The worst Christmas I’ve ever had

Christmas is no doubt my favorite time of the year. In the past couple of years since becoming an aunt, I have loved this holiday for the spirit of giving. I clearly have grown up since the days of it being all about the gifts and receiving them. The reason why Christmas is my favorite time of the year is because of all the joy and laughter that people have.

However, there was one Christmas that I just really can’t get out of my mind when the season comes around.

As a little background, I have always hated how alcohol makes people act. I literally can not deal with people, especially family members, who are drunk. This so happened to be the case with the worst Christmas I have ever had.

It was a couple of years ago. My aunt, who tends to drink to begin with, had had WAY too much to drink that night. She was belligerently drunk to the point where she was demanding more alcohol to take home. She was drunk and therefore got more and more angry when her bottle of alcohol (that she took from my uncle) was misplaced (aka taken and hidden from her). She was yelling and screaming for her alcohol in front of the entire family, including my five year old nephew. She kept saying that she needed the alcohol in order to have sex with her husband. Swearing and throwing herself all over the place, and even getting into a fist fight with my mother, I decided that I needed to walk away and take my nephew with me into the other room.

This is where he told me that this was the worst Christmas ever.

It is really insane how much one event can change the entire spirit of a night. After this, everyone seemed to be less cheerful and the spirit of Christmas was gone.

And that is the story of my worst Christmas ever.


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