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Crazy Customers: Fast Food Edition

Introducing the Fast Food Edition of our “Crazy Customers” blog post series! Make sure you also check out our first blog “Crazy Customers: Jewelry Store Edition”. Topics like this are relatable for practically anyone, because chances are your first job was working in the Fast Food Industry followed by some sort of job in Retail and so on…

Here are just some of the Crazy Customers that I’ve had recently working a fast food concession stand at a stadium near by.

  1. A little child came up to the counter and said “So, what can I get for free here?” Um, a straw? (We literally gave the kid a straw) Seriously?! Who sends their child up to the concession stand asking for free food?
  2. “Can I have a receipt for that?” Excuse me, but why do you need a receipt for a single water bottle you bought with cash? Blows my mind but sure, let me re-enter the order so I can print a receipt special for you.
  3. “Can I have a large draft beer?” “Of course, I just need to check your ID” “Really?” No, not really. It’s not at all required, I just want to know your birthdate for personal use. It’s not like it’s a law or procedure or anything important.
  4. “Do you have to take the caps?” This may not apply everywhere but the stadium I volunteer at we have to take off the caps to any drinks because fans used to throw them. And yes, we have to explain why to every customer who orders a drink.
  5. “I’ll give you more money if you let me keep the cap” I literally just explained to you that it’s required from the workers to take off all the caps. I’m sorry, I know it’s a pain, I have the blisters on my hand to prove it. I promise I’m not collecting soda and water caps.
  6. “Can I get a fountain soda?” “Which size, Small or Large?” “Medium” Was that an option? I didn’t think so. But let me ask again, this time I’ll take out one of each size just to make sure you understand there’s only two options… Small… or…. Large.
  7. On the same note, there’s the customers that open their sodas to make sure it’s filled to their liking. Clearly the quarter of an inch at the top of the cup is going to end up in the question “Can you just fill this up more?” Yup, have fun walking back to your seat wearing your drink.
  8. A customer walks up to the concession stand which is named “Tenders and Wings” with the question “Do you sell hot dogs here?” Hmm, let me check the menu… Chicken tenders… fries… chicken wings… Nope, I’m sorry, but there’s a hot dog stand right across the way there!
  9. “Can I have an order of chicken tenders with fries?” Once you get the order for them and return to the counter they say “I didn’t order that, I wanted fries” Well, you order chicken tenders with fries. Not an order of fries. But let me get that for you.
  10. Finally, there’s always the customer that adds on to their orders after paying already.
  11. Oh, or the one’s who come up to the counter not knowing what they want.
  12. Don’t forget the customers who you ask to stand to the side while their order is made, but they don’t move, so you can’t take the next person in line behind them.

Working in fast food is both crazy and fun. I love taking the customers orders and working the register, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not always fun when you hear the same silly questions over and over for five hours.


Disclaimer: If you are one of these customers please do not take this blog offensively, my teachers always said there is no such thing as a stupid question.


*** Hey fast food employees… as you know… there are stupid questions working in the fast food industry… ***