Going to College 101

Are you heading into your first year at a University?

Are you nervous? Excited?

Do you have all the must have things for living on campus?

Just three years ago I was in the exact same situation. I was moving into a dorm, with some ladies that I had never met before. I was being thrown into some HUGE campus I had no clue where anything was. I had no friends to do things with or get lunch with.

Or at least going into move in day, that’s what it seemed like would happen. I was very nervous and yet very excited to enter this new phase of my life. After all, this is when all the fun happens.

Here’s a list of the top 5 things I wish I had known moving in my freshman year.

  1. Have a check list. I actually typed out an entire list of everything I needed to have. As I bought them I checked them off and packed them away in plastic boxes (you’ll need at least 2). Here’s my college listI’ve actually used this every single year since and have added things that I’ve noticed I needed. So it really is a tried and tested list. Of course, you’ll always forget something. But at least with this list you can get everything organized and put in one place. Trust me, move in day gets real hectic, real fast. 
  2. Before I even moved in, I became part of the Class of 2020 Facebook page. Here I would have a chance to talk and met people who would be living on my floor or taking courses with me. Although I tried to make friends on this page, none of them actually turned into friendships that lasted. And to be honest, once you get moved into your dorm you make connections with the people you met immediately. It really is best to just wait it out. I promise you won’t be eating alone at the dining halls. Also, you don’t HAVE to become best friends with the people that you room with your freshman year.
  3. Floating off the Facebook page point, upperclassmen used this page to post the events that would be happening once we moved in. Facebook event pages are a must. Literally survival tools. Whenever I see an event page for something on campus I always click “Interested”. That way, when the day of the event comes and I’m bored I know what is happening around campus. These events are great ways to meet people and friends that share similar interests as you! 
  4. Never, and I mean NEVER, buy books straight from the college bookstore, before doing research to find cheaper prices. Books are expensive! I usually do my research on Amazon and Big Words. Big Words is my first go to because it actually compares all the bookstore and website prices in one place for you to find the cheapest. Of course, sometimes there are special books published by your university that are not offered at any other place. You might be lucky enough to find an upperclassman on the Facebook pages that wants to sell it. It usually is cheaper to rent books for the semester, as you’ll likely never use them again.
  5. Generate a college schedule of your classes. This website something that I have actually recently discovered this past year. It is super helpful because you put in the times you have class, jobs, meetings, lunch, gym time or whatever and it adds it to the schedule for you. You can also color code the postings. It can even help you to organize a week of assignments if you need to schedule time to complete them. Here’s an example of mine! (Of course, it will get more busy when the semester starts!)Schedule copy.png

Hopefully these 5 tips have helped you!

Let me know in the comments if they did! Or if you have any tips that I may not know!

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