Working in College

College is pretty much the most important step that will lead you to a career you will spend the next fifty or so years doing. I guess you could say that it is pretty dang important. Although some people in certain career paths can get away without a college degree, most fields require it. This makes it super difficult to get a job unless you attend college. But college is expensive. 

It’s hard to find a job working on a campus when there are 11,000 or more other students looking for a job as well. My first year as a freshmen I applied for around 15 jobs, had one interview and NO job. Luckily, I received a couple of scholarships from my high school and had saved most of the amount I needed to pay my first year in full.

This year you ask? HA. This year I had my first (real) (not babysitting) job during the summer. I have a job babysitting three days a week near my campus. AND I just got a second job working on campus taking notes for students in my class. Despite all of that, I still had to take out a huge loan to pay for my college education. And it’s only my second year. Multiply this by at least two more years, if I graduate on time, and then at least two years after that because my career field requires me to earn my Master’s Degree.

Not only is it difficult to find a single job near by your campus, but this job also has to be pretty flexible considering your courses will change in 4 months and they are likely to be different, in turn changing your work hours or days. Luckily, for those who end up snatching a job on campus, the jobs know and understand that you are a college student and being a student and earning good grades is the most important thing. However, there are many companies that seem to think that you are going to work for them forever and never move on to bigger and better things. They use up every spare second you have (which is next to zero) and kill your social life or student involvement time.

Currently, I planned my schedule for this semester around a babysitting job that I was supposed to have. At the end of last semester though I was told that I was no longer needed as the father’s work hours were changed. I had really planned my life round having this job and didn’t expect to lose it anytime soon. So now, I am left with a very boring and open schedule that I COULD fit easily into a work schedule. BUT it’s basically too late to get any job on campus because the semester just started and they have most positions filled.

Working and college and loans and money are all just such a struggle honestly.


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