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Things I just can’t handle

There are honestly probably more things than I can count and truthfully don’t even realize that I just can’t deal with. Today I am going to try to come up with a list of some of the things that really irritate me.

Please do not use this list against me, these things already torture me enough.

Ketchup. This may just be a personal thing for me, but I only like ketchup in moderation. The smell grosses me out and I can’t deal with loads of it on my cheeseburgers. I think that my dislike of piles of ketchup comes from when I took a class in a daycare and had to clean the ketchup off of ten little kids plates (all stacked on top of each other).

The sound of someone gagging or puking

People who spit on to the ground

Extremely drunk people. My family is big on drinking and since I’ve seen a lot of drunk people in my nineteen years, I absolutely have no tolerance for them whatsoever (and most people in general). However, drunk people in particular get on my nerves in seconds. I honestly have no interest in drinking because of the people I’ve experienced and stories I’ve heard.

Fake friends. This is mainly devoted to those high school girls and people around that age group. For some reason, high school is where fake friends are made. They cause so much drama and it’s just too overwhelming.

The smell of fish

Hot dogs. For this one, it’s not really the hot dog itself that bothers me. But what is in the hot dog. I’ve read so many things on the disgusted body parts found in hot dogs. I also ran a ho dog stand once, so the smell of hot dogs just goes right through me. Surprisingly, sometimes I’ll still eat one, but only if I’m really hungry.

Milk. I used to love a cold glass of milk, but ever since I was in about third grade, I haven’t been able to drink one again. I really don’t have a reason to hate milk. I just do. Yes, I am aware that milk is key for developing, but here I am, nineteen years old and have yet to brake a bone. So.

Public bathrooms


Loud chewing

Putting the toilet seat down. I share a bathroom with my dad, his guy friend and my dog (yes you read that right, my dog tries to pee into the toilet). Anyways, I swear the seat is always left up. It just grosses me out that I have to touch the underneath of the seat or the top where people sit on.




Mayonnaise. Even the name sounds gross, am I right? This is another ketchup situation for me anyways. Don’t get me wrong, some mayo on a tomato sandwich is pretty tasty. But even the ingredients don’t sound like a great combination, egg yolks, oil and vinegar? Who came up with that.

When girls don’t wear a bra with a white shirt, when it’s cold, or when it’s raining. Yes okay there’s a “free the titties” thing that’s been going around. Yes I understand that us women don’t always have to wear bras. However, I work at a concert venue and see way too many girls wearing a white see through shirt and no bra. It only gets worse when it starts to rain and the venue isn’t covered.



Cock roaches




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10 pet peeves

If you know me, you know I get irritated by a lot of things. It doesn’t take much to annoy me. I’m going to list some of my biggest pet peeves, so you guys can take notes on what not do to while you’re around me. (Only slightly kidding)

1. Loud chewing.

This is my #1 pet peeve. Chewing with your mouth closed isn’t a hard concept. I will literally leave the room if you’re chewing loudly because that’s better than me yelling at you.


2. Walking behind slow walkers.

I’m naturally a fast walker so I really can’t handle people throwing off my fast walking groove. Some people can’t help it. To the people who CAN help it, I think”what are you doing? It’s like you’re walking 5 mph in a 40 mph zone”.


3. Whn ppl type lik dis.

R u tht lazy tht u cant typ da whle word or corectly? Itz mor exhausting 2 typ lik dis than it iz 2 typ nrmal. Idc how old u r. Dis shldn’t b a thing. (That was way too much work)


4. One word responses.



5. People who think they’re a photographer just because they have a fancy camera.

That’s like me saying I’m a make-up artist because I own fancy make-up. No. You have to have skill. I see too many girls these days taking pictures of their best friends in their back yards and doing little to no editing and calling it “photography” and then creating a Facebook page for it. If you’re passionate about it, then by all means, practice and work your way up. Don’t just do it because you have a fancy camera. Also, please don’t consider yourself a photographer if you take iPhone pictures!


6. Sand.

I absolutely LOVE the beach. The sound of the waves and the warm sun on your skin…so peaceful. And then you get home and pull down your bathing suit bottoms and sand goes all over the floor and you feel like you have to shower for 5 hours to get all the sand out of all the crevices. Why does sand have to get EVERYWHERE?

sand .gif

7. Dirty feet.

My whole body feels dirty when my feet are dirty. I feel disgusting and it makes me cringe. Other people’s dirty feet make me feel disgusting too and I need them to be far away from me. Dirty feet are just bad.


8. Socks with sandals

I don’t need to explain this one.


9. Uneven hoodie strings

I always eventually take them out because I get tired of constantly fixing them. It’s just not good for my OCD.

too much.gif

10. Loud, obnoxious, and flirty teenagers

They’re the worst. I work at a store in the mall and I see them all the time and it makes me cringe. Do they not know how unappealing their behavior is?


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10 High School Musical Gifs That Explain How Graduating Feels

As the last final exams are being placed into the computer systems and being graded, there is just one thing left for the seniors of 2016, graduation. If you’re in high school it’s been a long four years waiting for this day. If you’re in college, well, it could be anywhere from four years to five years to six years… you get the point, it’s been a long road for you to get here and your handwork is finally paying off.

Here are 10 gifs from High School Musical to perfectly explain how graduation feels.


Getting ready for the big day like…


How you feel on stage…


When family asks you how it feels to be a graduate…


But then you remember, graduation means no class, which means it’s summer!


This is how you want to walk across the stage to accept your diploma or degree.


And then you remember, graduating means moving on and leaving friends.


When family asks what you’re career plans are


For a minute? More like the past four years…


Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you can’t come back to visit!


Just remember… we’re all in this together!

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11 Gifs That Explain Your Room Cleaning Experience

If you’re like me, you dread cleaning your room. So here are some gifs that explain what happens when you clean you room


You tell yourself the day before “That’s it, I’m going to clean my room tomorrow!” And then it’s the next day and you have so many regrets.

dog gif.gif

Then you try to get the motivation to get out of bed and get started but you just can’t.

chipmunk gif.gif

So you get all comfortable in your bed again.

waking up gif.jpg

Next thing you know, it’s noon and you’ve wasted good cleaning time.

cleaning gif.gif

You finally start cleaning the disaster that is your room.

messy room gif.gif

An hour passes you pause to see how much progress you made and it’s like you didn’t do anything.

doggy gif.gif

So with all your frustration, you’re like “screw this, i’m going back to bed”


BUT you decide that you should get back to work and try to make it more fun by blasting your favorite music and dance along

distracted gif.gif

And, of course, you get distracted by finding items from your childhood and spend way too much time playing with them.

poppins gif.gif

Once you get done with that, you start thinking how you wish Mary Poppins was your nanny.

shirley gif.gif

Finally, you just lose all your energy and decide to quit and save the rest for another day.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this!

P.S. I should have been cleaning my room instead of writing this blog post.

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10 Gifs That Perfectly Explain Finals Week

With finals week coming to a close for most college students this past week, I decided to dedicate another blog to this crazy hectic and emotional week (or weeks) to remind everyone how happy and relieved we are that summer break is finally here. Too bad this torturous week happens twice in the school year in every year to come…


Trying to study but falling asleep because you’ve been up for 14 hours looking at the same book


Trying to think about what you should write your final paper on.


Mental break downs, everywhere and every day.


Trying to catch up on the chapters you never read that are on the exam.


Because face it, you put all your studying off until the day before.


It’s surprising how the brain somehow manages to function (somewhat) after hours and days of studying with no sleep


When you become overwhelmed with everything due because you procrastinated doing it all week.


Worrying about getting a good grade or passing the class.

break time

After five minutes of working on assignments.


Hating yourself for staying up all night studying.


Wishing all our readers luck on the rest of their finals this semester and every semester to come!