Going to College 101

Are you heading into your first year at a University?

Are you nervous? Excited?

Do you have all the must have things for living on campus?

Just three years ago I was in the exact same situation. I was moving into a dorm, with some ladies that I had never met before. I was being thrown into some HUGE campus I had no clue where anything was. I had no friends to do things with or get lunch with.

Or at least going into move in day, that’s what it seemed like would happen. I was very nervous and yet very excited to enter this new phase of my life. After all, this is when all the fun happens.

Here’s a list of the top 5 things I wish I had known moving in my freshman year.

  1. Have a check list. I actually typed out an entire list of everything I needed to have. As I bought them I checked them off and packed them away in plastic boxes (you’ll need at least 2). Here’s my college listI’ve actually used this every single year since and have added things that I’ve noticed I needed. So it really is a tried and tested list. Of course, you’ll always forget something. But at least with this list you can get everything organized and put in one place. Trust me, move in day gets real hectic, real fast. 
  2. Before I even moved in, I became part of the Class of 2020 Facebook page. Here I would have a chance to talk and met people who would be living on my floor or taking courses with me. Although I tried to make friends on this page, none of them actually turned into friendships that lasted. And to be honest, once you get moved into your dorm you make connections with the people you met immediately. It really is best to just wait it out. I promise you won’t be eating alone at the dining halls. Also, you don’t HAVE to become best friends with the people that you room with your freshman year.
  3. Floating off the Facebook page point, upperclassmen used this page to post the events that would be happening once we moved in. Facebook event pages are a must. Literally survival tools. Whenever I see an event page for something on campus I always click “Interested”. That way, when the day of the event comes and I’m bored I know what is happening around campus. These events are great ways to meet people and friends that share similar interests as you! 
  4. Never, and I mean NEVER, buy books straight from the college bookstore, before doing research to find cheaper prices. Books are expensive! I usually do my research on Amazon and Big Words. Big Words is my first go to because it actually compares all the bookstore and website prices in one place for you to find the cheapest. Of course, sometimes there are special books published by your university that are not offered at any other place. You might be lucky enough to find an upperclassman on the Facebook pages that wants to sell it. It usually is cheaper to rent books for the semester, as you’ll likely never use them again.
  5. Generate a college schedule of your classes. This website something that I have actually recently discovered this past year. It is super helpful because you put in the times you have class, jobs, meetings, lunch, gym time or whatever and it adds it to the schedule for you. You can also color code the postings. It can even help you to organize a week of assignments if you need to schedule time to complete them. Here’s an example of mine! (Of course, it will get more busy when the semester starts!)Schedule copy.png

Hopefully these 5 tips have helped you!

Let me know in the comments if they did! Or if you have any tips that I may not know!

100 Things

100 things… I’ll never do (again)

OK I’m going to be straight forward with this because there aren’t that many things that I’ve done in my life that I regret doing. I haven’t had those rebellious teenage years. I don’t really like taking risks or trying new things. So, coming up with 100 things that I won’t do again, that I’ve already done, is going to be super tricky for me!

Let’s try it anyways??

  1. Take someone back who doesn’t deserve it
  2. Continue a friendship with someone who I don’t consider a friend
  3. Go swimming with dolphins—It’s incredible but there are many captivities that aren’t treating animals properly and it’s sad to pay for the adventure and support the company.
  4. Be the only one to text first
  5. Order a salad with “grasshopper dressing— It’s not just a fancy name, there were actual grasshoppers!!!
  6. Let someone else hold me back from things that I want to achieve
  7. Fight for someone who isn’t worth it
  8. Say “I love you” to someone who doesn’t prove they feel the same
  9. Seek out of the my parents house— Lame, I know, but I got in so much trouble that once!
  10. Be in a toxic friendship or relationship
  11. Be in a long distance relationship— Maybe it’s great for some people, but not me!
  12. Walk alone at night (across campus)— Safety in numbers!
  13. Drink Burnett’s brand vodka— I can still feel my throat burning
  14. Use a regular hot glue gun— “Cool shots” are the way to go! No more burns!
  15. Forget to shake up the ketchup container before using it— Probably will forget but I don’t want to
  16. Get into someone’s car that I don’t know— That could have been bad
  17. Sell myself short— ALWAYS believe in yourself!!
  18. Gain the freshman fifteen— It’s a real thing, and I don’t want it again
  19. Send nudes to someone I haven’t met— Also could have ended poorly
  20. Procrastinate on assignments— Just kidding, I will definitely do this but aim high right?
  21. Take an 8 am class— Just don’t, you can’t
  22. Sit through an all day time share pitch— They seriously trap you there!
  23. Eat eggs— Since I got chickens and saw how dirty and smelly chickens are I can’t bring myself to eat eggs, unless its in cake or baked things.
  24. Let someone take my “no” for a “yes” or “stop” as a “go”
  25. Let the baby in reach of my phone, computer, tablet, etc— Bad idea, they like to throw things.

I think 25 will do for now. Maybe someday this list will reach 100 things. Who knows?


C & C · dating · Relationships

It’s a choice.

A year and a half,

18 months,

546 days,

13,104 hours,

786,240 minutes,

47,174,400 seconds,

Filled with countless adventures, kisses, and memories.

As you could probably guess, today marks one and a half years since I started dating my best friend. When I first met my boyfriend about 20 months ago, I wasn’t expecting a relationship. I was a freshman in college and for the first time in a while, I wanted to just enjoy life and make friends, focusing on myself and my grades in school. After all, they say college relationships never work out, right? I certainly wasn’t focused on finding a boyfriend. But, everything happens for a reason, right? And sometimes the best things in life are ones that you don’t expect will happen in the first place.

It’s currently 11:53 at night, I’m on Skype with that same boy I met in December, twenty months ago, as I was making cookies in the dorm kitchen with some of my friends. Have you ever met someone and felt immediately attracted to them? And I don’t mean attracted in a physical way. I mean, attracted as in something was destined to happen and that’s why they walked in that door. That’s why you happened to be making cookies at one in the morning. That’s why you weren’t in your dorm building, but instead across campus. Well this was one of those moments.

For the first time in years, I was single, flirty, and having fun enjoying whatever life threw at me. When he walked in that door, a guy I started to talk to a couple days prior had just left. What great timing. We made the cookies and he left. A few days later, I met my friend in a dining hall to get a smoothie with the other boy I was talking to. She brought along her friend, the boy we had made cookies with just a few days before. The second those two boys were in a room together was another one of those meant-to-be, destined moments. I actually ended up sending a snap chat to Squishy of the boy I was crushing on. Can you guess which one it was? Cookie boy or Smoothie boy?

If you answered Cookie boy, you guessed right! I invited them up to my dorm room and after a while, the smoothie boy left (thank goodness). And when Cookie boy left, he forgot his phone. Spoiler alert: I found out months later that he forgot it on purpose! He had left it there so that he would have an excuse to come back, and get my number. Except, instead I ended up asking him to add me on snapchat. During winter break, we snap chatted occasionally.

When we moved back to school in January, I had put in a room change request so that I would be able to room with my best friend. But it also happened to be right down the hall from Cookie boy. From there, the rest is predictable.

We hung out, pretty much every day, since we lived right down the hall. We ate meals together, did homework together, played monopoly at one in the morning, etc. All of the normal college things. This happened for about a month before we had officially started dating.

This boy has been there with me through everything since our freshman year of college. We are now going into our junior year. Of course we’ve had some bumps in the road along the way, but something magical made everything come together in the end. Every relationship has little hiccups. Every relationship has its share of good and bad times. We have not been some miraculous exception to that. However, we have chosen to try and work to get through whatever get thrown at us.

Relationships are not so much destined to be with some happily ever after. There’s no such thing as fairytales.  But there is such thing as choosing to be with each other even at the worst times. Relationships are commitments to each other. Commitments to care about each other and love each other through the good and bad times.

I think that this is the reason why Cody and I were “destined to be together”. For if I didn’t have him, I wouldn’t have had the support, motivation and love that got me through the past year and a half. And I have definitely been there for him in the times when he has needed me. It’s a choice. It’s a commitment. He has definitely come to be my best friend and my boyfriend.

And yes, it is love.

P.S. College relationships work if you want them too.