Carl people. Do you really think you are going to get away with trying to kill the son of Rick Grimes? I didn’t think so.


Nicholas. THANK GOODNESS IT WASN’T GLENN. That is all.


Denise. Denise’s death is pretty important in many ways. First it was the last (known or identified) death of the season. Second, Denise was the one person left who knew medical information and how to care for injured people, which as we know, who have come in handy when it came to Maggie’s predicament in the finale. twd22.jpg

 And there we have it. All the deaths since episode one, season one of The Walking Dead. If you saw the finale, you know that the viewers are left with a major cliff hanger. Who does Negan kill? Who dies at the end of the episode?

The wait for this answer is finally going to be over in just a couple of days!

Who do you think it is?


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