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Update on Life

Life Update:

So lately we haven’t been the best bloggers in the world. In my life (Bubbles) the reason has boiled down to college being stressful. I really tried all summer to have blogs prepared ahead of time for when this part of the semester came around. Unfortunately, I never really got to finish them so now I have 5 blogs that are half done and I don’t really feel like finishing them. Instead, I am making this blog post.

Lately, there has been so much going on that I just haven’t had a second to sit down and write a good blog. A couple weeks ago, I had to get my toenail removed. I got a little behind in classes and homework because of that. I swear my professors are banning together against me right now because everything is all due and it’s so much to manage. Last week my fifth nephew was born and it was so exciting. He is literally the most precious little thing. And then there’s just some other things going on that have been on my mind lately.

I don’t really understand why half way through the semester gets so crazy. I swear that all of the professors talk with each other and say “Let’s see how much they can handle at once and make everything due on the same day”.

News flash: I can’t really handle much more than what is already on my plate. I am a busy college student, working and trying to be involved with organizations on campus.

In other news, I recently opened an Etsy shop for paintings. I have yet to get my first order but I would appreciate it so much if you checked out my shop and let me know in the comments what you think or what your favorite product is. Or even some ideas for other products that you would purchase.

Here’s the link to my shop!¬†

Again, I apologize for the lack of blogs lately and we are definitely working on improving how often we blog.

Thank you for following or reading our blogs!


Blog Milestones


I got the notification that we received our fiftieth follower a week or so ago and wanted to make a quick post about it then, however, life has been crazy busy lately, so we never got the chance. You guys have probably noticed that our blogs have ben slacking when it comes to tweeting regularly. Bubbles returned back to her college campus and has been involved with a lot of clubs and organizations as well as work, class, and other homework. Squishy has been pretty busy as well with work and just a lot going on in her life. But luckily, we are starting to get our game back together here. No worries! There’s a quick little update on us and life.


We just wanted to say thank you to our fabulous FIFTY followers! We’ve had this blog for less than a year and to say the least it’s been crazy to see how successful it could be one day (as long as we keep posting regularly).

So thank you all for the endless support, follows, likes and comments on our blogs!!

Keep interacting with us! We love hearing from you in the comments section!

Much love,

Squishy & Bubbles

Blog Milestones

Our Blog Bucket List

Everybody has a bucket list, right? Well, for us, we have a blog bucket list! Now that we have started a better foundation for our blog, we have also started to come up with some goals and bucket list items for our blog in the future.

Here it is…

  1. Posts blogs regularly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and occasionally on weekends)
  2. Have regular readers
  3. Receive “likes” on every blog we post
  4. Receive  “comments” on every blog we post
  5. Have interactive readers
  6. Have readers from every country in the world (Places In The World)
  7. Make our readers smile.
  8. Write about interesting topics.
  9. Be original.
  10. Become more involved with the news.
  11. Confront some controversial issues.
  12. Have many bloggers who follow our blog.
  13. Make the WordPress popular page.
  14. Keep this blog throughout the course of multiple years.
  15. Inspire our followers in some way

To be continued…

Blog Milestones

Blog milestone!


Hey Followers!

Today we just wanted to put together a quick blog. We typically don’t post on Thursdays but today is special! Can you guess why?

Today we reached having 100 “likes” on our blogs!

We have only been blogging regularly since May and here we are three months later celebrating 100 likes!

To go with this, we also have 16 followers, 42 blog posts, 892 views and 471 visitors.

We’d like to thank our viewers and followers so very much for liking our blogs and taking time to read them! We have viewers from all different places in the world which is so crazy! We are super excited about this milestone because we’ve been working really hard on posting regularly, which is actually paying off!

Again, thank you to our viewers and followers for all the support.

We are so excited for all of the future milestones our blog could achieve!