Life Updates

Hi Readers!

I’m back! This past semester has been absolutely crazy for me (and I have a feeling it’s just going to be more and more crazy as I get into higher level courses). Being a double majors no joke!

Anyways, there are only a couple days that stand between me and the summer! Which unfortunately, is going to consist of an online course, observation hours and a summer job (or two). There isn’t really ever a break is there!

This past semester, I had to take six courses. Since I had previously withdrawn from a  hard course, I was falling behind on credits (which means I wouldn’t have graduated in time). To make up for it, I had to take six courses which along with all of the other things I enjoy on campus, made for a really stressful semester.

My courses consisted of:

  • Developmental Psychology
    • This course was actually REALLY fascinating to me. I LOVED the professor so that definitely helped when it came to going to class. Weekly online quizzes that were 5 questions, only a couple exams, fun class discussions. It really wasn’t that bad.
  • Statistics for Psychology
    • Actual death. Halfway through the semester, I ended up getting Mono and missing a couple of classes. When I came back to class, I found out that there was an exam the following class. I went to ask the professor for help with some of the material i didn’t understand and she told me to WITHDRAW. So I studied my butt off for the weekend, and then got an 85 on the exam. Ever since that, I hated this course. Teachers are supposed to help you!
  • Math for Elementary Teachers
    • As the title implies, I’m an Education major so this course is simple math and basically explains how to teach math in a classroom and prepares you for the state testing. Which my state has the hardest teacher testing process and exams, so wish my luck.
  • Intro to Special Education
    • This was actually offered online which gave me the confidence to take a sixth class since I didn’t actually need to make a time commitment. However, I was wrong. The book I ordered for the class didn’t arrive for 4 weeks into the semester and then once I started to catch up, I got Mono and fell behind again. It also requires you to do 40 observation hours in a school which I only was able to get 15 of them done, hence why I have observation hours to do in the summer.
  • Second Year Seminar
    • Every sophomore is required to take a core seminar course their second year. I took an Elementary Education one that was about learning different writing styles. There was only 11 people in the class, one of them being my boyfriend, so it was pretty fun and laid back. Until the professor became my advisor and questioned me about my boyfriend and I’s status and relationship (embarrassing moment)
  • Intro to Elementary Education
    • A piece of cake class that was forever giving me anxiety when I walked into the door. There was ALWAYS an assignment due, but the professor NEvER talked about the assignments because they were in the syllabus (which he never posted online- so we only had one copy ever). I had to complete 40 observation hours for this course as well and managed to pull those out during spring break.

This semester I also remained involved with the numerous organizations I am apart of on campus… Greek Life with my sorority which I hold a Directors position for- I run the social medias which means I’m basically constantly checking my notifications. We also had a bunch of Philanthropy options. We got to homeless shelters and serve food, participated in Relay for Life and so on.

Program Council which is a group that plans events on campus. I often volunteered for events. Theres a couple more that are less important.

I also applied for an executive board position on the Panhellenic Association, which is the governing board for all the sororities on campus. And I got it! So this semester i had training for that and I have already started things for next semester!

And on top of all of that, I also had family events and somehow managed to make time for friends and family. I BARELY spent any time at home because there were events practically every weekend so I’m excited to go home and see my family more.

So needless to say, it has been one heck of a three months. I’m so glad that the semester is over.

Cheers to summer! And more blogs!




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