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10 Signs You Are Going to be a Teacher

1. Unhealthy obsessions with office supplies.


2. You color code everything.

3. You’ve fallen in love with working with children

4. You have Pinterest boards with crafts, lessons, boards, how to decorate a classroom, etc

5. You are considered to be the “mom” friend of the group.


6. You like to be in control and be a leader when in a group of people.

7. You’ve thought about the name your future student would call you… Miss? Mrs? Mr? When you get married will you keep your name?

8. When you go out clothes shopping, you are automatically drawn to purchase “teacher clothes”

9. Unhealthy obsession with crafts and decorating

10. Somewhere, somehow, you can’t imagine doing anything else besides wrangle 20-30 children for eight hours a day.



Going to College 101

Are you heading into your first year at a University?

Are you nervous? Excited?

Do you have all the must have things for living on campus?

Just three years ago I was in the exact same situation. I was moving into a dorm, with some ladies that I had never met before. I was being thrown into some HUGE campus I had no clue where anything was. I had no friends to do things with or get lunch with.

Or at least going into move in day, that’s what it seemed like would happen. I was very nervous and yet very excited to enter this new phase of my life. After all, this is when all the fun happens.

Here’s a list of the top 5 things I wish I had known moving in my freshman year.

  1. Have a check list. I actually typed out an entire list of everything I needed to have. As I bought them I checked them off and packed them away in plastic boxes (you’ll need at least 2). Here’s my college listI’ve actually used this every single year since and have added things that I’ve noticed I needed. So it really is a tried and tested list. Of course, you’ll always forget something. But at least with this list you can get everything organized and put in one place. Trust me, move in day gets real hectic, real fast. 
  2. Before I even moved in, I became part of the Class of 2020 Facebook page. Here I would have a chance to talk and met people who would be living on my floor or taking courses with me. Although I tried to make friends on this page, none of them actually turned into friendships that lasted. And to be honest, once you get moved into your dorm you make connections with the people you met immediately. It really is best to just wait it out. I promise you won’t be eating alone at the dining halls. Also, you don’t HAVE to become best friends with the people that you room with your freshman year.
  3. Floating off the Facebook page point, upperclassmen used this page to post the events that would be happening once we moved in. Facebook event pages are a must. Literally survival tools. Whenever I see an event page for something on campus I always click “Interested”. That way, when the day of the event comes and I’m bored I know what is happening around campus. These events are great ways to meet people and friends that share similar interests as you! 
  4. Never, and I mean NEVER, buy books straight from the college bookstore, before doing research to find cheaper prices. Books are expensive! I usually do my research on Amazon and Big Words. Big Words is my first go to because it actually compares all the bookstore and website prices in one place for you to find the cheapest. Of course, sometimes there are special books published by your university that are not offered at any other place. You might be lucky enough to find an upperclassman on the Facebook pages that wants to sell it. It usually is cheaper to rent books for the semester, as you’ll likely never use them again.
  5. Generate a college schedule of your classes. This website something that I have actually recently discovered this past year. It is super helpful because you put in the times you have class, jobs, meetings, lunch, gym time or whatever and it adds it to the schedule for you. You can also color code the postings. It can even help you to organize a week of assignments if you need to schedule time to complete them. Here’s an example of mine! (Of course, it will get more busy when the semester starts!)Schedule copy.png

Hopefully these 5 tips have helped you!

Let me know in the comments if they did! Or if you have any tips that I may not know!

100 Things

100 things… I’ll never do (again)

OK I’m going to be straight forward with this because there aren’t that many things that I’ve done in my life that I regret doing. I haven’t had those rebellious teenage years. I don’t really like taking risks or trying new things. So, coming up with 100 things that I won’t do again, that I’ve already done, is going to be super tricky for me!

Let’s try it anyways??

  1. Take someone back who doesn’t deserve it
  2. Continue a friendship with someone who I don’t consider a friend
  3. Go swimming with dolphins—It’s incredible but there are many captivities that aren’t treating animals properly and it’s sad to pay for the adventure and support the company.
  4. Be the only one to text first
  5. Order a salad with “grasshopper dressing— It’s not just a fancy name, there were actual grasshoppers!!!
  6. Let someone else hold me back from things that I want to achieve
  7. Fight for someone who isn’t worth it
  8. Say “I love you” to someone who doesn’t prove they feel the same
  9. Seek out of the my parents house— Lame, I know, but I got in so much trouble that once!
  10. Be in a toxic friendship or relationship
  11. Be in a long distance relationship— Maybe it’s great for some people, but not me!
  12. Walk alone at night (across campus)— Safety in numbers!
  13. Drink Burnett’s brand vodka— I can still feel my throat burning
  14. Use a regular hot glue gun— “Cool shots” are the way to go! No more burns!
  15. Forget to shake up the ketchup container before using it— Probably will forget but I don’t want to
  16. Get into someone’s car that I don’t know— That could have been bad
  17. Sell myself short— ALWAYS believe in yourself!!
  18. Gain the freshman fifteen— It’s a real thing, and I don’t want it again
  19. Send nudes to someone I haven’t met— Also could have ended poorly
  20. Procrastinate on assignments— Just kidding, I will definitely do this but aim high right?
  21. Take an 8 am class— Just don’t, you can’t
  22. Sit through an all day time share pitch— They seriously trap you there!
  23. Eat eggs— Since I got chickens and saw how dirty and smelly chickens are I can’t bring myself to eat eggs, unless its in cake or baked things.
  24. Let someone take my “no” for a “yes” or “stop” as a “go”
  25. Let the baby in reach of my phone, computer, tablet, etc— Bad idea, they like to throw things.

I think 25 will do for now. Maybe someday this list will reach 100 things. Who knows?


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It’s a choice.

A year and a half,

18 months,

546 days,

13,104 hours,

786,240 minutes,

47,174,400 seconds,

Filled with countless adventures, kisses, and memories.

As you could probably guess, today marks one and a half years since I started dating my best friend. When I first met my boyfriend about 20 months ago, I wasn’t expecting a relationship. I was a freshman in college and for the first time in a while, I wanted to just enjoy life and make friends, focusing on myself and my grades in school. After all, they say college relationships never work out, right? I certainly wasn’t focused on finding a boyfriend. But, everything happens for a reason, right? And sometimes the best things in life are ones that you don’t expect will happen in the first place.

It’s currently 11:53 at night, I’m on Skype with that same boy I met in December, twenty months ago, as I was making cookies in the dorm kitchen with some of my friends. Have you ever met someone and felt immediately attracted to them? And I don’t mean attracted in a physical way. I mean, attracted as in something was destined to happen and that’s why they walked in that door. That’s why you happened to be making cookies at one in the morning. That’s why you weren’t in your dorm building, but instead across campus. Well this was one of those moments.

For the first time in years, I was single, flirty, and having fun enjoying whatever life threw at me. When he walked in that door, a guy I started to talk to a couple days prior had just left. What great timing. We made the cookies and he left. A few days later, I met my friend in a dining hall to get a smoothie with the other boy I was talking to. She brought along her friend, the boy we had made cookies with just a few days before. The second those two boys were in a room together was another one of those meant-to-be, destined moments. I actually ended up sending a snap chat to Squishy of the boy I was crushing on. Can you guess which one it was? Cookie boy or Smoothie boy?

If you answered Cookie boy, you guessed right! I invited them up to my dorm room and after a while, the smoothie boy left (thank goodness). And when Cookie boy left, he forgot his phone. Spoiler alert: I found out months later that he forgot it on purpose! He had left it there so that he would have an excuse to come back, and get my number. Except, instead I ended up asking him to add me on snapchat. During winter break, we snap chatted occasionally.

When we moved back to school in January, I had put in a room change request so that I would be able to room with my best friend. But it also happened to be right down the hall from Cookie boy. From there, the rest is predictable.

We hung out, pretty much every day, since we lived right down the hall. We ate meals together, did homework together, played monopoly at one in the morning, etc. All of the normal college things. This happened for about a month before we had officially started dating.

This boy has been there with me through everything since our freshman year of college. We are now going into our junior year. Of course we’ve had some bumps in the road along the way, but something magical made everything come together in the end. Every relationship has little hiccups. Every relationship has its share of good and bad times. We have not been some miraculous exception to that. However, we have chosen to try and work to get through whatever get thrown at us.

Relationships are not so much destined to be with some happily ever after. There’s no such thing as fairytales.  But there is such thing as choosing to be with each other even at the worst times. Relationships are commitments to each other. Commitments to care about each other and love each other through the good and bad times.

I think that this is the reason why Cody and I were “destined to be together”. For if I didn’t have him, I wouldn’t have had the support, motivation and love that got me through the past year and a half. And I have definitely been there for him in the times when he has needed me. It’s a choice. It’s a commitment. He has definitely come to be my best friend and my boyfriend.

And yes, it is love.

P.S. College relationships work if you want them too.


Alien Covenant Review

Yesterday I went to see the movie “Alien Covenant” with my boyfriend. I normally would not have picked this movie, however, I wanted him to pick a movie he wanted to see. Typically, I avoid scary movies at all costs (and had I watched the trailer for this movie before hand I probably wouldn’t have ever walked into the theatre).

The beginning of the movie was interesting. I was pretty invested in watching it and enjoyed watching it. That was until the aliens started shooting out of people’s backs.

The “birth” of the aliens was absolutely disgusting. I’ve never had an issue with blood and gross scenes in movies. There’s a first for everything. This movie actually made me feel sick to my stomach. I thought that I was going to get sick at any moment.

Apparently, there are a couple of sequels to this movie, which I have never seen. With that being said, I really didn’t follow the plot of the movie. At the end all I kept saying and thinking was “What is even happening right now”. That could also be because I spent half of the movie covering my eyes from watching the aliens. I was almost positive I would see those things in my nightmares that night.

My boyfriend said that he thought it was a good movie. He had seen the ones prior and understood what was happening. There was one scene that was pretty funny at the end.

Despite the gross scenes and scary aliens, the movie graphics and characters were great.

7/10 would recommend seeing. If you aren’t easily scared or don’t have any issues with blood and gross scenes, you would enjoy this movie.


Has anyone else seen this movie?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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PetGiftBox Review

For about a year now, I’ve been receiving monthly boxes in the mail from PetGiftBox for my pup. I started ordering from this site because Groupon offered a sale, instead of paying the higher monthly fee of around $18 you could buy a month order code for $9. I started off with one month because after reading some reviews I found many that the company was charging and not sending the boxes. I was hesitant and nervous and considered simply ordering the box from the more well known brand BarkBox. However, I have had no issues with PetGiftBox since signing up.

I started purchasing these boxes after my first dog passed away, leaving my pup Ben without a friend. I went off to college and felt to replace myself and his friend Bruno, I would purchase monthly boxes for him to enjoy while I’m away. (Logical right?)

Anyways, what started out as just a test sample, ended up being a subscription for about a year now. Ben (my pup) recognizes the box and even tries to open it himself. He carries it around with pride and joy prancing around. Then he finds the treats and toys inside! He picks his favorite and carries it around with him everywhere.

Ben is a large, 3 year old black lab so finding toys that are durable and hard to tear apart is hard. Usually the toys in the boxes are stuffed animals with squeakers (which Ben hates and rips out immediately). However, after the squeaker is gone, he doesn’t really rip the toys up that much. They may have some rips and tears however, they usually end up lasting a few months.

Each month, the box contains usually two toys, mainly stuffed toys with squeakers, but not always! It also holds a couple packages of treats. The thing that I like about PetGiftBox is that they give you toys, treats, and something for the owner (pet candle, car pet scent eliminator, emergency stickers that say what animals are in the house if anything happened, etc). They send different items every month (I’ve actually never received the same thing more than once). On the website, when ordering, they also provide an option to order boxes for cats. They ask for the animals name, gender and size so that the box is completely tailored to the size of the animal. I usually receive my boxes in the middle of the month, left sitting right on my door step.

Lastly, since I am a college student on a budget, there are times when I can’t afford to pay the monthly fee for the box. The website allows you to pause your subscription of cancel it (even before the length of the subscription is over). The flexibility and control you have over when you pay and receive boxes is very convent and helpful when you are on a budget. Groupon offers the deals till every once in a while and when I find them I buy them, pause my subscriptions and pay a lesser fee.

I would definitely recommend trying out PetGiftBox if you’ve been wanting to invest in BarkBox, but can’t afford the commitment and high price. My pup is always excited to see the box sitting at the steps and loves his new toys!IMG_0320.JPG


Summer Goal

For the past year or so, I’ve been trying to get my Etsy shop back up and running. I had so far made a total of 5 sales on it, which I guess is pretty okay! I’ve sold a lot of paintings not off of my Etsy which really makes me want to put more on the website page I have!

Painting has been a hobby of mine for a while. When I started out, I thought I did some really great things with paint (but looking back I think wow, that was pretty messy actually). But that’s what growth is all about!

So, my goal for the summer is to paint and post at least one new painting each week to my Etsy page. It can be hard sometimes to think of ideas that will catch the attention of a lot of people. So if anyone has any quotes and stuff that they would really LOVE to see painted on a canvas, let me know! Ideas are the best when they come from the people looking for certain products!

Anyways, today I spent some time updating some pictures on my shop and took some nice pretty photographs of some of the paintings I’ve done! I also painted a couple new canvases, one of which I’m really excited about!

If anyone wants to take a gander, here is the link to my Etsy shop! Any feedback is welcome!

And I guess I’ll attach some pictures here as well, since they all aren’t on Etsy yet!



Life Updates

Hi Readers!

I’m back! This past semester has been absolutely crazy for me (and I have a feeling it’s just going to be more and more crazy as I get into higher level courses). Being a double majors no joke!

Anyways, there are only a couple days that stand between me and the summer! Which unfortunately, is going to consist of an online course, observation hours and a summer job (or two). There isn’t really ever a break is there!

This past semester, I had to take six courses. Since I had previously withdrawn from a  hard course, I was falling behind on credits (which means I wouldn’t have graduated in time). To make up for it, I had to take six courses which along with all of the other things I enjoy on campus, made for a really stressful semester.

My courses consisted of:

  • Developmental Psychology
    • This course was actually REALLY fascinating to me. I LOVED the professor so that definitely helped when it came to going to class. Weekly online quizzes that were 5 questions, only a couple exams, fun class discussions. It really wasn’t that bad.
  • Statistics for Psychology
    • Actual death. Halfway through the semester, I ended up getting Mono and missing a couple of classes. When I came back to class, I found out that there was an exam the following class. I went to ask the professor for help with some of the material i didn’t understand and she told me to WITHDRAW. So I studied my butt off for the weekend, and then got an 85 on the exam. Ever since that, I hated this course. Teachers are supposed to help you!
  • Math for Elementary Teachers
    • As the title implies, I’m an Education major so this course is simple math and basically explains how to teach math in a classroom and prepares you for the state testing. Which my state has the hardest teacher testing process and exams, so wish my luck.
  • Intro to Special Education
    • This was actually offered online which gave me the confidence to take a sixth class since I didn’t actually need to make a time commitment. However, I was wrong. The book I ordered for the class didn’t arrive for 4 weeks into the semester and then once I started to catch up, I got Mono and fell behind again. It also requires you to do 40 observation hours in a school which I only was able to get 15 of them done, hence why I have observation hours to do in the summer.
  • Second Year Seminar
    • Every sophomore is required to take a core seminar course their second year. I took an Elementary Education one that was about learning different writing styles. There was only 11 people in the class, one of them being my boyfriend, so it was pretty fun and laid back. Until the professor became my advisor and questioned me about my boyfriend and I’s status and relationship (embarrassing moment)
  • Intro to Elementary Education
    • A piece of cake class that was forever giving me anxiety when I walked into the door. There was ALWAYS an assignment due, but the professor NEvER talked about the assignments because they were in the syllabus (which he never posted online- so we only had one copy ever). I had to complete 40 observation hours for this course as well and managed to pull those out during spring break.

This semester I also remained involved with the numerous organizations I am apart of on campus… Greek Life with my sorority which I hold a Directors position for- I run the social medias which means I’m basically constantly checking my notifications. We also had a bunch of Philanthropy options. We got to homeless shelters and serve food, participated in Relay for Life and so on.

Program Council which is a group that plans events on campus. I often volunteered for events. Theres a couple more that are less important.

I also applied for an executive board position on the Panhellenic Association, which is the governing board for all the sororities on campus. And I got it! So this semester i had training for that and I have already started things for next semester!

And on top of all of that, I also had family events and somehow managed to make time for friends and family. I BARELY spent any time at home because there were events practically every weekend so I’m excited to go home and see my family more.

So needless to say, it has been one heck of a three months. I’m so glad that the semester is over.

Cheers to summer! And more blogs!




Cuddling vs Snuggling- What is the difference?!

So I’ve always kind of wondered what the difference between cuddling and snuggling is. My boyfriend had this theory that cuddling is with clothes because it starts with “c” and snuggling involves some sort of sexual interaction since it starts with “s”. Seems like a valid theory right? I thought so too.

However, I got bored the other day and decided to actually look up on (the website we all used in like eight grade when we didn’t know terms or sayings). I figured out that there is MORE than just cuddling and snuggling. So clearly, I now have to educate the WordPress population of my findings.

According to Urban Dictionary…

Cuddling is simply touching and caressing without any contact whatsoever with either partner’s sexual organs. Women actually prefer cuddling to sex. Smart men love cuddling because it is single best route to sexual intercourse and to the elusive FEMALE ORGASM. Such men are treasured.
(I suppose the “c” theory for this one is correct!)

1. Cuddling with your significant other
2. Often starts out playful and flirty; includes a happy ending.
3. Tends to be sexual.
(Another hit! The theory is right again!)
BUT THEN… I found words that are related and it blew my mind. Who knew they had sexual terms for EVERY utensil!?!?!
A form of cuddling in which the man embraces the woman from the back and fit together like spoons. Hence the word “spooning.”
For Girls: Cute, Warm, & Straight to sleep
For Guys: A face full of hair, A dead arm, & an awkward boner
(OK, well I did know about this one… but just wait)
An phenomenon that occurs when a man and a woman are spooning, and the man gets an erection. Often leads to either anal sex, or a restraining order, or in rare cases, both.
Lying next to each other. Just lay on your back..parralell. Oh the innocence.
Ferocious fingering in the standard knifing motion. hand must be bladed to carry out act effectively.
This is usually performed after spooning and before forking!!
A sexual act in which a man enters a woman from behind. The woman lies down on her stomach with her legs spread (knee joints straight) and the man enters her with a straight body such that the “fork” that is formed consists of the woman’s legs on the sides and the man’s legs in between.
And then there’s this,
Two guys lie down facing each other, and both simultaneously grind their penisagainst the belly of the other person. The first person to come loses.
IDK I guess the more you know… ???
Shoutout to Urban Dictionary for always having the answers to my questions.
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Bad habits (I won’t give up, ever)

Everyone has them right? A bad habit they wish that they could stop doing, but probably won’t ever be able to do so?

I know I definitely have a whole bunch! Here they are….

  • procrastinating
  • drinking coffee
  • biting nails
  • forgetting to keep up with tv series or shows
  • living out of a suitcase, or your car
  • overpacking for trips, no matter how long or short they may be
  • sleeping in and staying up late
  • hating people
  • twitter, or social media in general
  • setting unrealistic goals for myself
  • obsessively checking my phone
  • cracking my knuckles
  • talking to yourself
  • picking at things, such as your hair, skin or scabs
  • saying yes to everything
  • forgetting the names of people you meet
  • having expectations of how a conversation or date will go
  • folding my laundry but then leaving it out instead of putting it away
  • popping pimples
  • being overly critical (especially of yourself)
  • binge watching Netflix
  • eavesdropping
  • being argumentative and stubborn
  • eating when you’re bored
  • canceling plans because you just don’t want to
  • annoying people on purpose
  • hogging all the attention
  • jealousy
  • twirling my hair
  • touching my boobs
  • checking my phone before falling asleep
  • being easily annoyed or stressed
  • smoosh-ing too much into one day
  • not getting enough sleep or sleeping in when you shouldn’t
  • waiting until the last minute to complete some type of assignment
  • talking softer towards the end of a sentence
  • being the “mom” of the group
  • being in control at all times
  • doing less important things before the important things
  • forgetting to text or call someone back
  • or texting back too quickly (there is no in between)