Cuddling vs Snuggling- What is the difference?!

So I’ve always kind of wondered what the difference between cuddling and snuggling is. My boyfriend had this theory that cuddling is with clothes because it starts with “c” and snuggling involves some sort of sexual interaction since it starts with “s”. Seems like a valid theory right? I thought so too.

However, I got bored the other day and decided to actually look up on (the website we all used in like eight grade when we didn’t know terms or sayings). I figured out that there is MORE than just cuddling and snuggling. So clearly, I now have to educate the WordPress population of my findings.

According to Urban Dictionary…

Cuddling is simply touching and caressing without any contact whatsoever with either partner’s sexual organs. Women actually prefer cuddling to sex. Smart men love cuddling because it is single best route to sexual intercourse and to the elusive FEMALE ORGASM. Such men are treasured.
(I suppose the “c” theory for this one is correct!)

1. Cuddling with your significant other
2. Often starts out playful and flirty; includes a happy ending.
3. Tends to be sexual.
(Another hit! The theory is right again!)
BUT THEN… I found words that are related and it blew my mind. Who knew they had sexual terms for EVERY utensil!?!?!
A form of cuddling in which the man embraces the woman from the back and fit together like spoons. Hence the word “spooning.”
For Girls: Cute, Warm, & Straight to sleep
For Guys: A face full of hair, A dead arm, & an awkward boner
(OK, well I did know about this one… but just wait)
An phenomenon that occurs when a man and a woman are spooning, and the man gets an erection. Often leads to either anal sex, or a restraining order, or in rare cases, both.
Lying next to each other. Just lay on your back..parralell. Oh the innocence.
Ferocious fingering in the standard knifing motion. hand must be bladed to carry out act effectively.
This is usually performed after spooning and before forking!!
A sexual act in which a man enters a woman from behind. The woman lies down on her stomach with her legs spread (knee joints straight) and the man enters her with a straight body such that the “fork” that is formed consists of the woman’s legs on the sides and the man’s legs in between.
And then there’s this,
Two guys lie down facing each other, and both simultaneously grind their penisagainst the belly of the other person. The first person to come loses.
IDK I guess the more you know… ???
Shoutout to Urban Dictionary for always having the answers to my questions.

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