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PetGiftBox Review

For about a year now, I’ve been receiving monthly boxes in the mail from PetGiftBox for my pup. I started ordering from this site because Groupon offered a sale, instead of paying the higher monthly fee of around $18 you could buy a month order code for $9. I started off with one month because after reading some reviews I found many that the company was charging and not sending the boxes. I was hesitant and nervous and considered simply ordering the box from the more well known brand BarkBox. However, I have had no issues with PetGiftBox since signing up.

I started purchasing these boxes after my first dog passed away, leaving my pup Ben without a friend. I went off to college and felt to replace myself and his friend Bruno, I would purchase monthly boxes for him to enjoy while I’m away. (Logical right?)

Anyways, what started out as just a test sample, ended up being a subscription for about a year now. Ben (my pup) recognizes the box and even tries to open it himself. He carries it around with pride and joy prancing around. Then he finds the treats and toys inside! He picks his favorite and carries it around with him everywhere.

Ben is a large, 3 year old black lab so finding toys that are durable and hard to tear apart is hard. Usually the toys in the boxes are stuffed animals with squeakers (which Ben hates and rips out immediately). However, after the squeaker is gone, he doesn’t really rip the toys up that much. They may have some rips and tears however, they usually end up lasting a few months.

Each month, the box contains usually two toys, mainly stuffed toys with squeakers, but not always! It also holds a couple packages of treats. The thing that I like about PetGiftBox is that they give you toys, treats, and something for the owner (pet candle, car pet scent eliminator, emergency stickers that say what animals are in the house if anything happened, etc). They send different items every month (I’ve actually never received the same thing more than once). On the website, when ordering, they also provide an option to order boxes for cats. They ask for the animals name, gender and size so that the box is completely tailored to the size of the animal. I usually receive my boxes in the middle of the month, left sitting right on my door step.

Lastly, since I am a college student on a budget, there are times when I can’t afford to pay the monthly fee for the box. The website allows you to pause your subscription of cancel it (even before the length of the subscription is over). The flexibility and control you have over when you pay and receive boxes is very convent and helpful when you are on a budget. Groupon offers the deals till every once in a while and when I find them I buy them, pause my subscriptions and pay a lesser fee.

I would definitely recommend trying out PetGiftBox if you’ve been wanting to invest in BarkBox, but can’t afford the commitment and high price. My pup is always excited to see the box sitting at the steps and loves his new toys!IMG_0320.JPG


What kind of cat lady are you?

The following is an assortment of gifs of cats that will help you to determine whats kid of cat lady you are. All you have to do is tally up the points that relate to you. At the end, you’ll find out which cat lady status is most like you, based on the gifs below!

cat lady

Add 2 points if you make your cat(s) dance.

Add 3 points if you set up play dates with other cats for your cat.
cat lady 1

Add 5 points if you tell people you are in a relationship with your cat(s).

Add one point if you’ve had cats your entire life.


Add 1 point if you only really use the cat snapchat filters.

Add one point if you force your cats to love you.

cat lady 2

Add 1 point for each cat you own.

Add 1 point if you leave music on for your cat when you aren’t home.

cat lady 3

Add 10 points if you dress your other pets up as cats.

Add one point if you have a stuffed animal cat as a friend for your real cat.


Add 2 points if you feed your cat human food.

Add 2 points if you have bought your cats clothing or shoes or some sort.


Add 6 points if you dress your cat up for the holidays.

Add 3 points if you tried to steal someone else’s cat.


Add 2 points if you take selfies with your cat.

Add one point if a cat is your favorite animal.


Add 4 points if you have this reaction when you see a cat.

Add 3 points if you take your cats on walks outside.


Add 3 points if you use snapchat filters on your cat.

Add 2 points if you have cats despite being allergic to them.

Now calculate your total!

If you have a score of 0 to 4: You hate cats, but you probably have one anyways. Cat lady status is “Cat Observer”. This name is given to you because you don’t really favor cats when it comes to other animals. You wouldn’t get caught petting a cat if it saved your life. Unfortunately, you won’t be hoarding cats in your older years.

If you scored a 4 to 8: You definitely have at least one cat, who you think is okay and you may occasionally force them to snuggle with you. However, you still aren’t crazy cat lady status, more like “Cat Petter”. You can tolerate cats in moderation and sometimes feel the need to pet them or give them a treat.

If you scored a 9 to 12: You are a cat lover for sure. You spend your spare time taking selfies with your cat and probably spend more time with your cats than your friends. You are a “Cat Cuddler”. This is because you have a heart for cats, and a soft spot for them. You tend to cuddle them and pet them often but the cats you have now are enough for you.

If you scored an 12 to 18: Congrats! You are totally on you’re way to becoming a crazy cat lady! For the time being though, we consider you a “Cat Liker”. You love cats of all colors, sizes and breeds. When it comes to cats, you can not contain your excitement and just love to snuggle them in your arms. You most likely leave out food for the strays and name the neighborhood cats.

If you scored a 19 to 26: You are a “Cat Lover” for sure. You clearly own more than one cat, all of which you love dearly. You constantly buy them new toys and spoil them rotten. However, your obsession with cats is slightly controllable. You have yet to take in all of the neighborhood strays, although you probably made them winter shelters in your yard until then.

If you scored a 27 to 32: You are a “Cat Enthusiast”. Your cats are probably the most important people in your life, and yes you consider them people. You take tons of pictures of your cats every day and probably have a blog or Instagram or Facebook account just for your cats. People say that your obsession is slightly unhealthy, but you don’t really care. You just handle it by adopting another cat or volunteering at the cat shelter.

If you scored higher than a 32: You are the “Crazy Cat Lady”! Your obsession with cats is clear to everyone you pass by, probably because you are proudly displaying a “cat lady” shirt or key chain. Or taking your cat on a walk or something crazy. You have more cats than you do friends. Your collection of cat related things and cats in general is uncontrollable, but it’s totally okay.

Make sure to comment what your cat lady status is & let us know how accurate they were!

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10 Perks Of Owning A Cat

The other day, we posted this blog post 8 Signs You Own A Cat. It kinda shows some of the struggles you go through while owning a cat. So, I thought I would write about the perks about owning a cat!

1. Sadness/depression/stress reliever

Petting, holding, cuddling a cat always helps me when I’m feeling down. They’re all warm and fuzzy and cute…until they get tired of the cuddles. But that’s besides the point. They can still be there for you when you’re upset. How can you be sad when you look at their cute face and cute little paws?

2. Bed warmer

I can always tell when one of my cats habe been laying on my bed when I climb on in and there’s a warm spot where their little body was laying. I truly appreciate it though. Thanks, kitties!

3. Massage therapist

Sometimes I’ll be laying on my stomach and my cat jumps up on my booty and starts kneading. It low key feels great. A little to the left, kitty…

4. Ghost spotter

Okay, this ones a little creepy. Do you ever see your cat just randomly staring at the wall? My cats do this all the time. There’s literally nothing but they just keep staring. Brb while I do a house blessing.

5. Bug killer

One of my cats is currently trying to catch a fly. It’s great because if there’s a bug in a room, I’ll bring a cat into the room, leave, and then come back later to see that they have killed it. Your own little exterminator.

6. Mice catcher

This ones really gross. But I would rather my cat catch a mouse in the house than have the mouse living in my house. If you have an outdoor cat, sometimes they bring you “gifts” on your porch to show you that they have done. How thoughtful.

7. Homework helper

Okay, okay…this one might be a little annoying. But whenever I’m trying to write something, my cat likes to walk on my book or paper and lay down. They’re just trying to help! Or, they’re just trying to help you procrastinate 😉

8. Personal heater

Cold? Grab a cat and have them lay on your lap. Problem solved. You might have to hold them hostage.

9. Personal therapist

Cats are good listeners. Cats never judge. If you need to get something out but have nobody to tell it to, tell a cat! (Or maybe this is just something I do. I’m a crazy cat lady)

10. Door greeter

I come home and at least one of my cats at the door and rubbing up against my legs. I like to think that they’re excited to see me. But, I’m pretty sure they just want food. Either way, it makes you feel loved and welcomed.

Here is one of my kitties, Pudder. I chose him to show off in this post because he’s my favorite out of my 4 cats…shhh, don’t tell the others!

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8 Signs You Own A Cat

1. Cat fur. Everywhere.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try not to sit down on any furniture before leaving the house, you still manage to have cat fur all over your freshly washed black work pants.

2. You can’t pee alone.

Every time I use the restroom, one of my four cats follow me in there. They either rub against my legs, sit and stare at me, or jump up on my lap.

3. You can’t eat in peace. 

I’m constantly having to shoo my cats away when I’m eating. I don’t even get annoyed by them doing it anymore. Shooing them just comes naturally now.

4. You randomly wake up in the middle of the night because of meowing. 

My one cat meows constantly at ungodly hours of the night. Like why. What do you want from me? Let me sleep.

5. Always tripping over them.

This one is annoying. They walk under your feet at all times and then yell at you for stepping on their paw or tail. Like it’s your own fault, cat!

6. Always vacuuming kitty litter off the floor.

My cats make a mess. Changing or cleaning up the litter is my least favorite thing about having cats.

7. You always have random scratches.

There hasn’t been a moment in my life since owning cats that I haven’t had at least one little scratch on my body. Cats are strange creatures. They love you one second and then the next second they want you dead.

8. Always cleaning up hair balls/throw up.

I don’t know why cats do this. They eat and then immediately throw up and then want more food and do it again. It’s a viscous cycle.